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Centrals, Paintbusters & Storks winners of Keistad Tournament

AMERSFOORT (Neth.) - The women softball-team of Centrals is this years winner of the annual international Keistad Tournament, organized by Quick Amersfoort. The team remained unbeaten in the 2-day tournament, winning four games. Centrals played twice on Saturday (March 31) and on Sunday (April 1) in the round-robin tournament.

Paintbusters Most from the Czech Republic won the men softball-tournament by winning the Final against host Quick Amersfoort. The baseball-tournament was won by Storks 2.

The event was held for the seventh time with tournaments for women's softball, men's softball and baseball. Until last year, all three tournaments were played on one-day. For the first time, both softbal-tournaments were spread over two days this year.

The weather conditions were acceptable on Saturday, but unfortunately, it was cold and sometimes rainy on Sunday. However, all games were played as scheduled and the event in the end again was successful.

(March 31-April 1)

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...Tournament-winner Centrals...
(© Photo: Sander Jansen)
Softball Women

Centrals opened the softball-tournament on Saturday with a 3-0 shutout-win against host Herder Autoschade Quick Amersfoort. Later in the afternoon, Centrals recorded a comfortable 9-1 win against Royal Greys from Belgium. This win was crucial, as the Belgian squad would be the competitor for first place.

Last year, Royal Greys won the tournament by winning the Final aganst Caribe. Centrals didn't participate a year ago.

On Sunday, Centrals opened with an 8-3 win against Caribe. The team then closed with a 9-1 victory against UVV.

Royal Greys had opened the event on Saturday with a 7-2 win against Caribe. On Sunday, Greys played a 3-3 tie against Quick Amersfooort, then closed with a 6-1 win against UVV.

Host Quick Amersfoort opened the first day of the tournament with a 6-1 win against UVV. For the home team, this was to be its lone win in the event. After being shutout by Centrals, Quick played its third game on Saturday against Caribe and lost 6-1. As mentioned, Quick's match-up against Royal Greys on Sunday ended in a 3-3 tie.

Halfway the first day, UVV recorded an 8-5 win against Caribe, which was the team's lone victory.

...Herder Autoschade Quick Amersfoort plays with a mix...
...of experience and talent this season in the Silver League...
(© Photo: Sander Jansen)
With these results, Centrals finished in first place, followed by Royal Greys and Quick Amersfoort. UVV and Caribe ended in a tie, but UVV finished fourth based on their head-to-head result.

During the Season's Finals of last year, Quick Amersfoort promoted to the Silver League. In the best-of-one Promotion/Relegation Play-Off, the team won 4-1 in eight innings against HCAW, which therefore relegated. The next day, Quick Amersfoort shutout Grophers 10-0 in the Play-Off Final to promote to the second highest league.

This year, the team found a new main-sponsor in Herder Autoschade and will play with a young team. Some players left, new players were added and that resulted in a nice mix of experience and young talent. Staying with the team after last season were Kayleigh Adelina, Mirjam Boode, Franka van Dijk, Puck van der Kolk, Michelle Schuur and Natalie van der Wijst.

Eight new players were added to the roster. Angelica Bomba, Lisa Groen and Lieke Süskind came from HCAW, while Nicky Uytendaal joined from Tex Town Tigers. Two foreign players were added: Nina De Permentier from Belgium and Vasilka Georgieva from Bulgaria. Also added were two youth-players from Robur '58. The Quick-squad is led again by Sanne Bolhuis, while Ricardo Bryson returns as Assistant Coach.

Final Standings Softball Women
1. Centrals, 2. Royal Greys (Belgium), 3. Quick Amersfoort, 4. UVV, 5. Caribe.

...Paintbusters Most won the men softball-tournament...
(© Photo: Sander Jansen)
Softball Men

The men softball-tournament this year also was a 2-day event. Four teams participated, including Paintbusters Most from the Czech Republic.

The Czech squad became the winner of the tournament. In the Final on Sunday, Paintbusters outscored host Quick Amersfoort, which last year won the Dutch Championship-title.

On Saturday, all teams played three games. The event then opened with the match-up between Quick Amersfoort and Paintbusters. In that game, it was Quick that was the best of the two teams, winning 7-1.

Later on the day, Quick shutout Catch-Adegeest 5-0, but its next game against Spikes ended in a 4-4 tie.

Paintbusters recovered from its opening-loss and won its next two games. The Czechs won 3-0 against Spikes and closed with a 6-5 win against Catch-Adegeest.

With that, Quick closed the preliminary round in first place and Paintbusters finished second to become the two finalists. Spikes won 5-3 against Catch-Adegeest to finish in third place.<> On a cold and rainy Sunday, Catch-Adegeest won the game for third place against Spikes with an 8-3 score. In the Final, Paintbusters was too strong for Quick Amersfoort, winning 8-1.

Final Standings Men Softball:
1. Paintbusters Most (Czech Republic), 2. Quick Amersfoort, 3. Catch-Adegeest, 4. Spikes.

...Storks 2 won the baseball-tournament...
(© Photo: Sander Jansen)

The second team of Storks was the winner of the baseball-tournament, which was played on one day. On Saturday, the team from The Hague played three games in a row from 1:30 PM on and won all three.

The other three participating teams had started the tournament earlier in the day.

In the opening game, host Quick Amersfoort 2 shutout Flying Petrels 5-0, but then lost 9-2 in its next game against The Flags.

Hereafter, Flying Petrels and The Flags met with the first team winning 13-7.

It was then time for Storks to get into action after having arrived at the site in Amersfoort.

Storks opened with a 4-0 win against Quick Amerfoort and then recorded a comfortable 11-2 victory against The Flags.

The tournament then ended with the deciding game between Storks and Flying Petrels, as the winner of this match-up also would become the tournament-winner. In case Flying Petrels won, it would end up in a tie with Storks, but then would have been first based on the head-to-head result. But it was Storks that remained unbeaten by winning comfortably with a 9-0 score.

With the loss, Flying Petrels ended up in a tie with the other two teams. As the head-to-head results created a new tie, the run-difference of all games played was used to rank the three teams. Another tie then followed between Flying Petrels and The Flags, but based on the head-to-head game, Petrels ended up in third place.

Final Standings Baseball
1. Storks 2, 2., Quick Amersfoort, 3. The Flags, 4. Flying Petrels.

Beneath, a series of photos of the tournament made by Jan Kruijdenberg

...Moments of action during the 7th edition of the Keistad Tournament...
(© Photos: Jan Kruijdenberg)

Beneath, more photos of the tournament made by José Paul & Mark van Horik

...Moments of action during the 7th edition of the Keistad Tournament...
(© Photos: José Paul & Mark van Horik)

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