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Updated: September 4, 2018
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Italian rosters announced for Super 6 Baseball Softball

ROME (Italy) - On Tuesday (September 4), Gilberto Gerali and Enrico Obletter, the respective Managers of the Italian Baseball and Softball Teams, named their preliminary rosters for the upcoming Super 6 Baseball Softball. The first edition of the event opens on September 18 and will be held in Hoofddorp (Netherlands). On September 22, the final will be played in the softball-tournament, the next day, the baseball-final is scheduled.

...Alex Liddi...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
In the Super 6 Baseball Softball, the six best European countries in both men baseball and women softball will get together to play in two tournaments at the same site. In the baseball-tournament, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain will participate. The six countries participating in the softball-tournament are the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia.
Complete Schedule Baseball-tournament
Complete Schedule Softball-tournament

For the six teams, the Super 6 Baseball Softball will be an opportunity to field a strong team, but also to look ahead to the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments, which will be held next year.

The Italian baseball-team will get together at its training-facility in capital Rome on September 11. After completion of a training-camp, the final roster will be named. At the moment, there are 26 players on the baseball-roster, meaning two players will be cut.

On the Italian roster is former Major League-player Alex Liddi. In 2011, he became the first born and raised player from Italy to make his Major League-debut. The infielder played for Seattle Mariners in 2011 through 2013, appearing in 61 games. In July 2013, he was then traded to Baltimore Orioles, but was optioned to Triple-A. Liddi also didn't return to the Major League in following years, when he played in the organizations of the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals and again Baltimore Orioles. After being released in April 2016, Liddi went on to play in Mexico, but in February of this year, he returned to the Royals. There, he played in Double-A this season for Northwest Arkansas Naturals, where he batted .247 with 23 homeruns.

Another active professional player on the Italian roster is catcher Alberto Mineo. He plays professionally since 2012. In the first six seasons in the organization of the Chicago Cubs. This year, he played in Single-A and Triple-A in the organization of the Toronto Blue Jays. Mineo batted .387 in 61 games.

Also on the roster is infielder Chris Colabello, who played in 225 Major League-games for Minnesota Twins (2013-2014) and Toronto Blue Jays (2015-2016). In July, Colabello participated with Italy in the Baseball Week Haarlem in Haarlem (Netherlands). He is one of fifteen players on the current roster, who participated in the Baseball Week.

...Chris Colabello...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Ten players on the softball-roster participated with Italy in the World Championship last month in Japan.

The roster of the Italian Baseball Team looks as follows:

Pitchers (13):
Alex Bassani (Pirati dei Rimini), Ludovico Coveri, Alessandro Maestri, Valerio Simone, Carlos Teran (all T&A San Marino), Filippo Crepaldi, Andrea Pizziconi (both UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna), Diego Fabiani (Tomassin Padova), Luis Eduardo Lugo, Michele Pomponi (both ParmaClima Parma), René Mazzocchi (Rangers Redipuglia), Angelo Palumbo (Bolzano), Claudio Scotti (Nuova Città di Nettuno).

Catchers (3):
Beau Giuseppe Maggi (UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna), Alberto Mineo (Toronto Blue Jays-org., Canada), Mattia Reginato (T&A San Marino).

Infielders (6):
Chris Colabello (T&A San Marino), Robel García Rodríguez, Giuseppe Mazzanti, Alessandro Vaglio (all UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna), Alex Liddi (Kansas City Royals-org., USA), Mattia Mercuri (Nuova Città di Nettuno).

Outfielders (4):
Federico Celli, Nicola Garbella (both Pirati dei Rimini), Aldo Koutsoyanopulos, Leonardo Zileri (both ParmaClima Parma).

Coaching Staff:
Gilberto Gerali (Manager), Giovanni Costa (Coach), Alberto D'Auria (Coach), Augusto Medina (Coach), Dennis Cook (Coach), Rolando Cretis (Pitching Coach).

Supporting Staff:
Massimo Baldi (Physical Therapist), Giovanni Natale (Strength & Conditioning Coach), Andrea Pellegrini (Doctor), Vincenzo Mignola (Team Manager).

The roster of the Italian Softball Team looks as follows:

...Greta Cecchetti...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Pitchers (3):
Ilaria Cacciamani (Forlì), Greta Cecchetti (Bollate), Alice Nicolini (Saronno).

Catchers (3):
Elena Chiesa (Crocetta), Erika Piancastelli (Forlì), Alessandra Rotondo (Saronno).

Utility (2):
Elisa Princic, Susanna Soldi (both Bussolengo).

Infielders (5):
Chiara Bassi (Collecchio), Amanda Fama (Bollate), Marta Gasparotto, Giulia Longhi (both Bussolengo), Melany Sheldon (Caronno).

Outfielders (4):
Valeria Bettinsoli (Saronno), Laura Bigatton (Bollate), Fabrizia Marrone, Laura Vigna (both Bussolengo).

Coaching Staff:
Enrico Obletter (Manager), Federico Pizzolini (Coach), Lisa Ann Banse (Coach).

Supporting Staff:
Ulises Hernandez (Physical Therapist), Elio Paolini (Physical Therapist), Gaetano Schiavottiello (Doctor), Roberta Soldi (Team Manager).

(September 4)

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