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Updated: May 4, 2018
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Quick Amersfoort decides game against Storks in 5th inning

ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - Cityside Apartments Quick Amersfoort broke a 3-3 tie with a 4-run rally in the fifth inning and went on to win 11-8 against Silicon Storks on Thursday-evening (May 3).

The game was played at the site of Curaçao Neptunus in Rotterdam, which will fill in a home-field for Storks during evening-games. The home-site of Storks in The Hague has no light-installation. In the weeks leading up to the new season, Storks found an 'evening-home' in Rotterdam. There, it will play its regular scheduled evening home-games, as well as eventual make-up home-games. Tonight's game started ten minutes later than scheduled, as some of the players of Quick Amersfoort were stuck in traffic jams.

In the highscoring game, there were 19 runs and 28 basehits (both had 14 hits). Because of the high run-production, tonight's game lasted only eight innings. Shortly after the beginning of the eighth inning, the curfew-time of 10:30 PM was reached, meaning no new inning can start after that, according to the league-rules. However, as the eighth inning took more than 30 minutes, another crucial time approached. According to a national ruling, lights at sports-accomodations have to be out between 11 PM and 7 AM. The game ended less than one minute before the clock turned 11. When that would have been the case, the game would have to be halted whatever the situation. In a situation like that, a non-complete inning will be valid only when the home-team has had the opportunity to come alongside or take the lead, in case it was out behind in the top half of the inning. When a visiting team takes the lead in a non-completed inning, the final result will be that of the last played complete inning. In case the visiting team already leads and the situation doesn't change in a non-completed inning, all statistics will count, just as it is done in games that are halted due to weather conditions.

Quick Amersfoort broke a 3-3 tie by scoring four runs in the fifth inning. The team took some more distance in the following innings and led 11-4 halfway the eighth inning. The suspense then came back as Storks scored four runs, but the game then ended just before 11 PM.

(May 3)

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In the first four innings, Quick Amersfoort took the lead twice, but Storks came alongside both times. Quick then rallied for four runs in the top of the fifth inning and that proved to be decisive. Storks also staged a 4-run rally in the eighth inning, but ended up short.

Quick Amersfoort opened the score in Rotterdam with one run in the top of the first inning off of starter Darryl Jamoena. Kevin Windster Adelina led off with a single, stole second base, moved to third base on a grounder by Jelle Blaauw and scored on a grounder by Rachid Engelhardt.

Quick-starter Brian van Laar retired the side in the first inning, but the lefthander then gave up the tying run in the next at bat. With two outs, Aldi Guzman doubled for Storks and was awarded third base on a balk. Moments later, he scored on a double by Philip Brandl. A walk for debuting rookie Nick Nefs followed, but the two runners were left behind.

Quick immediately re-took the lead in the top of the third inning, scoring two runs. With one out, Kevin Windster Adelina walked and advanced to third base when a pick-off ended in a throwing error. With two outs, he scored on a single by Rachid Engelhardt, who went on to score himself when his brother Bryan Engelhardt followed with a double. Quick got runners at the corners on a following single by Remian Denis, but he was caught stealing shortly thereafter, ending the inning.

After Storks left a runner behind on third base in the third inning, the home-team came alongside again in the fourth at bat, but also left three runners behind. Lead-off hitter Kendrick Delima was hit by a pitch, then Aldi Guzman doubled and the bases got loaded when Philip Brandl walked. With one out, Delima scored when a fly into to outfield by Tyron de Windt was dropped. On the error, Guzman and Brandl of course also advanced and that was followed by a runscoring single from Quinlan de Windt which tied the score and led to a pitching change. Luis Figuera Roman took over and got an infield-fly and a force out that ended the inning.

Again, the tie score was broken soon thereafter by Quick Amersfoort. This time, the team rallied for four runs in the top of the fifth to take a 7-3 lead, which was to be decisive. All four runs were unearned due to two errors. Jordy Burger led off with a single, then pitcher Darryl Jamoena made a throwing error on a sacrifice bunt by Kevin Windster Adelina, who sustained an apparent hamstring-injury while reaching first base and was replaced by pinch-runner Kaj Berkel. The two runners advanced on a sac-bunt by Jelle Blaauw, then Burger scored the go-ahead run when another throwing error followed, this time on a grounder by Rachid Engelhardt. However, shortly after reaching first base on the error, Engelhardt was tagged out after all by first baseman Aldi Guzman. With Berkel on third base, powerhitter Bryan Engelhardt was walked intentionally by Jamoena. With that, Engelhardt became the second hitter to receive an intentional pass 'new style'. Last Tuesday-evening, pitcher Jan Evertse of De Glaskoning Twins was the first pitcher to 'throw' an intentional walk to Kendrick Delima during the make-up game against Storks. Starting this season, pitchers don't have to throw anymore to a hitter during an intentional walk, which is issued after a signal from the Head Coach. The non-throwing intentional was introduced last season in the Major League. It already had been introduced some years ago in softball. Not throwing an intentional walk takes away something in both baseball and softball, as everything can happen, like a pitcher's balk, a catcher's balk, a wild pitch, passed ball, a stole base or even a basehit.

After he had reached first base, Engelhardt stole second base, which was his third in three consecutive games. The bases got loaded when Remian Denis received a 'normal' walk. Another walk followed, this time for Jules Cremer, which led to the next run and a pitching change. Nick Winkel took over, but was greeted with a 2-run single by Wesley Bernardus that lifted the lead to 7-3.

Storks got one run back in the bottom of the sixth off of new pitcher Aaron Isenia. With one out, Tyron de Windt walked and advanced on a passed ball. With two outs, he moved to third base when Joran Berkhout reached on an error and he then scored on a passed ball. Next hitter Runai Coran singled, but Storks left two runners behind.

Leading 7-4, Quick Amersfoort decided the game by adding two runs in both the seventh and eighth inning.

In the seventh, with two outs, Quick got the bases loaded off of reliever Nick Winkel when Wesley Bernardus singled, Shairon Nicholas (who made his debut) walked and Jordy Burger reached on a bunt-single. Hereafter, Tijmen Takke reached on an runscoring infield-hit and another run was added when Jelle Blaauw was hit by a pitch. Three runners stranded when a flyout ended the at bat.

After Storks had left two runners behind, the eighth inning went underway shortly before the 10:30 PM curfew-time was reached. However, there were six runs scored in total in the eighth inning, which lasted more than 30 minutes.

In the top of the eighth, off of new pitcher Ricky Voorn, two more runs were scored by Quick. The team again got the bases loaded, this time with no outs. Bryan Engelhardt led off with a double, Remian Denis walked and Jules Cremer singled. Next hitter Wesley Bernardus then connected for a 2-run single. A double play followed, but the bases got loaded once more when Jordy Burger and Tijmen Takke both walked. Kendrick Delima was then brought in as new pitcher. He got a flyout and so, three runners were left behind. Again.

Trailing 11-4, Storks rallied for four runs in the bottom of the eighth off of new pitcher Mark Kolner. He gave up a lead-off double to Quinlan de Windt, then walked Joran Berkhout. The two runners advanced on a sacrifice bunt by pinch-hitter Juharich Tomsjansen, who made his big league-debut. Tomsjansen is the son of former Dutch big league-player Sherton Saturnino, who played for ADO. The two runners scored when Joost van den Bergh (who also made his debut) delivered a 2-run single. With two outs, Van den Bergh moved on a wild pitch and an infield-hit by Aldi Guzman, which was followed by a 2-run double by Philip Brandl. With the latter on second base, the game ended with a grounder by Nick Nefs, another player who played in his first big league-game. When the final out was made, there was less than one minute to play before it reached 11 PM.

...Darryl Jamoena (left) and Brian van Laar were the starting pitchers for Storks and Quick Amersfoort...

...Left: Kevin Windster Adelina steals 2nd base in the 1st inning and slides past short stop Philip Brandl...
...Right: Aldi Guzman slides into 2nd base with a double in the 2nd inning while 2B Wesley Bernardus gets the ball...

...Left: Kevin Windster Adelina will advance to 2nd base in the 3rd inning when a pick-off goes past 1B Aldi Guzman...
...Right: Storks short stop Philip Brandl eliminates a batter in the 4th inning...

...Kevin Windster Adelina reaches 1st base in the 5th inning when an error is made on his bunt, but sustains an injury...
...At left, pitcher Darryl Jamoena picks up the ball; At right, Windster reaches for his leg in pain, while passing 1B Aldi Guzman...

...Left: Rachid Engelhardt bats in a run for Quick Amersfoort in the 5th inning when his grounder ends in an error...
...Right: Quick Amersfoort Head Coach Marco Wels looks on...

...Left: Wesley Bernardus hits a 2-run single for Quick Amersfoort in the 5th inning off of Nick Winkel...
...Right: The players of Quick Amersfoort celebrate the win against Storks...
(© All Photos: Robert Bos)

Silicon Storks - Cityside Apt. Quick Amersfoort 8-11 (8 inn.)
Cityside Apartments Quick Amersfoort10204022-11142
Silicon Storks01020104-8143
(game ended after eight complete innings due to 10:30 PM curfew-rule)
pitchers Quickinn.SOBBHRER
Brian van Laar3.132533

Luis Figuera Roman, W (1-0)1.21-2--

Aaron Isenia11111-

Jasper Popken11-2--

Mark Kolner1-1444

pitchers Storksinn.SOBBHRER
Darryl Jamoena, L (0-1)4.214673

Nick Winkel2.122522

Ricky Voorn0.2-3322

Kendrick Delima0.1-----
Box Score
Team Rosters
HP-Winfried Berkvens, 1B-Peter de Haan, 3B-René Ras.
Official Scorer-Norbert van Oosterhout.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Jeanette van Drunen.
Technical Commissioner-Henk van der Linde.
Public Address Announcer-Jan van der Sande (Neptunus).
Scoreboard Operator-Lex Looijen (Neptunus).
Starting Time-7:40 PM.
Time Played-3:19 hrs.
Site-Neptunus Familiestadion, Sportpark Abraham van Stolkweg, Rotterdam (site Neptunus).

Game Notes:
Game started 10 minutes later than scheduled, as some players of Quick Amersfoort arrived due to traffic jams.
Shairon Nicholas (Quick Amersfoort), Nick Nefs, Joost van den Bergh and Juharich Tomsjansen (all Storks) make their debut in the Dutch big league.
Weather conditions at game time: Sunny, 12,7° C (54,9° F); wind direction north;
wind speed 13 kmh (8 mph); wind force 2 Bft; humidity 46%.

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