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Updated: April 27, 2018
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photos by Jan Kruijdenberg)

HCAW decides big league-comeback Quick Amersfoort in 8th inning

AMERSFOORT (Neth.) - Finally, the regular season in the Dutch big league went underway on Thursday-evening (April 26). The second highest league ('Overgangsklasse') already opened on April 6. Hereafter, the two highest divisions in women's softball went underway. The Golden League on April 14 and the Silver League on April 21. The last competition to start was that of the highest Dutch baseball-league. The last time that a regular season in the highest division started this late was in 1990, when the first games were played on Saturday, April 28.

HCAW led twice in its opening-game on Thursday-evening against Cityside Apartments Quick Amersfoort, which came alongside both times. HCAW then decided the game by scoring three runs in the top of the eighth to win 7-4. The eighth inning was to be the last complete inning, as the game was ended thereafter due to the 10:30 PM curfew-rule.

This season, a 90-second limit has been introduced between innings as a speed-up rule. Despite that, the game took three hours and there was not enough time to play the ninth inning.

With tonight's game, Quick Amersfoort made its comeback in the highest division after a 21-year absence. The team last played at the highest level in 1996 when it relegated. In 2003, the team qualified for the Promotion Pool, but then finished in fifth place. Last year, the team again played in the Promotion/Relegation Pool and this time, it finished in the top-four to secure a spot in this years big league.

(April 26)

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HCAW took an early 2-0 lead in the top of the first inning, but was unable to take more distance. Instead, Quick Amersfoort scored a run in the first and third inning to come alongside.

HCAW re-took the lead in the fifth and added a run in the sixth to make it a 4-2 score. But the home team again managed to come alongside, scoring twice in the seventh.

In the eighth of the attractive game, HCAW took the lead for the third time and this time, it hold onto it.

Both teams collected nine basehits. Tijmen Takke (who last season played for UVV) went 4-for-4 for Quick Amersfoort, while Julian Goins (also ex-UVV) was 3-for-4 for HCAW. Also tonight, Ruar Verkerk was 4-for-5 in the opening game of De Glaskoning Twins against Silicon Storks.

Last season, there also were two players who opened the season by hitting four basehits in the opening game. Jelle Blaauw then was 4-for-4 in the opener of Pickles UVV. He then was a teammate of Takke and he again will be this season, as Blaauw also transfered to Quick Amersfoort. Tonight, Blaauw was 2-for-3, but batted in three runs. Kevin Weijgertse (HCAW) was 4-for-5 a year ago. Tonight, Weijgertse was 0-for-3 for HCAW.

In the top of the first inning, Jeandro Tromp led off for HCAW with a single, which also was the very first basehit this season in the highest league. When ball-four for next hitter Delano Selassa ended in a wild pitch, the speedy Tromp not only moved to second base, but also was able to advance to third base. Moments later, Tromp also scored the first run of the new big league-season when Roelie Henrique reached on an error. Selassa moved to third base when veteran Vince Rooi flied out. He then scored the second run while Henrique was caught stealing after a pick-off by Quick-starter Brian van Laar. The lefthander closed the inning with a strikeout.

Quick Amersfoort got one run back in the bottom of the first inning off of starter Dennis Burgersdijk. The righthander, who transfered from Amsterdam Pirates, walked lead-off hitter Rick Kuipers, who then stole second base. Burgersdijk hit next hitter Rachid Engelhardt (last year HCAW), but struckout powerhitter Bryan Engelhardt, who last played in the highest division in 2016 when he was with Kinheim. Burgersdijk also struckout Remian Denis, but then gave up a runscoring basehit to Tijmen Takke, which was followed by a throwing error. Kuipers scored on the basehit by Takke, but while doing so, he sustained an apparent hamstring-injury. Kuipers stayed in the game and got another at bat in the next inning, but then was replaced in the third. After Kuipers had scored, Jelle Blaauw walked to load the bases, but a grounder ended the at bat.

Quick Amersfoort again got into scoring position in the second. Kevin Windster Adelina led off with an infield-hit in his first big league at bat, then moved on a grounder. With two outs, he advanced to third base on a single by Rachid Engelhardt, but the two runners were left behind.

In the third, Quick Amersfoort came alongside. With one out, Tijmen Takke doubled and scored on a following triple by Jelle Blaauw, who stranded on third base.

HCAW re-took the lead in the top of the fifth, but left three runners behind. With two outs, Julian Goins singled and Jeandro Tromp walked, which led to a pitching change. Taking over the pitching for Quick was Jasper Popken, who last season made his big league-debut pitching for HCAW. Popken was greeted with a runscoring single by Delano Selassa that made it a 3-2 score. Hereafter, Tromp and Selassa were awarded the next base when a balk was called and the bases got loaded when Roelie Henrique walked. But the inning ended with a force out and so, three runners were left behind.

...Former teammates Jelle Blaauw (left) and Julian Goins...
(© Photo: Jan Kruijdenberg)
HCAW added another run in the sixth. Bryce Cherry led off with a single, then was safe at second base when a throwing error was made on a force play-grounder by Seb Visser. The two runners moved on a sacrifice bunt by Patrick Bok. With two outs, Julian Goins delivered a runscoring single, but the inning ended when Visser was eliminated at the plate when he also tried to score.

HCAW stranded runners on second and third base in the top of the seventh, then Quick Amersfoort came alongside again in its seventh at bat. After HCAW-starter Dennis Burgersdijk had given up his second run in the third inning, he allowed only two more hitters to reach base in the next three innings. That was done in the fourth and fifth inning, but both stranded on first base. Burgersdijk retired the side in the sixth. He had a fine outing, struckout six hitters and left the mound with HCAW leading 4-2. But that lead was erased by Quick Amersfoort in the bottom of the seventh off of Burgersdijk's successor Moreno Vork.

In the seventh, Vork got two quick outs, but then gave up two runs, which tied the score again. He began with a strikeout, then gave up a single to Bryan Engelhardt, who was forced out on a grounder by Remian Denis. Shortly hereafter, Denis stole second base, but while doing so, he twisted his left-ankle during his sliding and was replaced by pinch-runner Alberto Ostos. A single by Tijmen Takke, his fourth basehit in the game, led to runners on second and third base. On the single, Ostos initially overran third base. The ball was thrown to third baseman Vince Rooi and a close play followed, but Ostos barely missed being tagged out. Moments later, Ostos and Takke both scored when Jelle Blaauw followed with a single to make it a 4-4 score. Timo van Ancum was then brought in as new pitcher and he ended the inning with a successful pick-off at first base.

HCAW immediately responded by scoring three runs in the top of the eighth inning off of new pitcher Colin van Laar. He is the twin-brother of starter Brian van Laar. It not only is very rare that a team has twin-brothers in its pitching-staff, but also for them to pitch in the same game. Van Laar walked pinch-hitter Berend Ruben, then gave up a bunt-single to Patrick Bok. With one out, Julian Goins connected for a 2-run double that made it a 6-4 score in favor of HCAW. Goins advanced to third base on a wild pitch, then scored on a sacrifice fly by Jeandro Tromp.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Van Ancum retired the side to become the winning pitcher, as the 10:30 PM curfew-time had been reached.

Tonight's game also was a reunion of former teammates, as Timo van Ancum, Bryce Cherry, Julian Goins, Roland Laurens, Berend Ruben (all HCAW), Jelle Blaauw, Rick Kuipers, Tijmen Takke and Jurjen van Zijl (all Quick Amersfoort) all played for UVV last year.

...Quick Amersfoort Head Coach Marco Wels (with Cityside-hoody) talks with his players before the game...

...The players of HCAW also have a talk before the start of the game...

...Left: Delano Selassa advances to 3rd base after a flyout in the first inning...
...Right: Rick Kuipers steals 2nd base in the first inning...

...Left: Dennis Burgersdijk was the starting pitcher tonight for HCAW...
...Right: Quick Amersfoort-rightfielder Kevin Windster Adelina catches a ball in the 3d inning...

...Left: Bryan Engelhardt made his comeback in the big league as 1st baseman for Quick Amersfoort...
...Right: Tijmen Takke, who was 4-for-4, hits a double in the 3rd inning...

...Left: Vince Rooi makes contact for HCAW...
...Right: Brian van Laar was the starting pitcher for Quick Amersfoort...

...Left: Umpires Henny Jansen, André Ficken and René Ras have a discussion...
...Right: Quick Amersfoort 3rd baseman Remian Denis fields a ball in the 7th inning...

...Left: Remian Denis twists his ankle while stealing 2nd base for Quick Amersfoort in the 7th inning...
...Right: Radio-commentator Andy Houtkamp ('NOS Langs de Lijn') looks on...

...Quick-runner Alberto Ostos appears to be tagged out by 3B Vince Rooi in the 7th inning...

...Quick-runner Alberto Ostos returns to the base after avoiding the tag by 3B Vince Rooi...

...Left: It was a close call at 3rd base, but Umpire André Ficken makes its clear that Alberto Ostos was safe...
...Right: Moments later, Ostos (9) and Tijmen Takke (54) score to bring Quick Amersfoort alongside (4-4)...

...Left: 1B Bryan Engelhardt catches a foul pop-fly in the 8th inning...
...Right: Berend Ruben on his way to the plate to score the go-ahead run for HCAW in the 8th inning...

...Patrick Bok (46) and Berend Ruben (23) score in the 8th inning to put HCAW ahead, 6-4...
(© All Photos: Jan Kruijdenberg)

Quick Amersfoort - HCAW 4-7 (8 inn.)
Quick Amersfoort10100020-493
(game ended after eight complete innings due to 10:30 PM curfew-rule)
pitchers HCAWinn.SOBBHRER
Dennis Burgersdijk663622

Moreno Vork, BS (1)0.21-322

Timo van Ancum, W (1-0)1.12----

pitchers Quickinn.SOBBHRER
Brian van Laar4.244232

Jasper Popken1.1-131-

Aaron Isenia11-2--

Colin van Laar, L (0-1)1-1233
Box Score
Team Rosters
HP-René Ras, 1B-Henny Jansen, 3B-André Ficken.
Official Scorer-Karin Pieneman.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Feiko Drost.
Public Address Announcer-Willum de Jong.
Scoreboard Operator-Willum de Jong.
Starting Time-7:30 PM.
Time Played-3:02 hrs.
Site-XLLease Park 'Dorrestein', Amersfoort.

Game Notes:
Opening Night Regular Season.
Jordy Burger, Brian van Laar, Kevin Windster Adelina, Aaron Isenia, Alberto Ostos, Colin van Laar and Jules Cremer (all Quick Amersfoort) make their debut in the Dutch big league.
Kevin Windster Adelina (Quick Amersfoort) hits an infield-hit in his first big league at bat in the 2nd inning.
Weather conditions at game time: Parly cloudy, 12,4° C (54,3° F); wind direction west-southwest;
wind speed 19 kmh (11,8 mph); wind force 4 Bft; humidity 51%.

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