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Dutch Baseball
Starting Pitchers Thursday. (May 2)
Starting Pitchers coming weekend. (May 3)

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Dutch Baseball
Starting Pitchers Thursday
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Dutch champion Corendon Kinheim will come into action again on Thursday-evening, after having last weekend off during the then-scheduled 3-game series. On every game day, a team is off due to the total of nine competing in the Dutch big league.
On Thursday, Kinheim plays at home against vice-champion Konica Minolta Pioniers in their first official match-up since last years Holland Series. Kinheim then captured the title by winning the series, 3-2.
Kinheim named Australian righthander Vaughan Harris as its starter, while Pioniers is going with rookie righthander Ramon Romeijn.
The Kinheim vs. Pioniers-game is the only one scheduled for Thursday-evening.

Coming weekend, Kinheim plays against ADO in a 2-game series. Pioniers is playing against Almere Magpies.
(May 2)

Starting Pitchers coming weekend
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - The starting pitchers for the 2-game series coming weekend have been named. DOOR Neptunus is the team which has the series off.

Amsterdam Pirates will name its starters on Friday, as some are still having some minor injuries.
Mr. Cocker HCAW has added Niels Horeman to its roster from the second team, as Sten van den Bedem also had a slight injury.
In the ADO-staff, closer Robin van Doornspeek has a minor injury to his toe.
(May 3)

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