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The team, which lost several players after last season and added some young players, had a tough start of the season. But today, the team recorded its third win in eleven games. Two of their games ended in a tie.<p> One of these ties came last Thursday-evening. The two teams then played a 3-3 tie in ten innings.<p> Pioniers recorded 11 basehits, including three by <b>Jelle Kroft</b>. <b>Tijmen Takke</b> homered for Quick Amersfoort.<p> (May 19)<p> <a href="bbslam.htm#scorescomp"><b>Scores</b></a><br> <a href="bbslam.htm#sched"><b>Complete Schedule Regular Season</b></a><p> </td></tr> </table> <br> <br> <table border=0 bgcolor="#eaffff" bordercolor="1e90ff" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 width=100%> <tr><td> <br> Hoofddorp Pioniers got into scoring position for the first time in the second inning off of starting pitcher <b>Jurjen van Zijl</b>. He was not originally announced as starting pitcher. Initially, lefthander <b>Colin van Laar</b> was named, but he threw the last five innings in relief today.<p> In the second inning, <b>Jelle Kroft</b> led off with a single and rookie <b>Thom Hoogkamer</b> singled with one out, but a double play ended the at bat.<p> <img border=1 src="l-pioniers16.jpg" align="left"> Pioniers opened the score with two runs with two outs in the third inning, but also left three runners behind. With one out, <b>Duco Nuijten</b> reached on an infield-hit and with two outs, <b>Joey de Koning</b> singled. That was followed by an outfield-error, which enabled Nuijten to score, while De Koning ended up on third base. Hereafter, <b>Mervin Gario</b> walked. With runners at the corners, Gario attempted a delayed steal. However, he appeared to come into a rundown and should have been eliminated, but an error followed. Because of this, Gario returned to first base, but in the meantime, De Koning scored. The bases got loaded when <b>Jelle Kroft</b> singled and <b>Glenn Bakker</b> was hit by a pitch, but the three runners were left behind.<p> In the top of the fourth, Pioniers got runners on second and third base with two outs, but they also stranded.<p> <img border=1 src="l-quickafrt18.jpg" align="right"> Pioniers-starter <b>Alexander Valdez</b> got runners into scoring position in the first two innings. In the first at bat, with one out, he walked <b>Jelle Blaauw</b>, who stole second base with two outs, but was left behind. In the second, <b>Jules Cremer</b> doubled with one out, but also stranded.<p> After leaving a runner on first base in the third inning and trailing 2-0, Quick Amerfoort got one run back in the bottom of the fourth inning. With one out, <b>Tijmen Takke</b> drove the ball into rightfield for a homerun to cut deficit in half. However, this would be the lone run in this game for Quick.<p> For Takke, this was his first homerun at the big league-level. Takke, who made his big league-debut in 2016, played the previous two seasons for <b>UVV</b>.<p> Pioniers took some more distance in the top of the fifth inning, adding two more runs. Lead-off hitter <b>Mervin Gario</b> was hit by a pitch and next hitter <b>Jelle Kroft</b> singled. A pitching change followed, as <b>Colin van Laar</b> took over from <b>Jurjen van Zijl</b>. The lefthander began with a strikeout, but then gave up a runscoring single to <b>Thom Hoogkamer</b>. The bases got loaded when <b>Damian Melis</b> also singled. Hereafter, Kroft was forced out at the plate on a grounder by <b>Leandro Anasagasti</b>, but the next run was added when Van Laar walked <b>Duco Nuijten</b>. Three runners were left behind when a foul-out ended the at bat, but Pioniers now led 4-1.<p> Pioniers got close to its next run in the sixth inning. Lead-off hitter <b>Joey de Koning</b> reached on an error and <b>Mervin Gario</b> singled. A double-steal attempt ended in De Koning being caught stealing on third base. With two outs, Gario moved to third base on a balk, but he stranded there, as a strikeout closed the at bat.<p> The Hoofddorp-squad was able to add two more runs in the seventh. <b>Thom Hoogkamer</b> and <b>Damian Melis</b> led off with a walk. With one out, Hoogkamer stole third base and scored on an infield-hit by <b>Duco Nuijten</b>. On this basehit, Melis moved to second base, but reached third base on a following throwing error. He then scored on a grounder by <b>Mark Smit</b> to make it a 6-1 score.<p> Quick Amersfoort got some scoring opportunities in its final four at bats, but was unable to add more runs.<p> In the bottom of the sixth, <b>Bryan Engelhardt</b> and <b>Tijmen Takke</b> both singled with one out, but two force play-grounders followed.<p> In the seventh, off of new pitcher <b>Ryan Oduber</b>, Quick again got two baserunners. With one out, <b>Jordy Burger</b> reached on a bunt-single and <b>Wesley Bernardus</b> singled, but they were left behind.<p> In the bottom of the ninth, <b>Angelo Wicklert</b> pitched for Pioniers. He gave up an one-out double to <b>Jordy Burger</b>, who stole third base moments later. Wicklert followed with a strikeout, then a grounder ended the inning and the game. In this inning, <b>Rowan van Hoek</b> got his first plate appearance for Quick after having being sidelined with an injury.<p> </td></tr> </table> <br> <br> <table border=0 bgcolor="#eaffff" bordercolor="1e90ff" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 width=75%> <tr><td> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 width=100% bgcolor="#0000a9"> <tr><td align="center"> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 width=100% bgcolor="#fff5ee"> <tr><td align="center" bgcolor="#1e90ff"><font size="5"><b>Quick Amerfoort - Hoofddorp Pioniers 1-6</font></b></td></tr> </table> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 width=100% bgcolor="#eaffff"> <tr><td colspan=5><td bgcolor="#1e90ff" align="center"><b>R</b></td><td bgcolor="#1e90ff" align="center"><b>H</b></td><td bgcolor="#1e90ff" align="center"><b>E</b></td></tr> <tr><td align="left"><b>Hoofddorp Pioniers</td><td align="center">002</td><td align="center">020</td><td align="center">200</td><td align="center">-</td><td align="center">6</td><td align="center">11</td><td align="center">1</td></tr> <tr><td align="left"><b>Quick Amersfoort</b></td><td align="center">000</td><td align="center">100</td><td align="center">000</td><td align="center">-</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">9</td><td align="center">4</td></tr> </table> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 width=100% bgcolor="#fff5ee"> <tr><td align="left" bgcolor="#ffe45b"><b>pitchers Pioniers</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>inn.</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>SO</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>BB</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>H</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>R</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>ER</b></td></tr> <tr><td align="left">Alexander Valdez, W (1-2)</td><td align="center">6</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">5</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">1</td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr> <tr><td align="left">Ryan Oduber</td><td align="center">2</td><td align="center">3</td><td align="center">-</td><td align="center">3</td><td align="center">-</td><td align="center">-</td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr> <tr><td align="left">Angelo Wicklert</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">-</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">-</td><td align="center">-</td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr> <tr><td align="left" bgcolor="#ffe45b"><b>pitchers Quick</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>inn.</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>SO</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>BB</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>H</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>R</b></td><td bgcolor="#ffe45b" align="center"><b>ER</b></td></tr> <tr><td align="left">Jurjen van Zijl, L (0-1)</td><td align="center">4 (*)</td><td align="center">2</td><td align="center">1</td><td align="center">7</td><td align="center">4</td><td align="center">2</td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr> <tr><td align="left">Colin van Laar</td><td align="center">5</td><td align="center">5</td><td align="center">4</td><td align="center">4</td><td align="center">2</td><td align="center">1</td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7>(*) - Van Zijl pitched to two batters in the fifth inning</td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr> <tr><td colspan=7 bgcolor="#ffe45b"><b>Homerun:</b> Quick: Tijmen Takke (1)(4th,solo,off Valdez).</td></tr> </table> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 width=100% bgcolor="#fff5ee"> <tr><td align="left" bgcolor="#ffff80"> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 bgcolor="#ffff80" width=34% align="right"> <tr><td><a href="http://www.knbsbstats.nl/2018/HB/statsHB/111.htm"><b>Box Score<br>Play-by-Play</b></a></td></tr> <tr><td><a href="bbslam.htm#standhk"><b>Standings</b></a></td></tr> <tr><td><a href="bbslam.htm#scorescomp"><b>Scores</b></a></td></tr> <tr><td><a href="bbslam.htm#sched"><b>Schedule</b></a></td></tr> <tr><td><a href="bb18-hkr.htm"><b>Team Rosters</b></a></td></tr> </table> <b>Umpires:</b><br>HP-Stenar van Groningen Schinkel, 1B-Edwin Louisa.<br> <b>Official Scorer</b>-Rob Schuurman.<br> <b>Play-by-Play Scorer</b>-Maaike Houtkamp.<br> <b>Public Address Announcer</b>-Willum de Jong.<br> <b>Scoreboard Operator</b>-Willum de Jong.<br> <b>Starting Time</b>-2:00 PM.<br> <b>Time Played</b>-2:41 hrs.<br> <b>Site</b>-XLLease Park 'Dorrestein', Amersfoort.<p> <b>Game Notes:</b><br> <img src="balkln.gif"> <b>Daan Kuit</b> (Hoofddorp Pioniers) makes his debut in the Dutch big league.<br> <b>Weather conditions at game time:</b> Overcast, 12,7&#176; C (54,9&#176; F); wind direction northwest;<br>wind speed 8 kmh (4,9 mph); wind force 2 Bft; humidity 78%.</td></tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> <br> <br> <table border=0 bgcolor="#eaffff" bordercolor="1e90ff" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 width=100%> <tr><td align="center"> <br> Thank you for visiting this site.<br> Mail your suggestions and questions to <a href="mailto:stoov@wxs.nl">stoov@wxs.nl</a><br> Copyright &#169; 1997-2018 Marco Stoovelaar / Grand Slam * Stats & News. </td></tr> </table> <p> </font></font> <SCRIPT> start(); </SCRIPT> </td></tr> </table> </font> </center> </body> </html>