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Updated: March 24, 2018
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photo by Jan Kruijdenberg)

Amsterdam Pirates comes from behind to win against Twins

OOSTERHOUT (Neth.) - After weeks with cold, snow and freezing conditions, all eight Dutch big league-teams finally were able to play an exhibition game on Saturday (March 24). The weather conditions were very acceptable, at some sites still a little chilly, but on other locations very comfortable.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates traveled to Oosterhout to play against De Glaskoning Twins. There, Amsterdam trailed 2-0 after six innings, but came from behind to win 4-2. After scoring a run in the top of the seventh, the team added three more in the next at bat.

The game was halted with one out in the top of the ninth when Twins-reliever Thijs Steenwijk was hit on his foot by a line drive. It was reported that his injury was not serious.

The two teams were scheduled to face each other again on Sunday, but that game was scratched earlier in the week. Construction work is still underway at the home site of Amsterdam Pirates, where an artificial infield is installed. Due to the cold weather conditions, it takes somewhat longer than expected.

(March 24)

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Both Amsterdam Pirates and Twins reached base in the first two innings off of starters Mic van de Ven (Twins) and Kevin Heijstek (Amsterdam Pirates). Van de Ven gave up two basehits, while Heijstek gave up three, but the two avoided giving up runs.

...Rodney Daal...
...2 Runs Scored...
...2 Runs Batted In...
(© Ph: Jan Kruijdenberg)
Twins opened the score in the bottom of the fourth inning off of Robin Schel. The lefthander walked Jarreau Martina, who later scored all the way from first base on a double by Ruar Verkerk into leftfield. Last season, Verkerk played for Curaçao Neptunus, but he joined Twins in the transfer-period. In his first game for Twins, the infielder was 3-for-4.

Twins doubled its lead in the sixth inning off of Daan Hendriks. Nick Peels then scored from third base on a grounder by Bram Grooten to make it a 2-0 score.

The Amsterdam-offense was held scoreless for six innings, but then turned the game its way. Rodney Daal, who came to Amsterdam from UVV after last season, had a big contribution, as he accounted for all four runs. He scored two runs and batted in the other two.

In the top of the seventh inning, off of newcomer Pastor Martínez Chevez, Rodney Daal scored the first Amsterdam-run on a double by Rashid Gerard.

Amsterdam then scored three runs in the top of the eighth inning off of Jakob Syrén, another newcomer in the pitching-staff of Twins. With Zerzinho Croes and Kenny Berkenbosch on base, Rodney Daal hit a double, enabling both runners to score, which gave Amsterdam a 3-2 lead. Moments later, Daal scored himself on a single by rookie Mike de la Rosa (former Amsterdam Diamonds-player) to make it a 4-2 score.

Beforehand, it was decided that the six eligible Pirates-pitchers were to throw eight innings, whatever the score at that moment. After completion of the eighth inning, Twins had one pitcher left and so, the top of the ninth started. Thijs Steenwijk took the mound and began with a strikeout. But hereafter, he was hit on his foot by a comeback-line drive off the bat of Zerzinho Croes. Steenwijk was unable to continue and with that, the game ended.

De Glaskoning Twins - L&D Amsterdam Pirates 2-4
L&D Amsterdam Pirates000000130-471
De Glaskoning Twins00010100X-291
(gamed ended with one out in the top of the ninth after an injury)
pitchers Piratesinn.SOBBHRER
Kevin Heijstek2--3--

Kyle Ward11-2--

Robin Schel1-1111

Daan Hendriks2--211

Jim Ploeger, W (1-0)11-1--

Nick Veltkamp, SV (1)11----

pitchers Twinsinn.SOBBHRER
Mic van de Ven2--2--

Jan Evertse2321--

Reynaldo Sarmiento Claro, H (1)1-----

Pastor E. Martínez Chevez, BS (1)222111

Jakob Syrén, L (0-1)113233

Thijs Steenwijk0.11-1--
Standings Exh. Season
Team Rosters
Umpires: HP-René Ras, 1B-Jos van Eijsden.
Scorer-Patrick van Gool (Twins).
Starting Time-3:00 PM.
Time Played-0:00 hrs.
Site-Sportpark 'De Slotbosse Toren', Oosterhout.

Game Notes:
Exhibition Game.
Game halted with one out in top 9th after Twins-pitcher Thijs Steenwijk was hit on his foot by a line drive.
Weather conditions at game time: Cloudy, 11,3° C (52,3° F); wind direction southeast;
wind speed 8 kmh (4,2 mph); wind force 2 Bft; humidity 53%.

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