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to first game Dutch Holland Series BB on October 1


200 Wins - Current total: 200 (***)
(***) - 200th W accomplished September 4, 2020
2,000 Innings Pitched - Current total: 2,006 (**)
(**) - 2,000th INN accomplished August 27, 2020
2,000 StrikeOuts - Current total: 2,053 (*)
(*) - 2,000th SO accomplished April 18, 2019
Next regular season start: 2021

(© Photo: Henk Seppen)

Rosters Dutch Big League 2020

More game-recaps added: see below

Postponed games Amsterdam Pirates re-scheduled; Team resumes on Thursday. (Sep. 21)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Amsterdam Pirates-HCAW series postponed! (September 16)

Sunday & Tuesday-games Amsterdam Pirates vs. Neptunus also postponed. (September 12)

Saturday-game Amsterdam Pirates vs. Neptunus postponed. (September 11)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Second Round season. (September 9)

Major League-legend, SB-leader, Hall of Famer Lou Brock passed away. (September 7)

Lars Huijer makes pitching-debut in German Bundesliga. (September 6)

Rob Cordemans writes history with 200th win. (September 4)

Major League pitching-great and Hall of Famer Tom Seaver passed away. (September 3)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Final 2020 chance Cordemans for 200th win. (September 2)

Former Amsterdam-administrator Jogriet Endel passed away. (September 1)

American actor Chadwick Boseman, played Jackie Robinson, passed away. (August 29)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Rob Cordemans chases 200th win. (August 26)

Hoofddorp Pioniers records huge win in make-up game vs. Storks. (August 25)
Neptunus encounters no problems in make-up game vs. Quick Amersfoort. (August 25)

Quick Amersfoort adds former Major Leaguer Roger Bernadina to team. (August 24)

Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. DSS/Kinheim to clinch Top-4. (August 23)
Hoofddorp Pioniers rallies in 9th inning to win vs. Twins Oosterhout. (August 23)
HCAW secures win in final three innings vs. Storks. (August 23)
Series-finale Quick Amersfoort vs. Neptunus rains out. (August 23)

Amsterdam Pirates has 8-run rally and wins big vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 22)
Neptunus clinch Top-4 spot with 2nd win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (August 22)
Hoofddorp Pioniers also wins big in 2nd game vs. Twins Oosterhout. (August 22)
HCAW shuts out Storks with two big rallies. (August 22)

Former player, coach, administrator Peter van 't Klooster passed away. (August 21)
HCAW adds Christopher Ge to roster; Changes uniform numbers. (August 21)

Amsterdam Pirates shuts out DSS/Kinheim; Rob Cordemans sets record. (August 20)
Neptunus breaks tie with 6th inning rally vs. Quick Amersfoort. (August 20)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins big in 2-hittter vs. Twins Oosterhout. (August 20)
HCAW turns opener vs. Storks around in 6th inning. (August 20)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Rob Cordemans returns to mound. (August 19)

Quick Amersfoort nips Twins Oosterhout in remainder of halted game. (August 18)
Amsterdam Pirates rallies in 1st inning en route to big win vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (August 18)
Neptunus wins big against HCAW to complete sweep. (August 18)

Amsterdam Pirates scores winning run in 9th inning vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (August 16)
Neptunus again has one big inning to win against HCAW. (August 16)
Quick Amersfoort decides game early in win vs. Twins Oosterhout. (August 16)
Storks avoids sweep with win vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 16)

Amsterdam Pirates opens and closes with homerun in win vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (August 15)
DSS/Kinheim rallies in first and ninth inning to win big vs. Storks. (August 15)
Convincing win Twins Oosterhout against Quick Amersfoort. (August 15)
Neptunus decides shutout against HCAW late. (August 15)

DSS/Kinheim strikes in 6th inning to win opener vs. Storks. (August 13)
Opener Quick vs. Twins halted by lightning, rain in 5th inning. (August 13)
Opener Neptunus vs. HCAW cancelled by rain. (August 13)
Opener Hoofddorp Pioniers vs. Amsterdam Pirates postponed; Green light for weekend. (August 13)

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Rosters Golden League 2020

News item Government: Regaining control over coronavirus with local measures. (August 6)

Roef! and Olympia Haarlem split opening double-header. (July 18)
Terrasvogels opens season with two wins at Sparks Haarlem. (July 18)
Tex Town Tigers wins twice; scores 20 runs in openers. (July 18)
Quick Amersfoort makes Golden League-debut with 2 wins vs. Pirates. (July 18)


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News item Government: Regaining control over coronavirus with local measures. (August 6)

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