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Updated: January 29, 2018
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photos by Jan Kruijdenberg)

Folkwin Lautenslager new Head Coach of UVV

VLEUTEN (Neth.) - Folkwin Lautenslager is the new Head Coach of UVV, the club announced on Friday (January 26). He succeeds Ritchie Daal, who took over the position in mid-season last year, replacing American Ty Eriksen.

...Folkwin Lautenslager... Head Coach of UVV...
(© Photo: Jan Kruijdenberg)
In October 2016, Ty Eriksen became the new Head Coach of the big league-squad of UVV, succeeding Ferenc Jongejan, who led the team for four years. On June 7 last year, UVV and Eriksen separated after the team went 6-13 with two ties in the first part of the season. Back then, UVV's Chairman Merijn van Elsäcker stated that ''the chemistry was not enough between players and coach''.

Veteran coach Ritchie Daal took over as interim Head Coach. The former big league and Netherlands Team-player already was the Hitting Coach of the team. UVV closed the regular season with a 7-26 record and three ties to finish in sixth place. With that, the team from Vleuten had to play in the Promotion/Relegation Pool. In that seven-team pool, UVV ended up in fifth place with a 3-7 record, resulting in relegation to the second highest league ('Overgangsklasse'). Only the four best teams stayed in or promoted to the Dutch big league. UVV missed only two points (one win) to remain in the big league. De Glaskoning Twins and DSS secured its spot for this years highest division, while Quick Amersfoort and Storks promoted.

After completion of the season, most players left the team to play elsewhere, including pitching veteran Jurjen van Zijl. He opted to play for Quick Amersfoort, as did infielders Jelle Blaauw and Tijmen Takke and outfielder Rick Kuipers. Five players will now play for HCAW, being pitchers Timo van Ancum and Roland Laurens, catcher Julian Goins, infielder Berend Ruben and outfielder Julian Rip. Two others joined L&D Amsterdam Pirates, pitcher Jerremyh Angela and catcher Rodney Daal, while pitcher José Moreno will play for Storks. Head Coach Ritchie Daal stepped down. In the transfer-period, it was rumored that UVV might withdraw its team from the second highest league due to a shortage of players. But it became clear shortly thereafter that the club was about to play in this league with a young team, hoping to remain in this league and building for the future. While most players are coming from within the club, four players from outside were added to the squad, being Daan Jansen, Jerry Zonneveld (both Quick Amersfoort-2), Shawn Wout (HCAW-2) and Etienne van Tielraden (Red Caps Leusden).

This year, UVV will be one of sixteen teams that will play in the 'Overgangsklasse'. After the first half of the season, the league will be split up with the top-8 continuing for a spot in the Promotion/Relegation Pool.

,,For UVV, it is important to create a new and strong team from within the club itself with young players. Therefore, we've started development programs in recent years'', said UVV-Chairman Merijn van Elsäcker in a press release. ,,Of course, it is unfortunate that we're not playing in the highest league anymore, but this now gives us several opportunities to give youth players from within the club their own spot in the team.''

Van Elsäcker continues: ,,With a young team and new chances it is our policy that we need resourceful coaching which is focused on development and improvement of qualities. Someone who knows what is needed individually and for the team. Folkwin is a coach who brings that something extra what our young team needs.''

...Folkwin Lautenslager as instructor during...
...the KNBSB Winter Talent School...
(© Photo: Jan Kruijdenberg)
The 42-year old Folkwin Lautenslager is a teacher Physical Education and accepted the challenge after getting to know the club and the players better. Lautenslager briefly played in the Dutch big league for ADO (2001), Sparta-Feyenoord (promotion/relegation pool, 2003) and Twins (2004). In 2002, he played in the second team of ADO. After having retired as a player, he focused more on coaching. Since nine years, Lautenslager is the Coordinator of the KNBSB Winter Talent School, which is organized annually by the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Association.

In 2005-2006, Lautenslager coached the second team of ADO with former pitcher Bart Volkerijk, who currently is the Executive Director of the KNBSB. Hereafter, he was to become one of the coaches of Tridents, the second team of Neptunus, in 2007, but was asked by then-Head Coach Eric de Bruin to join the main squad as its 3B Coach in the big league. The next year, he was an Assistant Coach of Tridents, where he stepped down in May 2009 for personal reasons. Lautenslager returned to coaching in 2010 and led the Junior-squad of Bixie Baseball Academy in Eindhoven for two seasons. In 2013, he coached the second team of Orioles in Bergschenhoek. Since 2013, Lautenslager is one of the coaches of the Admirals at the annual Battle of the Castle youth-tournament (U12-U14) in Oosterhout. He will led this team again this year in the next edition of the event, which will be held July 22-27. In 2016, he also became one of the coaches of the Zuidwest Hurricanes Little League baseball-team, which also led to the creation of the Hurricanes Baseball Academy.

Lautenslager stated in the press release: ,,I love to go to work at UVV. We have a broad selection with a lot of players coming from within the own youth section of the club. Some of these players, I already know because of their participation for several years in the Winter Talent School. I will now have an opportunity to work with these players an entire season. For most players, playing in the 'Overgangsklasse' will be a new challenge. I'm looking forward to step into this process with them. With enthousiasm and dedication as main ingedredients of this proces and the existing qualities, I'm confinced that we are facing a nice season.''

(January 29)

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