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Updated: October 9, 2018
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Ton van Koeverden new Head Coach of UVV

VLEUTEN (Neth.) - Ton van Koeverden is the new Head Coach of the women softball-team of UVV, which plays in the Silver League, the club announced on Monday (October 8). Van Koeverden succeeds Caroline Theunissen, who led the team in the past two seasons. Van Koeverden last was active as coach in 2014 when he led the team of Hoofddorp Pioniers.

In a press release, UVV states that when the end of the season neared, Caroline Theunissen had announced that she would not be available in 2019 as Head Coach of the talented women softball-team of UVV. This season, in the Silver League, UVV finished in a tie for sixth place with Centrals with a 13-19 record.

...Ton van Koeverden as Head Coach of Euro Stars in 2010...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
In 2019, several young players from within the club will be added to the main-squad of UVV, the club announced. This team will be led by Ton van Koeverden. ,,With his assistant coaches, he will work hard to realize a spot in the top of the Silver League in 2019'', UVV states.

Van Koeverden was not active as a coach for some seasons, but he loves to come back. ,,I've watched a few years from the side how things are going at the moment in softball. After some busy years, I'm ready for another challenge'', Van Koeverden states in the press release. ,,That challenge is offered by UVV. Within that challenge, I try to realize the club's ambitions, as well as those from the players and myself. The best thing of UVV is that they have thought well concerning the addition of their own talents. I want to expand that and continue building a real Utrecht topteam.''

,,UVV continues more often and tries more to take steps with players from within our own club'', adds UVV's Chairman Merijn van Elsäcker. ,,That will not be accomplished yet at all positions, but the flow into top-softball will succeed from our own youth-teams. A coach as Ton van Koeverden fits well with this. He has experience coaching young players, but he especially can raise the level of the game.''

Ton van Koeverden brings a lot of coaching experience to UVV. Van Koeverden played baseball for Rap and Amsterdam Pirates. Later, he played several years in the softball-team of Thamen in the then-existing highest division. Thereafter, the turned to coaching and became a member of the coachingstaff of the Dutch National Men Softball B-Team.

...Ton van Koeverden...
...with Twins in 2011...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
In 2005, Van Koeverden made his coaching debut in the big league when he was the Assistant Coach at DSC '74 (the current Olympia Haarlem). A year later, he took over as Head Coach of the Haarlem-based club and led the team for two seasons. He guided the team to fifth place in 2006 and shared fourth place in 2007 with Twins. However, DSC '74 missed the Play-Offs that year, as the games played between them were in favor of Twins. In 2008, Van Koeverden was the Head Coach of Centrals (also in the big league), which then finished in seventh place, but secured the big league-spot after sweeping Onze Gezellen in three games in the Promotion/Relegation Series.

In 2010, Van Koeverden led Euro Stars in the big league initially starting the season as the Assistant Coach there. But he took over one week before the start of the season when Leo Buiteman stepped down. Euro Stars finished in sixth place, then secured its big league-spot for the 2011 season in the Play-Downs, but the team withdraw a month before the start of the season.

In 2011, Van Koeverden was the Head Coach of the big league-team of Twins Twins finished in sixth place, then ended up in second place in the following Play-Downs to secure a spot in the big league for the following season. But after the 2011 season, Twins and Van Koeverden separated.

Hereafter, in 2012, Ton van Koeverden was the Head Coach of Amsterdam Pirates in the second highest league. In that year, Pirates finished in third place. In May 2013, Amsterdam and Van Koeverden separated after eight games, as he was unable to combine his coaching with his regular work and personal circumstances. He returned to coaching in 2014, when he led the team of Hoofddorp Pioniers in the First Division, which was the third highest league. Pioniers finished in fourth place to qualify for the Promotion Pool in which the team closed in third place.

(October 8)

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