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Updated: September 1, 2013
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Neptunus has Holland Series in sight
ROTTERDAM / HAARLEM / BUSSUM / VLEUTEN (Neth.) - DOOR Neptunus is closing in on clinching a spot in the Holland Series, while L&D Amsterdam Pirates moved into second place in the Play-Offs. Neptunus closed its 3-game series vs. Vaessen Pioniers on Sunday with a come-from-behind 4-3 win, while Amsterdam won 6-4 vs. reigning champion Corendon Kinheim. There is one 3-game series left in the 9-game Play-Offs and that series could change everything for everyone involved!

A Neptunus-win and Amsterdam-loss on Sunday would have secured a spot in the Holland Series for Neptunus. But now that Amsterdam won, everything can change in the upcoming days.

Neptunus still has the best papers to reach the best-of-seven final, as it needs only one victory in the 3-game series vs. Kinheim.

In the Play-Downs, Mr. Cocker HCAW handed ADO Lakers a big 21-0 loss in a must-win situation, while UVV shutout Mampaey The Hawks, 3-0. But for these teams, the upcoming final 3-game series also will be crucial.

What are the scenarios in the Play-Offs?

When Neptunus wins a game, it will clinch the Holland Series. But who will become the second finalist and how sure is Neptunus of reaching the Holland Series? What other scenarios are possible?

When Kinheim sweeps Neptunus in three games, Kinheim will return to the Holland Series, while Neptunus' fate then will be in the hands of Pirates and Pioniers. In case Amsterdam sweeps Pioniers, they will become the second finalist. In this scenario, Amsterdam becomes the Play-Off winner, while Neptunus ends in a tie with Kinheim, which then advances based on the head-to-head results.

When Kinheim sweeps Neptunus and Amsterdam wins twice vs. Pioniers, this will lead to a 3-way tie between Neptunus, Pirates and Kinheim. In this situation, Kinheim and Amsterdam also will play in the Holland Series, based on the results of the games played between the teams concerned. In this case, Kinheim is 3-0 vs. Neptunus and 1-2 vs. Amsterdam, which is 2-1 vs. Kinheim and 1-2 vs. Neptunus.

When Kinheim sweeps Neptunus and Pioniers sweep Pirates, a 3-way tie follows between Neptunus, Pioniers and Kinheim. The Holland Series will then be between Neptunus and Kinheim, based on the head-to-head results. In this scenario, Kinheim is 3-0 vs. Neptunus, which is 3-0 vs. Pioniers, which is 2-1 vs. Kinheim.

When Neptunus wins only one of its three games vs. Kinheim, it will be in the Holland Series. And when Pioniers wins two its its three games vs. Pirates, this will lead to a 3-way tie between Pirates, Kinheim and Pioniers. In this scenario, Pioniers becomes the second finalist, as Pioniers then is 2-1 vs. Pirates, which is 2-1 vs. Kinheim, which is 1-2 vs. Pioniers.

What are the scenarios in the Play-Downs?

UVV appears to have secured a spot in next years big league by winning on Sunday, so whatever happens to their games in the upcoming series, it doesn't affect the status of the team from Vleuten. Even when the team should be swept next week by HCAW, because UVV and HCAW never could end up in a tie with each other. In case of a sweep, HCAW moves by UVV, which then can end up in a tie with either The Hawks or ADO Lakers, but they have won those series. However, this theory is based on the head-to-head tie-breaker in case of a tie between two teams. The question is however whether there will be an additional one-game play-off when teams end up in a tie for last place. In that case, UVV's spot in next years big league is not secured yet, as it also can end up in a tie for last place, as mentioned.

When The Hawks (vs. ADO Lakers) win one of their games, they secure a spot in next years big league.

When UVV and The Hawks win once, this means that HCAW and ADO Lakers win two of their games and will end up in a tie. ADO Lakers will then have to play the best-of-five Promotion/Relegation Play-Off, based on its head-to-head result of the week against HCAW, which won this series 2-1.

When both HCAW (vs. UVV) and ADO Lakers (vs. The Hawks) sweep their series, it means that they secure their spot for next year. In this scenario, UVV and The Hawks end up a tie for last place. As UVV was 2-1 this weekend vs. The Hawks, this last team then will play in the deciding Play-Offs series.

When HCAW sweeps UVV and ADO Lakers wins twice vs. The Hawks, this will result in HCAW and The Hawks securing their spot, while UVV and ADO Lakers ends up in a tie. ADO Lakers then will be in the relegation Play-Off, as it is 1-2 vs. UVV.

When ADO Lakers sweeps The Hawks and HCAW wins twice vs. UVV, it means that ADO Lakers and UVV secure a spot. THe Hawks and HCAW then end up in a tie, which is in favor of HCAW, as it has won that series, 2-1.

Looking to this scenarios, it appears that ADO Lakers might become the team that will play in the relegation series. The only way to avoid that is of course finishing above HCAW, meaning ADO Lakers needs a good series vs. The Hawks, while hoping UVV wins vs. HCAW. The pressure is also on HCAW, as it can still end up in last place in case, because ADO Lakers has a chance to finish above the Bussum-squad. As mentioned, in case of a tie between ADO Lakers and HCAW, the latter has a 2-1 record.

So, there are several possibilities, including a tie for last place. An eventual 3-way tie is not possible anymore in the Play-Downs.

DOOR Neptunus vs. Vaessen Pioniers
At Rotterdam, DOOR Neptunus came from behind to win 4-3 against Vaessen Pioniers to complete a 3-game sweep. With the win, Neptunus closes in on clinching a spot in the Holland Series.

Initially, Neptunus led 2-1 after seven innings, but then things changed from the eighth inning on.

After three scoreless innings, Neptunus opened the score with two runs in the fourth at bat. Veteran Raily Legito led off with a single off of lefthanded starter Josh Rickards, but was forced out on a following grounder by Dwayne Kemp. Next, Gyenuar Lopez doubled to bring in Kemp. Moments later, Lopez advanced on a wild pitch, then scored the second run on a 2-out single by Rafaël Jozefa. An error on a grounder by Adrian Antony followed, but a force out ended the inning.

Pioniers, which was held to only two basehits by Tim Roodenburg, but back into the game in the top of the seventh inning. With two outs, Mark Duursma was hit by a pitch, then Kevin Dirksen singled. Duursma then scored when veteran Dè Flanegin also singled. Jorian van Acker came in to relief Roodenburg and closed the at bat with a strikeout.

Neptunus failed to add an additional run in the home of the seventh inning. The home team got the bases loaded with two outs when Kemp and Lopez singled, while Rudy Van Heydoorn walked. But a flytout ended the inning.

In the next at bat, Pioniers turned the game its way. And it again happened with two outs. Danny Rombley then singled, which led to another pitching change. Australian Brendan Wise took over, but he ran into problems immediately. Vince Rooi singled to bring Rombley to third base, then Mark-Jan Moorman and Mark Duursma followed with RBI-singles to give Pioniers a 3-2 lead. Hereafter, the bases got loaded when Kevin Dirksen walked. Dè Flanegin then hit a sharp grounder towards second baseman Benjamin Dille, who briefly had difficulties fielding the ball. The Belgian player then threw the ball to first baseman Rafaël Jozefa, resulting in a close play. It was a tough call, but Flanegin appeared to touch the base in time (as shown in television replays), with an insurance run being scored. However, Flanegin was called out and so, the rally ended, but Pioniers had taken a 3-2 lead.

Now trailing only one run, Neptunus immediately came alongside in its eighth at bat. Bayron Cornelissen took over the pitching for Pioniers and was greeted with a lead-off double by Adrian Anthony, who then was brought to third base on a sac-bunt by Shaldimar Daantji. A single by Gianison Boekhoudt then tied the score.

In the top of the ninth, closer Berry van Driel took over for Neptunus. He ran into problems with two outs, as he saw Pioniers load the bases when Phil Ortez singled, Danny Rombley doubled and Vince Rooi walked. Van Driel then escaped the jam by striking out Moorman.

Neptunus then decided the game in the home of the ninth. Dwayne Kemp led off with a single and moved on a sac-bunt by Gyenuar Lopez. Rudy Van Heydoorn was then walked intentionally to set up a force play, but Neptunus got the bases loaded when Cornelissen walked next batter Rafaël Jozefa. A walk-off single by Adrian Anthony throught the right side of the infield followed to give Neptunus a 4-3 victory.

And with this, Neptunus closed in on reaching the Holland Series again. Last year, Neptunus was swept in the best-of-seven by Kinheim, which will be their opponent in the upcoming final 3-game series of the Play-Offs.

Corendon Kinheim vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates
At Haarlem, L&D Amsterdam Pirates moved into second place of the Play-Off competition by winning 6-4 at Corendon Kinheim. With the win, Pirates won the series 2-1.

Both teams scored a run in the second inning. For Amsterdam, facing Leon Boyd, Percy Isenia led off with a walk, then the bases got loaded when Kenny Berkenbosch singled and (with one out) Bas Nooij was hit by a pitch. A sac-fly by Wesley Connor then opened the score, but Pirates stranded three runners, as a groundout ended the at bat.

Kinheim came alongside moments later. Ramiro Balentina led off with a double off of Jos de Jong, then Quintin De Cuba walked. The two runners advanced on a sac-bunt by Roy Seltenrijch, then a wild pitch with two outs enabled Balentina to score the tying run.

Amsterdam left the bases loaded in the third inning, but then rallied for three runs in the fourth inning. Bas Nooij and Wesley Connor led off with singles and moved on a sac-bunt by Michael Duursma. A double by Roelie Henrique then gave Amsterdam a 3-1 lead and a 2-out single by Bas de Jong made it 4-1.

Amsterdam added a run in the sixth off of reliever Jean-Paul Gulinck. Wesley Connor led off with a walk, moved on another sac-bunt by Duursma and scored on a 2-out single by Björn Hato. The scoring of Connor led to a discussion, as it was argued that Connor didn't reach home plate while sliding past catcher Ramiro Balentina, who was ejected by Home Plate Umpire Henri van Heijningen.

The 5-1 lead appeared to be comfortable at this point in the game, but it came in jeopardy in the next three Kinheim at bats. In the home of the sixth, Kinheim got one run back. Bryan Engelhardt and Jeffrey Arends led off with singles, then the bases got loaded when Mervin Gario walked. This brought in Ben Grover to relief De Jong. He began by striking out Rachid Engelhardt, but then walked Quintin De Cuba to bring in a run. However, Kinheim failed to add more runs, as Grover followed with a strikeout, then a grounder ended the at bat.

In the eighth inning, Kinheim came close to tying the score. With one out, Rachid Engelhardt walked and that led to another pitching change. Kyle Ward took over for Grover, but gave up a single to De Cuba. This brought Amsterdam Manager Sidney de Jong to mound again, as he brought in closer Jurrian Koks to relief Ward. But Koks ran into problems, as he was greeted with an RBI-single by Roy Seltenrijch. After a force out, Koks gave up another RBI-single to René Cremer, before ending the inning by striking out Dirk van 't Klooster, meaning Kinheim stranded two runners.

In the ninth inning, Amsterdam added an insurance run off of new pitcher Arshwin Asjes. Bas de Jong led off with a single, moved on a sac-bunt by Percy Isenia, then scored on a 2-out single by Rashid Gerard.

And that was the run Amsterdam needed to hold onto the victory.

...Wesley Connor scores in the 6th inning, sliding by Ramiro Balentina, but appears not to reach home plate (photo right)...
...Connor tumbles over Balentina, who argues the call with HP Umpire Henri van Heijningen and gets ejected...
(© Photos: Henk Seppen)

UVV vs. Mampaey The Hawks
At Vleuten, UVV shutout Mampaey The Hawks 3-0 to probably secure a spot in next year big league. In the upcoming final series of the Play-Downs, UVV will face Mr. Cocker HCAW. This series is very important for HCAW, which now shares last place with ADO Lakers.

Today's game remained scoreless for seven innings in a pitching duel between Jurjen van Zijl (UVV) and Pim Swinkels (The Hawks). The latter retired 22 of the first 24 batters he faced. After having retired the first eight batters in a row, Swinkels gave up a 2-out single to Brennan Nijhof, who was then forced out on a grounder by Norbert Jongerius. Hereafter, Swinkels retired the next 11 batters, before giving up a 2-out single to Giovanni Samboe.

On the other side, Van Zijl allowed six batters to reach base in the first seven innings, five of them with a basehit. Two players reached third base, one of them being Joris Naber with an one-out triple in the third inning. In the seventh, Bob de Bruijn singled and stranded on third base.

In the eighth inning, Van Zijl gave up an one-out single to Berend Ruben, who moved to second base when an error was made on a 2-out grounder by Berry van Donselaar. Van Zijl then ended the at bat with a strikeout.

In the home of the eighth, Van Zijl was supported with three runs. With two outs, Mike Bazuin singled, then moved to second and third base on two consecutive wild pitches by Swinkels, who then walked Dennis Ribbens. Hereafter, Henk van Heijningen took over the pitching. Ribbens then stole second base, but Nijhof grounded out. Next, Norbert Jongerius singled to bring in Bazuin, followed by a 2-run single by Joris van Ballegooy that made it 3-0.

Van Zijl then returned to the mound for the ninth inning and completed the game by retiring three batters in a row.

Mr. Cocker HCAW vs. ADO Lakers
At Bussum, Mr. Cocker HCAW rallied for ten runs in the sixth inning, collected 16 basehits and won big vs. ADO Lakers, 21-0.

ADO Lakers used six pitchers, while Ivan Granados went the distance for HCAW. The Venezuelan/Spanish lefthander struckout nine batters and gave up only two basehits.

For HCAW, Linoy Croes, Sergino Martis, Jesus Latte and Ronald Bouwman all collected three hits. Martis scored five runs.

HCAW opened the score with one run in the second inning. With one out, Bouwman singled and was awarded second base on a balk. He then advanced to third base on a single by Tim Vermij and scored while the latter was caught stealing. Bouwman was added to the team for this weekend. He last played for the big league-team in 2011, appearing in eight regular season-games and six during the Play-Downs.

The second run was added in the third inning when Martis scored on an error, but HCAW also left the bases loaded. Four runs were then scored in the fourth inning on a single by Croes, a wild pitch, a double-steal and a sac-fly by Juriën Overman.

In the fifth, HCAW rallied for five runs on a bases-loaded walk for Jorin van Amstel, 2-run single by Martis, sac-fly by Latte and double by Overman.

Leading 11-0, HCAW then scored ten runs in the sixth inning to hand ADO Lakers another 20-plus run defeat this season. In the inning, HCAW collected only five basehits, as the ADO Lakers-defense contributed with three errors. Jesus Latte hit two RBI-singles in this inning, while Bouwman added a 2-run single and Van Amstel a 2-run double. Three runs were scored on two errors, while another run was scored on a wild pitch.

42-year old veteran Eugene Henson again played for ADO Lakers today, his fourth game for the squad during the Play-Downs since he was added to the roster. Today, he played at third and first base for the squad from The Hague. During the regular season, Henson didn't play for ADO Lakers, which used 37 different players. He last played in the big league in 2011 when he also played for ADO.

(September 1)

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