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Updated: March 17, 2014
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Exhibition wins Neptunus; Pirates, Pioniers split
VLEUTEN / AMSTERDAM / ROTTERDAM / HOOFDDORP / DORDRECHT / HAARLEM (Neth.) / BRASSCHAAT (Belgium) - In the weekend, the big league-teams played several exhibition games again. Unfortunately, most of these teams have no dug-out scorers anymore. And as not everyone is always reachable, it means that getting complete information of these games is getting more difficult (yes, even in the current technological era). Mr. Cocker HCAW probably is the lone team at the moment having a team-scorer in the dug-out, which is Rob Schuurman. The Grand Slam-webmaster thanks the coaches for sharing the information and thoughts beneath about the games played.

...Sergino Martis...
...6 hits, double, homerun...
...5 runs, 5 RBI's...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
At Brasschaat in Belgium, Mr. Cocker HCAW played a double-header vs. Brasschaat Braves. The opener, which lasted 7 innings, ended in a 7-7 tie, then the next game was a 13-1 win for HCAW in five innings.

In the first game, both teams scored once in the first and fourth inning. For HCAW, Jasper Keijzer led off with a walk and scored on a 2-out single by Sergino Martis. After Brasschaat had tied the score, HCAW got back on top in the fourth when Martis doubled and scored on a 2-out single by Jimmy Froberg. HCAW then rallied for three runs in the fifth inning, highlighted by a 2-run single by Martis, who later scored himself on a single by Rossini Frolijk. Brasschaat answered with two runs in the home of the 5th, then HCAW added two runs in the sixth on singles by Peter van Doesburg and Roy Seltenrijch. However, the 7-4 lead was erased in the home of the 7th when Brasschaat scored three runs off of reliever Daley Paalvast. Sander Helmendach started for HCAW and was followed by Roel Bellinga, Robin Schel and Paalvast.

In the next game, HCAW collected 13 basehits, including three more by Sergino Martis, who six in the double-header. Martis also scored three runs in this game and had three RBI's, as one of his hits was a 2-run homerun in the fourth inning. After scoring three runs in the first at bat, HCAW rallied for five runs in the next inning, highlighted by a 2-run single by Linoy Croes. The lone Belgian run was a homerun by Axel Boermans in the third inning off of Tony Kreisel, who pitched in relief of starter Bob Klaarenbeek.

Reigning champion DOOR Neptunus played twice against UVV. At Vleuten, on Saturday, Neptunus won 9-1 and on Sunday, in Rotterdam, they won 6-4. On Saturday, Duko Jansen started for UVV, while Misja Harcksen took the mound for Neptunus.

The next day, Gillian van Lith threw four strong innings for UVV in a much closer game. Floris Timmer was the starter for Neptunus and was followed by Jorian van Acker and Diornick Sanchez. Thijs Steenwijk and Jurjen van Zijl pitched in relief for UVV, who saw Dennis De Quint hit a single, double and triple. Adrian Anthony hit an inside-the-park-homerun for Neptunus. ,,Sunday was a much better game and it was real attractive, I saw some good things'', UVV's Head Coach Ferenc Jongejan said.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates won at home on Saturday with a 2-1 score vs. Vaessen Pioniers. Rob Cordemans, Kevin Heijstek, Chris Mowday and Jurrian Koks took the mound for the home team, while Steven van Groningen, Sedley Karel and Dennis Bruning pitched for Pioniers. ,,It was a game which had a good level'', stated Amsterdam Head Coach Charles Urbanus. ,,We had the most chances, but it remained a close game.''

On Sunday, Pirates and Pioniers met in Hoofddorp on the beautiful new site of Pioniers. The game was played at Field #2 of the complex, as the main field in the stadium is not being used yet. Pioniers won 4-1 vs. Pirates, which started with Jos de Jong. Mark-Jan Moorman singled in two runs for Pioniers. ,,It was much colder than yesterday, but we're doing fine. Pioniers was not complete yet, but looked good'', Urbanus looked back. ,,And what a nice complex there in Hoofddorp, it going to look beautiful.''

Mampaey The Hawks met Orioles twice in the weekend. On Saturday, at Rotterdam, the game ended in a 6-6 tie. On Sunday, playing at home, The Hawks led 3-2 in the eighth inning, but failed to hold onto it and lost 6-3. ,,We made some errors in the end, leading to four runs'', Head Coach Dino Anasagasti said. ,,Our pitchers are doing fine, but we have to make the outs. I know, these are still exhibition games, but we have to play better defensively''.

Corendon Kinheim was scheduled to play twice vs. DSS, but no information is available of these games.

The regular season opens on Thursday, April 17.

(March 17)

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