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Updated: September 16, 2013
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Hans Lemmink steps down as Head Coach of Kinheim
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Hans Lemmink has stepped down as Head Coach of Corendon Kinheim. This was confirmed on Sunday, September 15. A successor has not been named yet, but veteran 3B Coach Wim Martinus might be a serious candidate.

...Hans Lemmink leaves Kinheim...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Lemmink was in his first full season as Head Coach of the Haarlem-based club. He took over on July 31 of last season after the first round of the 9-game Play-Offs. Kinheim was then swept by DOOR Neptunus and was about to be eliminated for the championship and appeared to miss the Holland Series for the fourth consecutive year. After the sweep, Kinheim separated with Head Coach Eelco Jansen and 3B Coach Ralph Milliard. Lemmink, who was the 1B Coach of the team since 2010, took over as Head Coach, while Stanley Engelhardt, who was the Bench Coach, became 1B Coach.

After Lemmink had taken over the team, Kinheim won four of the next six games to qualify for the Holland Series. It then swept Neptunus in four games to win the championship. Lemmink was named Coach of the Year.

The former catcher/3rd baseman, who played in the Dutch big league for Haarlem Nicols and Kinheim, informed the players of his decision in the weekend. ,,After four years coaching at Kinheim, it was time to do something else'', Lemmink said. ,,I was thinking about stepping down for quite a while and I decided to stop, while I still love baseball.''

Lemmink also played in the Dutch National Baseball Team and has been a professional soccer-keeper. This season, Wim Martinus was added to the coachingstaff as 3B Coach. Kinheim moved into second place in the final week of the regular season, finishing eight points behind league-leader DOOR Neptunus. In the following Play-Offs, Kinheim was dethroned and eliminated for the Holland Series.

Lemmink: ,,Last year, I took over for Eelco and we won the championship, so everyone was happy. This season, I began with Stanley and Wim, while pitcher David Bergman took care of the pitchers. We finished in second place in the season, then ended in a tie with two other teams behind Neptunus in the Play-Offs, but missed the Holland Series based on head-to-head results. For me, that was a disappointment, I wanted to reach the Holland Series.''

Lemmink continues: ,,Looking back to this season, I needed to take a decision for next year and I decided to step down. For me personally, I think I have taken the right decision. It have been four fine years at Kinheim, highlighted by the championship of last season and me being named Coach of the Year. But it simply is time for something else. No, I don't have plans yet, but I still love baseball. It's time for a new challenge, whether it comes or not, we shall see.''.

(September 16)

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