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Updated: September 3, 2013
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Didi Gregorius celebrates milestone with homerun
PHOENIX, Arizona (USA) - Dutch infielder Mariekson 'Didi' Gregorius celebrated a milestone by hitting a 2-run homerun. On Tuesday-evening, Gregorius homered for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the fifth inning in a 10-4 loss against the Toronto Blue Jays.

...Didi Gregorius...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
For Gregorius, this was his 100th game in the Major League. With this, he becomes the first Dutch-born and raised player to reach this milestone. Gregorius was born in Dutch capital Amsterdam.

In 1979, pitcher Win Remmerswaal became the first Dutch-born and raised player to reach the Major League. Remmerswaal went on to pitch in 22 games for the Boston Red Sox.

In the following years, four more players who were born and raised in the Netherlands reached the Major League, but neither of them reached the 100-game mark. They are outfielder Rikkert Faneyte (80 games, San Francisco Giants/Texas Rangers), pitcher Rick van den Hurk (50 games, Florida Marlins/Baltimore Orioles/Pittsburgh Pirates), outfielder Greg Halman (44 games, Seattle Mariners) and infielder Robert Eenhoorn (37 games, New York Yankees/Anaheim Angels).

Before Remmerswaal's debut, there were four more players, who were born in the Netherlands, but didn't raise there. One of them is pitcher Bert Blyleven, who pitched in 692 Major League-games in 22 seasons.

This season, Gregorius has played in 92 games for the Diamondbacks. He hits .261 (85-for-326) and scored 43 runs, while having 23 runs batted in. The homerun on Tuesday was his sixth of the season, he also batted 15 doubles and two triples.

On September 5 last year, Gregorius made his big league-debut with the D'backs and went on to play eight games.

(September 3)

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