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Updated: October 21, 2018
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photos by Jan Kruijdenberg & Quick Amersfoort)

Quick Amersfoort captures title with record-setting wins

NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - Quick Amersfoort again has captured the men-softball Championship-title on Sunday (October 14) by winning twice against Nieuwegein Diamonds to win the best-of-three Holland Series, 2-1.

...Quick Amersfoort Head Coach Ricardo Bryson...
...has received the Championship-trophy from...
...KNBSB-representative Roy Vink...
(© Photo: Jan Kruijdenberg)
On Saturday, Quick Amersfoort lost the opener with a 9-7 score. But today, the reigning champion not only recovered from the loss, it recorded two record-setting victories to turn the Final its way.

However, in both games Quick Amersfoort initially faced a deficit. In the first game today, Nieuwegein Diamonds took a 5-0 lead in the first inning. In the second game, Nieuwegein led 13-3 after three innings. But in both games, Quick staged a big rally, scoring a record-total of 17 runs in the sixth inning of Game 2, then adding a 13-run rally in the fourth inning in Game 3.

In Game 2, Quick won with a huge 35-12 score to force a third game. That game was then won with a 26-15 score! Each game took more than three hours to complete!

The 35 runs in the first game, as well as the 26 in the second, are by far the most ever scored in a Holland Series-game. The previous record was 14, which was set in Game 3 of the 1996 Series by Alphians, which coincidentally was done against Quick Amersfoort. The record was tie in 2001 when Storks scored 14 runs in Game 1 against TIW-Survivors. The most runs ever in a postseason-game (so including Play-Offs) was 18, which was done in 2002 by Thamen against TIW-Survivors.

More records were realized today and in this Series.
The 47 runs of the two teams combined in today's first game are a record, breaking the old one, which was set at 23 in 1996 by Alphians and Quick Amersfoort.
The 61 runs scored by Quick on one day are of course also a record; the previous was 23, which was realized in 2015 by Hoofddorp Pioniers.
The 88 runs scored by the two teams on one day break the record of 40, set in 2015 by Hoofddorp Pioniers and Quick Amersfoort.
The 68 runs scored by Quick in the Series break a 22-year old record, which was set in 1996 by Alphians, which then scored 'only' 35.
The 104 runs scored by the two teams in the Series also is a record, breaking the old record of 47 which was set in 1996 by Alphians and Quick Amersfoort, then tied in 2002 by Thamen and Storks.
All run totals are also overall postseason-records. The previous record for most runs scored by two teams was 100, which was set in five games in the 2002 Play-Off between Thamen and TIW-Survivors. Records were also set in basehits and RBI's in one game.

...Revin Brooks & Anthony Hosé...
...4 homeruns...
(© Photos: Quick Amersfoort)
In today's first game, nine homeruns were recorded. In the second game, a record-total of 13 homeruns were hit. The 22 homeruns on one day are a record. Seventeen of them were hit by Quick (including three grand slams), of course also a record. Anthony Hosé and Revin Brooks both hit four homeruns today for Quick! Siegmond Francisca, Dyron Juaquin (both Quick) and Sander Wuis (Nieuwegein) all hit three homers.

For Quick Amersfoort, this was the second consecutive Championship-title. Or actually, it was the third title in a row, as the team from Amersfoort also won the Final in 2016. However, that was annulled, as it was decided that Quick Amersfoort, Hoofddorp Pioniers and Spikes had used ineligible players during the Play-Offs. No champion was crowned that year.

For Quick Amersfoort, this was the fourth consecutive year that it had reached the Holland Series. Nieuwegein Diamonds returned to the Championship-Final for the first time since 2014.

(October 14)

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...The players of Quick Amersfoort celebrate the Championship-title...
...Back: Frits van Dijkhuizen, Manuel Bouwman, Anthony Hosé, Revin Brooks,...
...Emeron Lourens, Davy van Venrooy, Ricardo Bryson (Coach), Shermayn Balentien,...
...Dyron Juaquin & Siegmond Francisca...
...Standing in front: Ron Dix & Jerome Wouters...
(© Photo: Jan Kruijdenberg)

Most Championship-titles, Clubs
5Antillian Stars
3Quick Amersfoort (*)
2Hoofddorp Pioniers
17 teams
(*) - including one annulled title
For Quick Amersfoort, this was its third Championship in club-history, but as mentioned the title in 2016 was annulled.

Not counting the 2016 title, Quick Amersfoort became the 45th men softball-champion in Dutch history. The first champion was crowned in 1972 and back then, it was Terrasvogels from Santpoort-Zuid that captured the title. The most titles have been won by Storks from The Hague, which won six. Following on the list are Antillian Stars from Utrecht and Kokolishi, also from The Hague, who both won five titles.

The Hague leads all cities with twelve Championship-titles. Besides Storks (6) and Kokolishi (5), a title was also won by ADO.

With that, The Hague is the most successful city in men-softball. The most successful city in women-softball is Haarlem with 36 Championships. The most successful baseball-city is Amsterdam with 33 titles.

Most Championship-titles, Cities
12The Hague
4Alphen a/d Rijn
3Amersfoort (*)
(*) - including one annulled title
For Quick Amersfoort, this was its sixth participation in a Holland Series. For Nieuwegein Diamonds, this was its second time in a Championship-Final. In total, 15 different clubs participated in a Holland Series. Storks participated in the most Finals with 10.

This was the 29th Holland Series. In 1989, a national league was introduced with the champion being decided in a postseason, existing of two best-of-three Play-Offs and a best-of-three Final Round. In the regular season that year, there were two pools with the two best teams of each pool meeting each other in the Play-Offs to determine the two finalists. Back then, Hilversum swept SHELL to become the second finalist. Antillian Stars had become the first finalist, as it reached the Final without playing, as opponent Kokolishi withdrew its team from the postseason.

The same set-up was used in 1990, but from 1991 on, there was only one league. In 1992, the page-system was used for the Play-Offs (three rounds) and the Final was a best-of-five.

From 1993 on there were two Play-Off Rounds with the number one of the regular season playing against the fourth-placed team in one series and the numbers two and three facing each other in the other series.

There was no postseason in 1998, but that decision was unsuccessful and so, it returned again a year later with the Play-Offs also expanding to a best-of-five.

Most Holland Series-participations
6Antillian Stars, Quick Amersfoort
5Alphians, EHS, Thamen
4DVH, Hilversum, Hoofddorp Pioniers
2Domstad Dodgers, Nieuwegein Diamonds, Spikes
1Centrals, Kokolishi, TIW-Survivors
In 2000, the Holland Series was expanded to a best-of-seven. But in 2005, the Final was reduced to a best-of-five. Since 2011, the Championship-Final is a best-of-three.

After the 2012 season, the big league was abandoned in its then-existing format. From 2013 on, the First Divison became the higest league.

There were no Play-Offs in 2013 and 2014, but the Semi-Finals returned on the schedule in 2015 and 2016. Last year, the First Divsion was split in half after the regular season. The two best teams from the Championship Pool then advanced to the Final. This season, the two best teams of the regular season reached the Holland Series.

Game 2

Pitching clearly was the problem today for both teams, which was underscored by the many basehits and runs scored.

All nine starting players of Quick Amersfoort scored a run with eight of them scoring three or more! Quick had six players who hit three or more basehits. Six players batted in three or more runs. Anthony Hosé, Emeron Lourens, Jerome Wouters and Revin Brooks all had seven plate appearances. They all had three of these at bats in the long sixth inning.

In today's first game, Quick Amersfoort was retired in order in its first at bat by starter René Richardson. Moments later, Nieuwegein Diamonds took a 5-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning. Quick-starter Frits van Dijkhuizen walked lead-off hitter Gabriel Goderski, who scored with one out when Sander Wuis homered. Hereafter, Mirko Andrlik and Robbert Gerwig singled. They went on to score with two outs on singles by Joost de Bruin and René Richardson. That led to an early pitching change, as Emeron Lourens took over. He saw De Bruin score the fifth run in the at bat on a passed ball.

Quick got two runs back in the second inning. With two outs and Revin Brooks (fielder's choice) on first base, Siegmond Francisca homered.

In the top of the third inning, Quick turned the game its way with an 8-run rally. Lead-off hitter Manuel Bouwman reached on an error, then next batter Anthony Hosé homered to make it a 5-4 score. Emeron Lourens then doubled and scored the tying run with one out when Revin Brooks also doubled. He went on to score on a following single by Davy van Venrooy to put Quick ahead, 6-5. The bases then got loaded when Siegmond Francisca also singled and Ron Dix walked. All three scored when next hitter Dyron Juaquin hit a grand slam homerun to give Quick a 10-5 lead.

But the game was far from over, as Nieuwegein narrowed the deficit to 10-9 by scoring four runs in its third at bat. First, René Richardson and Ferdy van der Craats walked. With one out, they respectively scored on a double by Kamiel Zuidam and a single by Sander Wuis. Zuidam and Wuis later scored on passed ball, but Nieuwegein stranded runners on second and third base.

Quick added two more runs in the fourth inning. Jerome Wouters led off with a homerun. With one out, Davy van Venrooy doubled and scored on a single by Siegmond 'Choy' Francisca.

Nieuwegein failed to narrow the gap in its fourth at bat, as it left three runners behind.

...Choy Francisca...
...4 Runs, 4 Hits...
...4 RBI's, 2 HRs...
(© Photo:
Quick Amersfoort)
Quick then was productive again in the top of the fifth, scoring six runs. One run was scored on a passed ball, three errors accounted for four other runs. The sixth run in the at bat was scored on a double by Dyron Juaquin, who only missed the triple to hit for-the-cycle.

With this rally, Quick raised its lead to 18-9, one run short of reaching a mercy-rule -difference. That wouldn't have mannered anyway, as Nieuwegein scored three runs in the bottom of the fifth nning. Robbert Gerwig led off with a single, then two walks loaded the bases. Pitcher Emeron Lourens then walked Michel Rowaan to bring in a run. After a force out at the plate, two more runs were added when Lourens walked a batter and hit another. A nice double play ended the at bat. Sander Wuis flied out to righfielder Davy van Venrooy, who got the ball in time to first baseman Revin Brooks to eliminate the runner and end the inning.

Quick then definitively put the lead out of reach with a huge 17-run rally in the top of the sixth inning. 22 batters stepped up to the plate, who produced nine basehits, including four homeruns. The long at bat started with a walk for Anthony Hosé, who walked three times in this inning! Hosé scored on a triple by Emeron Lourens, followed by a runscoring single by Jerome Wouters and a homerun by Revin Brooks. With one out, Siegmond Francisca also homered. Hereafter, Quick got the bases loaded and all three runners scored after a pitching change when Emeron Lourens hit a baseclearing double. Next batter Jerome Wouters then walked and thereafter, Revin Brooks hit his second homerun in the inning. Like Juaquin, Brooks also missed the triple to hit for-the-cycle. The rally continued, as six more runs were added. After the second homerun by Brooks, Davy van Venrooy tripled. The bases then got loaded after a walk for Siegmond Francisca and a hit batter for Ron Dix, who was hit twice in this inning. A walk for Dyron Juaquin brought in Van Venrooy and four more runs were added when Shermayn Balentien followed with a grand slam homerun. That lifted the lead to 35-12.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, starter pitcher Frits van Dijkhuizen returned as pitcher for Quick to close the game. He got some baserunners, but closed the game with a strikeout.

Game 2: Nieuwegein Diamonds - Quick Amersfoort 12-35 (6 inn.)
Quick Amersfoort02826(17) -35241
Nieuwegein Diamonds504030 -1294
Quick AmersfoortABRHRBIAVG.Nieuwegein DiamondsABRHRBIAVG.
Manuel Bouwman, dp41--.000Gabriel Goderski, 2b-p-2b11-1.000
- a-Shermayn Balentien, ph-lf3114.333Kamiel Zuidam, cf4112.250
- Frits van Dijkhuizen, p (*)----.000Sander Wuis, rf-p-rf-p4223.500
Anthony Hosé, cf3522.667Mirko Andrlik, 1b412-.500
Emeron Lourens, 3b-p-3b5434.600Robbert Gerwig, lf422-.500
Jerome Wouters, ss5443.800Effran Nielsen, dp2---.000
Revin Brooks, 1b7545.571Joost de Bruin, c4211.250
Davy van Venrooy, rf5431.600René Richardson, p2111.500
Siegmond Francisca, 2b5444.800- Michel Rowaan, rf-2b-p-rf11-1.000
Ron Dix, c-3b-lf23--.000Ferdy van der Craats, ss21--.000
Dyron Juaquin, lf-c4436.750John de Man, 3b
Frits van Dijkhuizen, p
- Shermayn Balentien, lf
a-Balentien flied out for Bouwman in 5th inning
(*) - re-entry

2B-Lourens 2, Brooks, Van Venrooy, Juaquin.
3B-Lourens, Van Venrooy. HR-Francisca 2, Hosé,
Juaquin (grand slam), Wouters, Brooks 2,
Balentien (grand slam). BB-Dix 2, Lourens 2,
Wouters 2, Van Venrooy, Hosé 3, Juaquin 2,
Francisca. IBB-Hosé (by Richardson).
HP-Dix 2 (by Wuis; by Rowan). SO-Bouwman 2,
Dix, Balentien. SB-Francisca. LOB-6.
E-Francisca (2B). DP-1.
PB-Juaquin 6. WP-Lourens.

2B-Zuidam. HR-Wuis. BB-Goderski 4, Andrlik,
Gerwig, Richardson, Van der Craats 2, Wuis,
Nielsen 2, De Bruin, Rowaan.
HP-Nielsen (by Lourens), Zuidam (by Lourens).
SO-Nielsen 2, Van der Craats, Zuidam 2, De Bruin,
Richardson, Rowaan. SB-Goderski, Wuis. LOB-14.
E-Goderski (2B), De Man (3B), Gerwig (LF),
Van der Craats (SS).
PB-De Bruin 4. WP-Goderski.

pitchers Quick Amersfoortinn.SOBBHRER
Frits van Dijkhuizen0.211554

Emeron Lourens, W (1-1)4.1612376

Frits van Dijkhuizen1111--

pitchers Nieuwegein Diamondsinn.SOBBHRER
René Richardson, L (1-1)4.135131614

Sander Wuis1-2686

Gabriel Goderski0.112-22

Michel Rowaan- (*)-3377

Sander Wuis0.1-2222
(*) - Rowaan pitched to seven batters in the 6th inning

Homeruns (9):
Quick (8): Siegmond Francisca 2 (2) (2nd,2-run,off Richardson; 6th,solo,off Wuis), Anthony Hosé (1)
(3rd,2-run,off Richardson), Dyron Juaquin (1) (3rd,grand slam,off Richardson), Jerome Wouters (1)
(4th,solo,off Richardson), Revin Brooks 2 (2) (6th,2-run,off Wuis; 6th,3-run,off Rowaan),
Shermayn Balentien (1) (6th,grand slam,off Wuis).
Diamonds (1): Sander Wuis (1) (1st,2-run,off Van Dijkhuizen).
Umpires: HP-Mariana Prins, 1B-Louis Rohan, 3B-Martin Lemstra.
Scorer-Sarina Engels (Quick Amersfoort).
Public Address Announcer-None.
Starting Time-12:00 PM.
Time Played-3:00 hrs.
Site-Sportpark Galecopperzoom, Nieuwegein.

Game Notes:
Game 2, best-of-three Holland Series, Series tied at 1-1.
29th Holland Series.
First Holland Series between Nieuwegein Diamonds and Quick Amersfoort.
Sixth Holland Series-participation for Quick Amersfoort, second for Nieuwegein Diamonds.
Weather conditions at game time: Sunny, 19° C (66,2° F); wind direction south;
wind speed 21 kmh (13 mph); wind force 4 Bft; humidity 63%.

Game 3

In the all-deciding third game, Quick Amersfoort opened the score with two runs in the top of the first inning, but faced a 3-2 deficit moments later. Nieuwegein Diamonds added a run in the second inning. After Quick had scored once in the third, Nieuwegein then rallied for nine runs ín its third at bat to take what appeared to be a commanding 13-3 lead. With that, Nieuwegein was en route to not only the win, but also its first-ever Championship-title. However, Quick turned the game around in the fourth inning by answering with a 13-run rally to make it a 16-13 score in its favor. In the remainder of the game, Quick scored ten more runs to be crowned again as champion!

For Quick Amersfoort, all ten players used in the batting order scored a run. For Nieuwegein Diamonds, all nine starting players also scored at least once.

In the top of the first inning, Quick took a quick 2-0 lead off of starting pitcher René Richardson. Shermayn Balentien led off with a walk, then scored when Anthony Hosé followed with a homerun.

In the bottom of the first inning, Nieuwegein reacted with three runs off of starter Frits van Dijkhuizen, also thanks to a homerun. Gabriel Goderski led off with a single and Kamiel Zuidam walked. Hereafter, Sander Wuis homered to put Nieuwegein ahead, 3-2.

Nieuwegein added a run in the next inning when René Richardson homered with one out.

Another homerun accounted also for the next Quick-run in the top of the third inning when Dyron Juaquin led off with a fourbagger.

In the bottom of the third inning, Nieuwegein struck with 13 runs off of two pitchers. Emeron Lourens began the inning as pitcher in relief of Van Dijkhuizen. He got a quick first out, but then got the bases loaded when he walked the next three batters. Two of them scored on a double by Joost de Bruin, the third one on a passed ball. With De Bruin on third base, a hit batter and walked loaded the bases again. Hereafter, Lourens walked Gabriel Goderski and hit Kamiel Zuidam with a pitch, resulting in the next two runs. Revin Brooks then took over the pitching, but he began with two walks, which gave Nieuwegein two more runs. The home-team scored its twelfth run in the inning on a wild pitch. With runners on second and third base and two outs, the bases were loaded again when Effran Nielsen received the eighth walk in this inning. Next, the thirteenth run (and ninth in this inning) was scored when Joost de Bruin reached on an error. Three runners were left behind when Brooks closed with a strikeout, but Nieuwegein led 13-3.

However, that lead was not as comfortable as it looked and was disappeared moments later, as Quick answered with a 13-run rally in the fourth inning!

...Quick Amersfoort Head Coach Ricardo Bryson... all smiles showing the Championship-trophy...
(© Photo: Jan Kruijdenberg)
In the long at bat, 16 batters produced ten basehits, including three homeruns. With one out, Siegmond Francisca singled and Ron Dix was hit by a pitch. Dyron Juaquin followed with a ruscoring single. A force play-grounder by Shermayn Balentien accounted for the second out. But with two outs, Quick scored twelve more runs! With two runners on base, Anthony Hosé and Emeron Lourens delivered runscoring singles. Hereafter, the bases got loaded when René Richardson walked Jerome Wouters. That was followed by a grand slam homerun from Revin Brooks! And the scoring wasn't over yet. Davy van Venrooy singled and scored on a triple by Siegmond Francisca, who then scored when Ron Dix reached on an error to make it a 13-12 score. Moments later, Quick took a 14-13 lead when Dyron Juaquin homered. Next batter Shermayn Balentien singled and Anthony Hosé followed with his second homerun in the game to make it a 16-13 score! That finally led to a pitching change, as Roman Matuska took over from Richardson. He got an inning-ending flyout, but Nieuwegein Diamonds now faced a deficit.

Nieuwegein got one run back in the bottom of the fourth off of Frits van Dijkhuizen, who re-entered as pitcher. With one out, he gave up a homerun to Gabriel Goderski, but later was supported with an inning-ending double play.

In the fifth inning, Roman Matuska returned as pitcher for Nieuwegein. The Czech hurler had left Saturday's game with a leg-injury. With that, he was not fully effective today. Matuska walked lead-off hitter Jerome Wouters, then gave up a triple to Revin Brooks, who was able to continue running and score himself on an error.

In the top of the seventh inning, Quick Amersfoort rallied for eight runs to take a deciding 26-14 lead. The runs were scored off of René Richardson, who re-entered and took over the pitching from Matuska. In this game, Richardson gave up 14 basehits, including nine homeruns! With one out, Revin Brooks hit his second homerun in the game to give him six RBI's. Davy van Venrooy then doubled and Siegmond Francisca followed with a homerun. With one out, Dyron Juaquin singled. He was 5-for-5 in the game and again missed the triple to hit for-the-cycle. Juaquin scored when Frits van Dijkhuizen reached on an error. That brought Anthony Hosé in the batter's box. The centerfielder again made good contact and hit his third homerun in the game! With that, Hosé was 5-for-6. He batted in seven runs and scored four in this game. Next batter Emeron Lourens singled and that was followed by the ninth homerun in this game for Quick, this time hit by Jerome Wouters.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, now trailing 26-14, Nieuwegein managed to score one more run when Sander Wuis led off with a homerun, his second in the game. Wuis batted in five runs in this game. With one out, the home-team got one more baserunner when Robbert Gerwig singled. Van Dijkhuizen followed with a strikeout and a flyout then ended the game.

Quick Amersfoort again is the best team in men softball!

...An overview of the field in Nieuwegein during the deciding Game 3...

...Left: René Richardson was the starting pitcher for Nieuwegein Diamonds...
...Right: Emeron Lourens pitched in relief for Quick Amersfoort...

...Anthony Hosé was 5-for-6 with 3 homeruns, scored 4 runs and batted in 7 for Quick Amersfoort...

...Dyron Juaquin also had a productive day, he was 5-for-5 with 2 homeruns, scored 3 runs and batted in 4...

...Left: Kamiel Zuidam slides past pitcher Revin Brooks to score for Nieuwegein on a wild pitch in th 3rd inning...
...Right: Joost de Bruin connects for Nieuwegein in the 3rd inning and reaches on an error...

...Left: There were some exchange of words between some players in the 3rd inning...
...Right: Revin Brooks is greeted after hitting a grand slam for Quick in the 4th inning...
...He is greeted by Davy van Venrooy (9), Emeron Lourens (1) and Anthony Hosé (8); The last two also scored...

...Left: Davy van Venrooy scores for Quick in the 4th inning before catcher Joost de Bruin gets the ball...
...Right: Dyron Juaquin is greeted by Davy van Venrooy and Shermayn Balentien after hitting his 2nd homerun in the 4th inning...

...Left: Playing Coach Roman Matuska (63) has a talk with the players of Nieuwegein Diamonds...
...Right: Nieuwegein's 1st baseman Mirko Andrlik has received the ball to retire a batter...

...Gabriel Goderski hits a solo-homerun for Nieuwegein Diamonds in the 4th inning...

...Quick's 2B Siegmond Francisca starts a double play in the 4th inning...
...Runner Kamiel Zuidam is called out by Umpire Mariana Prins...

...Jerome Wouters (left) scores in the 5th inning on a triple by Revin Brooks, who then scores on a following error...
...Catcher Joost de Bruin sees the ball go past him...

...After having scored, Jerome Wouters coaches Revin Brooks at the plate to score the next run for Quick in the 5th inning...

...Siegmond Francisca (11) and Shermayn Balentien (17) greet Jerome Wouters (16) and Revin Brooks (15)...
...after scoring their runs in the 5th inning...

...Left: 1B Revin Brooks is excited after pinch-runner Michel Rowaan is called out by 1B Umpire Martin Lemstra... complete a double play in the 6th inning after a line drive was caught...
...Right: Anthony Hosé (right) is greeted by Jerome Wouters after hitting his 3rd homerun in the 7th inning...

...Jerome Wouters accounts for Quick's final run of the 2018 season... hitting a homerun in the 7th inning (and out of the frame)...

...Celebration time after the final out is made and Quick Amersfoort captures the Championship-title...

...The players and staff-members of Quick Amersfoort applaud...
...opponent Nieuwegein Diamonds during the Award Ceremony...

...Left: The players and staff-members of Quick Amersfoort receive their Championship Medals...
...Right: Coach Ricardo Bryson brings the Championship Trophy to his team...

...Celebration time for Quick Amersfoort after winning the Championship-title...
...Back: Layo Hooi (Groundskeeper), Sarina Engels (Team Scorer), Frits van Dijkhuizen,...
...Revin Brooks, Shermayn Balentien, Emeron Lourens, Ron Dix,...
...Ricardo Bryson (Coach) & Siegmond Francisca...
...Front: Norman van der Wijst (bat-boy), Manuel Bouwman, Anthony Hosé,...
...Davy van Venrooy, Jerome Wouters & Dyron Juaquin...
...Sitting in front is Quick's Media Officer Mirjam Boode...
(© All Photos: Jan Kruijdenberg)

Game 3: Nieuwegein Diamonds - Quick Amersfoort 15-26
Quick Amersfoort201(13)208-26241
Nieuwegein Diamonds3191001-15114
Quick AmersfoortABRHRBIAVG.Nieuwegein DiamondsABRHRBIAVG.
Shermayn Balentien, dp-lf331-.333Gabriel Goderski, 2b-p33321.000
- Frits van Dijkhuizen, p211-.500Kamiel Zuidam, cf3211.333
Anthony Hosé, cf6457.833Sander Wuis, rf4325.500
Emeron Lourens, 3b-p-3b6231.500Mirko Andrlik, 1b31-1.000
Jerome Wouters, ss3312.333Robbert Gerwig, lf412-.500
Revin Brooks, 1b-p-1b5336.600Effran Nielsen, dp31--.000
Dave van Venrooy, rf622-.333Joost de Bruin, c5112.200
Siegmond Francisca, 2b5333.600René Richardson, p (*)2211.500
Ron Dix, lf-3b-c42--.000- Roman Matuska, p1-1-1.000
Dyron Juaquin, c-1b-lf53541.000- 1-Michel Rowaan, pr----.000
Frits van Dijkhuizen, p Ferdy van der Craats, ss31--.000
John de Man, 3b
1 - Rowaan ran at 1B for Matuska in 6th inning
(*) - re-entry

2B-Juaquin, Van Venrooy. 3B-Francisca, Brooks.
HR-Hosé 3, Juaquin 2, Brooks 2 (incl. grand slam),
Francisca, Wouters. BB-Balentien, Wouters 3,
Brooks. HP-Dix (by Richardson). SO-Brooks,
Francisca, Dix. SB-Brooks. LOB-4.
E-Lourens (3B). DP-2.
PB-Juaquin 2. WP-Matuska, Brooks.

2B-De Bruin, Goderski. HR-Wuis 2, Richardson,
Goderski. BB-Zuidam, Goderski 2, Andrlik 2,
Nielsen 2, Van der Craats, Wuis.
HP-Richardson (by Lourens), Zuidam (by Lourens).
SO-Andrlik, Gerwig, Richardson, Nielsen.
GIDP-Wuis. SB-Goderski. LOB-7.
E-Zuidam 2 (CF), Van der Craats 2 (SS). DP-2.
PB-De Bruin.

pitchers Quick Amersfoortinn.SOBBHRER
Frits van Dijkhuizen212344

Emeron Lourens0.1-5188

Revin Brooks0.213-1-

Frits van Dijkhuizen, W (1-0)41-722

pitchers Nieuwegein Diamondsinn.SOBBHRER
René Richardson, L (1-2)3.223141611

Roman Matuska2.1-1321

René Richardson0.21-783

Gabriel Goderski0.1-1---

Homeruns (13):
Quick (9): Anthony Hosé 3 (4) (1st,2-run,off Richardson; 4th,2-run,off Richardson; 7th,2-run,off Richardson),
Dyron Juaquin 2 (3) (3rd,solo,off Richardson; 4th,2-run,off Richardson), Revin Brooks 2 (4) (4th,grand slam,
off Richardson; 7th,solo,off Richardson), Siegmond Francisca (3) (7th,2-run,off Richardson),
Jerome Wouters (2) (7th,2-run,off Richardson).
Diamonds (4): Sander Wuis 2 (3) (1st,3-run,off Van Dijkhuizen; 7th,solo,off Van Dijkhuizen),
René Richardson (1) (2nd,solo,off Van Dijkhuizen), Gabriel Goderski (1) (4th,solo,off Van Dijkhuizen).
Umpires: HP-Louis Rohan, 1B-Martin Lemstra, 3B-Mariana Prins.
Scorer-Sarina Engels (Quick Amersfoort).
Public Address Announcer-None.
Starting Time-15:30 PM.
Time Played-3:00 hrs.
Site-Sportpark Galecopperzoom, Nieuwegein.

Game Notes:
Game 3, best-of-three Holland Series, Quick Amersfoort wins 2-1.
29th Holland Series.
First Holland Series between Nieuwegein Diamonds and Quick Amersfoort.
Sixth Holland Series-participation for Quick Amersfoort, second for Nieuwegein Diamonds.
Quick Amersfoort wins third Championship-title in a row and third title in club-history.
Weather conditions at game time: Sunny, 21,8° C (71,2° F); wind direction south;
wind speed 23 kmh (14,3 mph); wind force 4 Bft; humidity 56%.

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