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Updated: September 4, 2013
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Olympic Countdown; WBSC releases brochure
LAUSANNE (Switzerland) - The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) has issued a special edition brochure that summarizes its case for including baseball and softball on the Olympic Programme. This brochure was mailed to every member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as made available online on WBSC’s website through this link.

Baseball and Softball can bring considerable value and connect one of the largest youth bases in sport to the Olympic Movement, thanks to the massive potential youth growth, the enormous fan base and the full gender equity. A unique sport anyone, anywhere can play -- regardless of age, gender, disability, culture, social or economic standing. There are no barriers to playing this game.

Inside the brochure you will find all the key reasons and topics on why Baseball and Softball should get back to the Olympic Games:

Baseball and Softball deliver full gender equity: the global growth of softball ensures greater access to sport for women in all cultures.

Youth: the ideal sport for new generations. The robust growth of the international game -- with new tournaments such as the Premier 12, the Under 12, and Under 21 in baseball and the Under 16 World Cup in softball.

Mass Participation: a team sport already 65 million players strong plus a worldwide fan base of 200 million spectators at the professional and amateur levels -- with 150+ million tickets sold last year to pro games alone.

A single federation, a strong leadership for global growth: the partnership between the WBSC and the IOC would benefit the culture of sport worldwide -- and strengthen the Olympic Movement.

Full support of professional leagues: All pro commissioners on board.

A Global vision in order to reach every boy and girl in the world for sport and the Olympic Movement.

Millions of young boy and girls would have new opportunities to dream about playing for their national teams in the Olympic Games.

One venue, two tournaments: an innovative, cost efficient format.

A unique category: The only bat and ball sport in the Olympics.

Baseball and Softball’s future on the Olympic Program will be decided in a vote by the members of the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 8 September. Fans can follow WBSC on Twitter @PlayBall2020 or on Facebook at

(September 4)

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