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Updated: June 13, 2011
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Starting line-ups & rosters All Star Game announced
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - On Sunday-evening, the names of the starting players for the upcoming 2nd All Star Game were announced, as well as the rest of the rosters for Team North and Team South. The players who got the most votes through the internet-voting by fans will start, unless they are unavailable due to an injury. The rest of the players on the roster have been seleted by Head Coaches Eelco Jansen (North) and Jan Collins (South) together with Technical Director Robert Eenhoorn. The coaching staffs are made up of coaches from each of the four teams that will be represented in the two All Star Teams.

The 2nd All Star Game will be played next Sunday, June 19 at the site of UVV in Utrecht and starts at 5:00 PM. After the final of the Little League-competition (11 AM), both teams will have their Batting Practice (starting at 1:15 PM) and Infield/Outfield Practice (starting at 2:45 PM). At 3:30 PM, the Homerun Contest will take place, followed at 4:15 PM by the Fastest Ball, a lottery in which a trip to New York can be won. Team introductions will then start at 4:45 PM, followed by the singing of the National Anthem by Hind and the Ceremonial First Pitch.

The starting line-up for Team North is as follows:
Pitcher-Rob Cordemans (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Catcher-Sidney de Jong (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
1st Base-Bryan Engelhardt (Corendon Kinheim)
2nd Base-Roelie Henrique (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
3rd Base-Rashid Gerard (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Short Stop-Michael Duursma (Vaessen Pioniers)
Leftfield-Wesley Connor (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Centerfield-Dirk van 't Klooster (Corendon Kinheim)
Rightfield-Bas de Jong (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Designated Hitter-Nobert Lokhorst (Vaessen Pioniers)

Nick Stuifbergen (Corendon Kinheim) got the most votes as Relief Pitcher.
The rest of the roster is as follows:
Pitchers: Eddie Aucoin (Vaessen Pioniers), Patrick Beljaards (Corendon Kinheim), David Bergman (Corendon Kinheim), Frank van Heijst (L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Kevin Miner (Mr. Cocker HCAW), Maarten Mulder (Mr. Cocker HCAW), Nick Veltkamp (Corendon Kinheim).
Catcher: Mark Duursma (Vaessen Pioniers).
Infielders: Nik Gumeson (3B, Vaessen Pioniers), Percy Isenia (1B, L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Michael Pluijmers (2B, Mr. Cocker HCAW), Vince Rooi (SS, L&D Amsterdam Pirates).
Outfielders: Jefferson Muzo (Vaessen Pioniers).

Coaches: Hans Lemmink (Corendon Kinheim), to be announced (L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Ronald Jaarsma (Mr. Cocker HCAW), Theo Geerman (Vaessen Pioniers).

The starting line-up for Team South is as follows:
Pitcher-Diegomar Markwell (DOOR Neptunus)
Catcher-Giovanni Samboe (UVV)
1st Base-Jeffrey Arends (DOOR Neptunus)
2nd Base-Benjamin Dille (DOOR Neptunus)
3rd Base-Raily Legito (DOOR Neptunus)
Short Stop-Dwayne Kemp (DOOR Neptunus)
Leftfield-Eugčne Kingsale (DOOR Neptunus)
Centerfield-Shaldimar Daantji (DOOR Neptunus)
Rightfield-Danny Rombley (UVV)
Designated Hitter-Fausto Álvarez Rizo (UVV)

Derek Tarapacki (UVV) got the most votes as Relief Pitcher.
The rest of the roster is as follows:
Pitchers: Craig Anderson (DOOR Neptunus), Arshwin Asjes (DOOR Neptunus), Bobby Carrington (Sparta-Feyenoord), Berry van Driel (DOOR Neptunus), Jurandy Girigori (ADO), José Ventura (Sparta-Feyenoord), Orlando Yntema (UVV).
Catcher: Ramiro Balentina (Sparta-Feyenoord).
Infielders: Jourick Blanco (1B, Sparta-Feyenoord), Jirka Bliek (2B, UVV), Gyenuar Lopez (SS, ADO), Jaďr Roseburg (3B, ADO).
Outfielders: Jeff Delfina (UVV).

Coaches: Aldric Dunlop (ADO), Wim Martinus (DOOR Neptunus), Dino Anastagasti (Sparta-Feyenoord), Royce Holder (UVV).

Participating in the Homerun Contest will be:
Team North: Bryan Engelhardt (Kinheim), Percy Isenia (Amsterdam), Lennart Koster (HCAW) and Nik Gumeson (Pioniers).
Team South: Enrique Tromp (ADO), Jeffrey Arends (Neptunus), Jourick Blanco (Sparta-Feyenoord) and Fausto Álvarez Rizo (UVV).

More information is available on the website of the 2nd All Star Game.

Team North is made up from players of L&D Amsterdam Pirates, Vaessen Pioniers, Corendon Kinheim and Mr. Cocker HCAW. Team South will be formed from players of ADO, DOOR Neptunus, Sparta-Feyenoord and UVV. Team North will be led by Head Coach Eelco Jansen (Kinheim), while Team South is being coached by Jan Collins (Neptunus).

Popular singer Hind, who reached the final of the first edition of Idols, will perform on All Star Day. In 2004, she was awarded the Edison for her debut album 'Summer All Over Agan', which reached the top-10. In 2008, she represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest.

(June 13)

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