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Updated: July 12, 2017
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Orange Under-16 adds two victories in Ostrava

OSTRAVA (Czech Rep.) - The Netherlands Under-16 Softball Team added two more victories on Wednesday (July 12) during the ninth European Under-16 Championship in Ostrava.

The Orange-squad opened the event on Monday with a 9-6 win against reigning champion Italy. On a rainy Tuesday, the team won 11-1 vs. Belgium in a game that was delayed almost three hours by rain to become the winner of Pool B.

Initially, the Netherlands was scheduled to open the Second Round in the evening against Germany. However, due to rain, all games for the afternoon and early evening were cancelled.

With that, the Netherlands vs. Germany game was re-scheduled for today, starting at 8:30 AM! The Dutch Team registered a 9-0 shutout-win in 4½ inning. In the afternoon, the Orange recorded a big 22-1 victory in three innings against France.

With today's victories, the Netherlands secured itself of a spot in the next round, which is the 6-team Play-Off Round. The Netherlands closes the Second Round (Pool F) on Thursday against Russia, which also won twice today. Russia won 8-4 against France and 6-4 against Germany to also advance to the Play-Off Round. The top-4 of that round will then qualify for the Semi-Finals.

On Thursday, the Netherlands will play three games. Following the game against Russia, the team will play its next two games in the Play-Off Round later in the day.

(July 12)

Netherlands vs. Germany

The Netherlands took charge of the game early, scoring seven runs in the first at bat. For Germany, Mara Sandner had led off the top of the first inning with a walk, but she was left behind on third base. Moments later, the Orange-squad scored seven runs.

In the bottom of the first inning, Bobbi Scheurkogel, Sterre den Duijn and Sophie Verdaasdonk all walked and the first run was scored when next batter Marijn Crouwel also walked. That led to several defensive German changes, including bringing a new pitcher. When the play-by-play of the game is correct, an illegal change was made at this moment. According to the play-by-play, a new player replaced the starting rightfielder to become the new rightfielder, while the starting (and replaced) rightfielder remained in the game to become the new pitcher, meaning there were two players (one who had been replaced) at the same spot in the batting order. The proper change would have been that the starting pitcher (who was listed in 10th position on the batting order) was replaced by the new player, who became the new rightfielder, while the starting rightfielder took over the pitching and would remain in her spot in the batting order.

OK, back to the inning. With the bases still loaded, a grounder by Melissa Hoeverts brought in the next run, followed by an RBI-double by Jacky Huijben and a runscoring single by Jill Cloo. A fielder's choice-grounder by Tess Remmers accounted for another run and two more runs were added on a single by Kelly Bezems to make it a 7-0 score.

In the second inning, a sacrifice fly by Melissa Hoeverts led to the next run and a double by Sterre den Duijn lifted the lead to 9-0 in the third at bat.

The Netherlands used five pitchers in this game, who gave up only one basehit. The lone German basehit was hit in the fourth inning by lead-off hitter Jennifer Weil off of Esmee Toet, the fourth Dutch pitcher in the game.

Netherlands - Germany 9-0 (4½ inn.)
Germany00000 -013
Netherlands7110X -970
pitchers Germanyinn.SOBBHRER
Louisa Marquort, L (0-1)- (*)-4-44

Kaissa Ottenberg412755
(*) - Marquort pitched to four batters in the first inning

pitchers Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Lisa Meyering233---

Margot van Eijl, W (1-0)0.2-----

Bobbi Scheurkogel0.1-----

Esmee Toet1--1--

Jill Cloo111---
Umpires: HP-Dario Fior (Italy), 1B-Vojtěch Mackovský (Czech Rep.),
3B-Franck Lautier (France).
Official Scorers-Tomáš Híreš (Czech Rep.), Barbora Kozelská (Czech Rep.), Julie Smetanová (Czech Rep.).
Technical Commissioner-Wout Isbouts (Netherlands).
Starting Time-8:30 PM.
Time Played-1:30 hrs.
Site-Field #2, Arrows Park, Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Netherlands vs. France

The game against France was lopsided from the beginning. The Netherlands scored six runs in the first at bat, then staged a huge 16-run rally in the second inning.

The Orange-squad collected 16 basehits, including four by Sophie Verdaasdonk and three by Esmee Toet, who batted in six runs and also doubled and tripled. Five players scored three runs. All nine starting players scored at least once. Eight of them batted in at least one run.

In the top of the first inning, the Netherlands scored six runs on four basehits. The first run was batted in when Marijn Crouwel singled. Moments later, Esmee Toet doubled the lead with a single. Two errors then accounted for the following four runs.

In the second at bat, the Orange scored 16 runs on 11 basehits. In the inning, there were 21 Dutch batters. The nine players reached base 18 consecutive times, including one on a fielder's choice-grounder that led to the first out. That first out was made after 16 batters had reached base. Melissa Hoeverts, Sophie Verdaasdonk and Marijn Crouwel all batted three times in the inning. Hoeverts started the rally by leading off with a double. Sophie Verdaasdonk had three basehits in the inning, while Esmee Toet hit a 3-run triple and a 2-run double. Bobbi Scheurkogel had two runscoring singles. Seven players scored two runs.

France scored its lone run in the bottom of the first inning. The team had the bases loaded with two outs, then a passed ball enabled Marine Marbrier to score.

France - Netherlands 1-22 (3 inn.)
Netherlands6(16)0 -22160
France100 -134
pitchers Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Sterre den Duijn11-31-

Noortje Bisschop, W (2-0)13----

Lisanne Spoor11----

pitchers Franceinn.SOBBHRER
Samantha Mari, L (0-1)112684

Emma Blanc-Jouvan2-3101410
(*) - Mari pitched to two batters in the second inning
Umpires: HP-Pavel Kasperčik (Czech Rep.), 1B-Salvatore Bondillo (Italy),
3B-Thomas Lohnert (Germany).
Official Scorers-Jakub Hauser (Czech Rep.), Julie Smetanová (Czech Rep.), Barbora Kozelská (Czech Rep.).
Technical Commissioner-Gabriele Hardinger (Austria).
Starting Time-2:30 PM.
Time Played-1:10 hrs.
Site-Field #1, Arrows Park, Ostrava (Czech Republic).

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