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Updated: September 30, 2013
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ADO Lakers nips Twins two stay in big league!
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - ADO Lakers trailed 1-0 on Saturday vs. Twins from the third inning, then came alongside in the eighth and won 2-1 in the ninth on a walk-off single by Kelvi Martinez in the fifth and final game of the Promotion/Relegation Play-Off. With that, ADO Lakers won the series 3-2 and secured its spot again in the big league of next season! Today's game, which was well-visited, ended with a controversial call at first base, which eventually led to the winning run.

It could have been a historic day for Twins. With a victory, the team would have returned to the Dutch big league after a 9-year absence. In the series, Twins staged two great comebacks with two big victories. After the opener had rained out, ADO Lakers began with a 6-2 win. ADO then faced a 12-0 deficit in the make-up game, which was halted by rain and was completed four days later, ending in a 12-1 for Twins. ADO Lakers recovered and won the the regular scheduled third game, 2-1. Again, Twins answered with a big victory, winning 9-0 at home to force a fifth and deciding game. Today, Twins was en route to a possible victory as it led in the eighth inning. The team's problem was that the lead was minimal, as it had scored only one run and then things turned the other way. With a victory, Twins would have returned to the highest league and also would have bring a big league-team again to the southern province of Noord-Brabant.

On the other hand, you can say that with today's victory, a piece of Dutch big league history was preserved. This was the 40th season on the highest level for the club from The Hague and its 25th in a row since returning to the big league in 1989. So, it would have been a bitter taste when the club would have relegated. Last year, the Dutch big league already lost some its treasures when Sparta-Feyenoord relegated in what was their 50th season in the big league.

ADO made its big league-debut in 1971, but relegated the same year. It returned in 1973, then played for six season in the highest league, before relegating for a second time. Again, the club managed to come back within one season and made another comeback in 1980. Unfortunately, in 1987 another relegation followed, but for the third time, the team from The Hague returned after only an one-year absence. Since 1989, ADO has now played in 25 consecutive seasons in the Dutch big league and captured the championship-title in 1992.

...Twins-pitcher Jurriaan Korff...
(© Photo: Alfred Cop Fotografie)
Timo van Ancum started for ADO Lakers and retired the side in the first two innings. But he then saw Twins taking an 1-0 lead in the third inning. Stijn Janssens led off with a single, moved on an one-out sacrifice bunt by Christopher Ge and scored on a following single by Jarreau Martina. This would be the lone run in the majority of the game, until it turned ADO's way in the eighth inning.

Twins failed to add runs in the next three at bats, stranding six runners. In the fourth inning, it got the bases loaded with two outs. Martijn Meeuwis led off with a walk, then Mick Molenaar singled with one out and Stijn Janssens walked with two outs. But a foul-out then ended the inning.

In the fifth inning, Jarreau Martina walked with one out and moved on a passed ball. With two outs, Meeuwis also walked, while Martina advanced on a throwing error, but these two runners also were left behind.

In the sixth, Mick Molenaar led off with a single and moved on a sac-bunt by Bart Hanegraaf, but stranded on second base.

Jurriaan Korff pitched for Twins and he didn't encounter much problems in the first seven innings. On the other hand, the lefthander was backed by only one run, meaning it became more and more difficult to save this minimal lead.

In the first inning, he gave up an one-out single to Jason Jakobus, but then was supported with a double play. In the next at bat, Kelvi Martinez connected for an one-out single, but he stranded. Korff then retired the side in the next four innings. After having retired 15 batters in a row, he gave up an one-out single to Julian Goins in the seventh inning. He moved on a sac-bunt by Reangelo Castillo, but was left behind. And so, everything seems to go fine for Korff, despite the minimal 1-0 lead.

But then, the eighth inning came.

...Martijn Meeuwis hitting for Twins in his last game...
(© Photo: Alfred Cop Fotografie)
In the top of the inning, Meeuwis (who has announced his retirement) led off with a single for Twins, moved on a sac-bunt by Anthony Vrolijk, but was then thrown out at third trying to advance on a grounder to short by Mick Molenaar. Moments later, the inning ended when Van Ancum picked off Molenaar at first base.

In the home half, Glennton Poulo doubled with one out. Next batter Jurriaan Dijk then also singled into centerfield. Poulo of course advanced to third base, but was able to score the tying run when centerfielder Jarreau Martina made a fielding error. A bunt-attempt by Kelvin Knape then failed and he struckout when he bunted foul on the third strike. But Dijk then did advance to second after all by stealing it. He stranded there, as Korff followed with another strikeout to end the inning, but the score was now tied at 1-1, so it was a complete new ballgame.

In the top of the ninth inning, Van Ancum returned to the mound for ADO Lakers and got two quick outs. Next, Rikkert Kempen singled, but Van Ancum then closed with a strikeout.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Korff, who also went the distance, retired the first batter. But then Julian Goins reached on what was ruled a throwing error from third baseman Anthony Vrolijk. On photos of the moment that Goins nears first base, it is visible that first baseman Martijn Meeuwis has the ball in his glove, a split-second before Goins arrives. While stepping on first base, Goins, who ran at the inside of the base-line, made contact with Meeuwis' ankle, who therefore lost control of the ball and got injured. 1B Umpire Rob Visser ruled the runner safe. The play at first base emptied both benches, but the umpires restored order and the game continued. Goins then stole second base and advanced to third base on a grounder by Odion Gouverneur. It was reported that the latter also ran close to Meeuwis, resulting in a second bench-clearing. But again, the game resumed. Moments later, Kelvi Martinez hit an 0-1 pitch of Korff into centerfield for a walk-off single that gave ADO Lakers a 2-1 victory.

(September 28)

...The fifth game of the Promotion/Relegation Play-Off... The Hague was well-visited...

...Jason Jakobus is eliminated at 2nd base...
...2B Chrisopther Ge completes...
...a double play in 1st inning...

...1B Martijn Meeuwis receives the ball in the 9th...
...inning, while Julian Goins approaches...

...A split-second later Goins makes contact with the ankle...
...of Meeuwis and is ruled safe...

...The play at first base results in the first of two bench-clearing brawls...
(© Photos: Alfred Cop Fotografie)

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