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Updated: March 19, 2018
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photos by Patrick Beer & Marco Stoovelaar)

Terrasvogels wins Pre-Season Tournament of Roef!

MOERGESTEL / OIRSCHOT / GOIRLE (Neth.) - Terrasvogels has won the eleventh edition of the Pre-Season Tournament, which is annually organized by Roef! in Moergestel. Depending on the weather conditions, the event is staged either outdoors or indoors. This weekend, there was only one option. Because of the freezing conditions and cold wind, all games were played indoors. The games were played at three different indoor facilities in Moergestel (located besides the home-site of Roef!) and nearby Oirschot (Saturday) and Goirle (Sunday).

On Sunday (March 18), the Final was played between Terrasvogels and Roef!, who also faced each other earlier in January in the Final of the international Indoor Cup. Back then, Roef! won. Today, Terrasvogels came from behind and won 11-6.

This year, ten teams participated in the international tournament, with four teams coming from abroad: Hoboken Pioneers (Belgium), Les Pharaons d'Evry (France), Neunkirchen Nightmares (Germany) and a Selection-Team fro Great Britain. The teams participating from the Netherlands were Golden League-teams Roef! (two teams) and Terrasvogels and Silver League-teams Centrals, Onze Gezellen and De Glaskoning Twins.

(March 17-18)

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...Tournament-winner Terrasvogels...
(© Photo: Patrick Beer)
On Saturday, Roef! remained unbeaten in Pool A, winning three games and recording three shutouts at home in Moergestel. The team opened with a 9-0 shutout against Hoboken Pioneers, followed by a 5-0 win against Les Pharaons and a 2-0 victory vs. Onze Gezellen.

In Pool B, Great Britain Select surprised by staying unbeaten on the first day, playing its games in Oirschot. The British squad opened with a 4-2 win against Terrasvogels. Hereafter, Great Britain won 5-3 vs. Centrals and closed with a 7-1 win against Roef! 2.

On Day 2, Roef! added a 5-3 win against Neunkirchen Nightmares to remain unbeaten and become the winner of Pool A. After Saturday's games, Onze Gezellen and Hoboken were tied for second place and that also was the case on Sunday. The first tie-breaker is the result of the game played between the two teams, but that ended in a scoreless tie on Saturday. Onze Gezellen finished in second place based on the run-difference in the total games played.

In Pool B, Great Britain was followed after Saturday's games by Terrasvogels and Twins. On Sunday, Great Britain suffered its first loss, losing big to Twins with an 11-3 score, which was very costly. Terrasvogels closed with an 8-0 shutout-win against Centrals. With that Terrasvogels and Twins ended up in a tie for first place with the British squad. As the head-to-head results created a new tie, the ranking was then based on the run-difference. That was clearly in favor of Terrasvogels, which therefore ended up in first place, followed by Twins and Great Britain.

...Ella Krommendijk...
(© Marco Stoovelaar)
With that, Terrasvogels and Roef! became the two finalists of the tournament.

In the afternoon on Sunday, the deciding games were played in Moergestel and Goirle.

At Moergestel, Roef! 2 finished in ninth place by winning 4-2 against Neunkirchen. At the same time in Goirle, Centrals won 8-6 vs. Les Pharaons to finish in seventh place. Also in Goirle, Hoboken won 5-3 against Great Britain which earned them the fifth place. In Moergestel, Twins nipped Onze Gezellen 2-1 to finish in third place.

In the Final, Roef! initially had a good start and scored two runs in each of the first two innings. The hosting team delivered some productive basehits and played fine defensively. But in the third inning, Terrasvogels turned the game around in its favor, as the team staged an 8-run rally. In the next inning, three more runs were added. Roef! was able to score two more runs of its own, but was left empty-handed this time. One of the players of Roef! was Kimberly Jones, who was a guest-player during this event. After last season, she transfered from Terrasvogels to Sparks Haarlem for whom she will play this year.

For the first time in the history of the event, a Most Valuable Player was chosen by the coaches of the participating teams. That honor went to Ella Krommendijk of Terrasvogels.

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