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Baseball 2009

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Dinsdag 31 maart - Tuesday, March 31
Amsterdam Pirates - Royal Greys 4-2 (6)
Port of Antwerp Greys (BelgiŽ)001010 -282
L&D Amsterdam Pirates310000 -440
pitcher Greysinn.SOBBHRER
Daniel Howard, L (0-1)643443
pitchers Amsterdaminn.SOBBHRER
Jos de Jong423411
Nick Stuifbergen, W (1-0)211411
Umpires: HP-Alessandro Cappuccini (ItaliŽ), 1B-Sixto Bonilla (Spanje),
3B-Jens Waider (Duitsland).
Official Scorers-Aldo Osvaldo Faraone (ItaliŽ), Fausto Nardi (ItaliŽ),
Maurizio Imperiali (ItaliŽ).
Technical Commissioner-Roland Hoffmann (Duitsland).
Time-1:50 hr.
verslag (Ned.)
recap (Eng.)
Box Score
Europa Cup, Nettuno (ItaliŽ)

Dinsdag 31 maart - Tuesday, March 31
Kinheim - Brno afgelast
Draci Brno (TsjechiŽ) -
Corendon Kinheim -
(Wedstrijd afgelast vanwege de slechte conditie van het speelveld in Matino, ItaliŽ)
(game cancelled because of the poor condition of the playing site in Matino, Italy)
Europa Cup, Matino (ItaliŽ)

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