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Updated: September 28, 2018
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photos by Henk Seppen)

Glenn Romney named new Head Coach of Quick Amersfoort

AMERSFOORT (Neth.) - Glenn Romney has been named new Head Coach of Cityside Apartments Quick Amersfoort, the club announced on Thursday (September 27). The former big league- and National Team-player succeeds Marco Wels, who stepped down after having led the team for two seasons. A few days later, Wels became the new Head Coach of Haarlem-based DSS, where he succeeded Jerry Breek.

...Glenn Romney... Head Coach of Quick Amersfoort...
...on the photo, he plays for UVV during the 2011 season...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Earlier, it was announced that Jeffrey Arends had become the new Head Coach of De Glaskoning Twins, succeeding Kevin Knollenburg. In the meantime, HCAW still has to announce its new Head Coach as the successor of Roeland Henrique, who also stepped down after the season.

Next season, Glenn Romney will make his coaching-debut at the highest level. Since 2016, the former outfielder and first baseman was the Head Coach of the second team of Amsterdam Pirates, which plays in the second highest league ('Overgangsklasse').

By accepting the post as Head Coach, Glenn Romney will return to the club with whom he made his debut in the Dutch big league during the 1995 season. The lefthanded hitting outfielder played in his first two big league-seasons for Quick Amersfoort. Hereafter, Romney played five years (1997-2001) for HCAW. That was followed by a long stay at Hoofddorp Pioniers. There, Romney played for eight seasons (2002-2009). In his first season in Hoofddorp, he played together with his brother Patt Romney, who then played in his final season at the highest level. Patt also played in the big league for Quick Amersfoort, Amsterdam Pirates and Xanthos.

In the following five years, Glenn Romney played for three different teams. After the 2009 season, he transfered for UVV, which then played in the second highest league. With UVV, Romney made his comeback in the big league in 2011. The following year, the outfielder played another season for HCAW. In 2014, he concluded his playing career with ADO Lakers. There, he also was used as a pitcher. Romney made 14 appearances on the mound, including three as a starter and closed with an 0-3 record.

In 2003, Glenn Romney led the Dutch big league in hitting with a .367 batting average, becoming the first-ever player of Hoofddorp Pioniers to win the batting title.

Romney originally was a righthanded batter, but turned hitting lefthanded at a young age. He started his career with WSB, then played for Robur '58, which both play in Apeldoorn. Hereafter, Romney played one college-season in the USA and moved to Quick Amersfoort, where he made his big league-debut.

...Glenn Romney pitching for ADO Lakers in 2014...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Glenn Romney played in 28 official international games for the Netherlands National Baseball Team. He made his Orange-debut in 1997 during the World Port Tournament in Rotterdam (Netherlands), then ended in second place with the Netherlands at the European Championship in France. A year later, Romney participated in the Haarlem Baseball Week in Haarlem (Netherlands) and the World Championship in Italy. In 1999, Romney again played in the World Port Tournament.

After a 3-year absence, Romney returned to the National Team in 2003. He then played in his second World Championship, which then was held in Cuba. In 2004, Romney played in his second Haarlem Baseball Week, which ended his international career.

,,When my career as a player expanded, I more and more felt the urge to help coaching my teammates'', Romney said in a press release of Quick Amersfoort. ,,First, to share my experiences as outfielder and first baseman, later also my experiences as pitcher. I developed my vision on baseball and in 2016, I started coaching for Pirates 2 in Amsterdam''. Glenn Romney believes that a good team, and not individual players, can help winning games and a championship. ,,With an Old School mentality and New School brutality, I hope to play good baseball with a lot of good and exciting games. In this way, I hope to contribute to a even more stable, stronger and ambitious Quick'', Romney said.

This year, in his third season as Head Coach, Romney finished in tenth place with Amsterdam Pirates 2 in the regular season of the 'Overgangsklasse'. With that, the team played in the Bottom-8 Pool in the remainder of the season. Amsterdam Pirates 2 is currently in second place in this Pool and closes its season coming weekend against DSS 2.

On September 25, Amsterdam Pirates announced that Jesse Aussems will take over as Head Coach of the second team. On that date, the club also announced that Romney would leave the club on October 1. Aussems played in the main squad of Amsterdam in 2012-2017. This year, the infielder played for Haarlem-based Onze Gezellen in the Overgangsklasse and ended his playing career after completion of the season. Aussems is the Coordinator of the Baseball Academy Amsterdam Diamonds. The past two years, he also has been a member of the coaching-staff of the Netherlands Under-12 Team.

(September 28)

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