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Updated: November 11, 2013
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Fernandez, Myers Rookies of the Year

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NEW YORK, New York (USA) - Pitcher José Fernandez (Miami Marlins) and outfielder Wil Myers (Tampa Bay Rays) were named Rookie of the Year in respectively the National League and American League for the 2013 season. The announcement was made Monday-evening (November 11). With this, the two won the Jackie Robinson Award. In 1987, the Rookie of the Year Award was named after Robinson, 40 years after he broke to baseball color line. In 1947, Robinson was the first winner of the award. Jackie Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.

The 22-year old Wil Myers got 23 votes for first place and 131 in total to beat Cuban infielder José Iglesias (Boston Red Sox/Detroit Tigers) and rghthanded pitcher Chris Archer (Tampa Bay Rays), who were the other two finalists for the award. They respectively received 80 and 35 votes. Myers became the third Tampa Bay-player to win the award in the last six years. Myers led the rookies in the American League in RBI's, doubles and extra-base hits and several other offensive categories.

21-year old righthander José Fernandez became the fourth player of the Marlins to be named Rookie of the Year. The Cuban pitcher received 26 first place-votes to finish with 142, finishing ahead of outfielder Yasiel Puig (Los Angeles Dodgers), who had 95 votes, and righthanded pitcher Shelby Miller (St. Louis Cardinals), who had 12. Fernandez, Puig (who is also from Cuba) and Miller were named finalist for the award last week.

Fernandez left Cuba in 2008 and was selected by the Marlins in 2011. When the season began, Fernandez was ranked the number 1 prospect of the Marlins. While he was scheduled to play in the Minor League, he started this season on the Opening Day-roster of the Marlins and made his Major League-debut on April 7 when he was only 20 years old. In his rookie-season, Fernandez was 12-6 and he finished with the second-best ERA in the league with 2.19. He led all rookies with 187 strikeouts. Fernandez also pitched in the All Star Game and he is also one of the three finalists for the Cy Young Award of which the winner will be announced on Wednesday.

It is the first time since 1993 that both winners come from two teams from the same state. Twenty years ago, both winners came from California when Tim Salmon (California Angels) and Mike Piazza (Los Angeles Dodgers) won. Before that, there were only two other occassions when both winners came from the same state and in both cases, even the same city. In 1950, Sam Jethroe (Boston Braves) and Walt Dropo (Boston Red Sox) won and in 1951, it were Willie Mays (New York Giants) and Gil McDougald (New York Yankees).

(November 11)

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