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Updated: August 29, 2013
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Starting Pitchers coming series
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Most starting pitchers have been announced for the upcoming 3-game series, which is the second series of the 9-game Play-Offs and Play-Downs. But there are some pitchers still to be announced, but that depends on the results of the previous game(s).

The pitching line-up looks as follows:

Thursday, August 29
Corendon KinneimRHP David Bergman (0-0)vs.L&D Amsterdam PiratesRHP Rob Cordemans (0-0)19:30Haarlem
DOOR NeptunusLHP Diegomar Markwell (1-0)vs.Vaessen Pioniers(to be announced)19:30Rotterdam
Mr. Cocker HCAWRHP Sander Helmendach (0-0)vs.ADO LakersRHP Rick van der Post (0-0)19:30Bussum
UVVRHP Hylke van Viersen (0-1)vs.Mampaey The HawksRHP Ronald de Bont (0-0)19:30Vleuten
Saturday, August 31
L&D Amsterdam Pirates(to be announced)vs.Corendon KinheimLHP Nick Veltkamp (0-0)14:00Amsterdam
Vaessen PioniersRHP Eddie Aucoin (0-0)vs.DOOR NeptunusRHP Orlando Yntema (1-0)14:00Hoofddorp
ADO LakersRHP Timo van Ancum (0-1)vs.Mr. Cocker HCAWLHP Ivan Granados (0-0)14:00The Hague
Mampaey The HawksRHP Elton Koeiman (1-0)vs.UVV(to be announced)14:00Dordrecht
Sunday, September 1
Corendon Kinneim(to be announced)vs.L&D Amsterdam Pirates(to be announced)14:00Haarlem
DOOR NeptunusRHP Tim Roodenburg (0-1)vs.Vaessen PioniersLHP Josh Rickards (0-0)14:00Rotterdam
Mr. Cocker HCAWRHP Tony Kreisel (0-1)vs.ADO LakersRHP Wimsley van Heijningen (0-1)14:00Bussum
UVV(to be announced)vs.Mampaey The HawksRHP Pim Swinkels (1-0)14:00Vleuten

(August 29)

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