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SB Golden League

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2,000 StrikeOuts - Current total: 2,000
2,000 Innings Pitched - Current total: 1,950 1/3
200 Wins - Current total: 194
Probable next start: May 2, 2019

(© Photo: Henk Seppen)

Rosters Dutch Big League 2019
Events & Tournaments 2018

Carter Kieboom to promote to Major League-team of Washington Nationals. (April 25)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 24)

Rob Cordemans reaches SO-milestone in loss vs. Neptunus. (April 18)
HCAW wins 1st game of season on rally in 8th inning. (April 18)
Hoofddorp Pioniers decides opener vs. Twins Oosterhout early. (April 18)
Quick Amersfoort scores late, but wins big vs. Storks. (April 18)

Misja Harcksen throws 3rd PERFECT GAME in history! (April 14)
Pirates decides game early to record 2nd sweep. (April 14)
DSS trails 4-0, then wins on walk-off wild pitch. (April 14)
Pioniers outscores Quick to move into 3rd place. (April 14)

Neptunus scores late, but wins comfortable in Oosterhout. (April 13)
Amsterdam Pirates wins after trailing, but scoreless streak ends. (April 13)
DSS strikes in last 3 innings in win vs. Storks. (April 13)
Quick Amersfoort nips Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 13)

Pirates records 3rd ShO in row; Cordemans 1 SO from 2,000. (April 11)
Neptunus rallies in 3rd inning to win 4th game. (April 11)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins convincingly in Amersfoort. (April 11)
Storks turns deficit into first win of season. (April 11)

Kinheim scores 37 runs vs. The Hawks in Opening Weekend. (April 7)
Uganda and Kenya qualify for Baseball Africa Cup. (April 7)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins heated game vs. DSS in extra innings. (April 7)
Quick Amersfoort avoids sweep by winning big in series-finale. (April 7)
Neptunus avoids loss vs. HCAW to complete sweep. (April 7)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. Storks with 2nd shutout. (April 7)

Twins Oosterhout nips Quick Amersfoort in 2nd game. (April 6)
Neptunus wins 2nd game thanks to productive 1st inning. (April 6)
Amsterdam Pirates shuts out Storks in The Hague. (April 6)
DSS turns deficit into win against Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 6)

Twins Oosterhout wins big in season-opener. (April 4)
Hoofddorp Pioniers decides opener in ninth inning. (April 4)
Amsterdam Pirates opens with win; Rob Cordemans nears milestone. (April 4)
Neptunus shuts out HCAW on Opening Night. (April 4)

Opening Day Rosters Dutch Big League. (April 3)

Pioniers adds American/British pitcher Paul Kirkpatrick. (April 2)

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Rosters Golden League 2019
Events & Tournaments 2018

Twins Oosterhout wins twice vs. Talent Team Holland. (April 14)

Champion Olympia Haarlem splits with Roef! on Opening Day. (April 13)
Terrasvogels opens season with two wins at DSS. (April 13)
Sparks Haarlem wins big against returning Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 13)
Tex Town Tigers wins twice in rain and snow in Oosterhout. (April 13)

Opening Day Rosters Dutch Golden League. (April 12)

Wins for TTT, Joudrs on Day 1 Mastenbroek Tournament. (March 29)

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Events & Tournaments 2018

Groups & Schedule announced for World Championship. (March 28)

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