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to first games European Cup Tourn. SB on August 20


current total: 1,985 strikeouts
next regular season start: 2019

Rob Cordemans breaks All-Time StrikeOut Record.
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)

Rosters Dutch Big League 2018
Events & Tournaments 2018

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 15)

Netherlands ends up short in exhibition vs. Japan. (July 12)

Netherlands Juniors open Eur. Championship with big win. (July 9)
Ozzie Albies, Kenley Jansen chosen for All Star Game. (July 9)

Netherlands Juveniles 4th; Italy Champs; Ump Loock HP in Final. (July 8)
Neptunus completes sweep against Amsterdam Pirates. (July 8)

Netherlands Juveniles eliminated for EC-Final. (July 7)
Neptunus shuts out Amsterdam; Ump Van Heijningen decorated. (July 7)

Netherlands Juveniles in Semi-Final after win vs. Germany. (July 6)

Neptunus nips Amsterdam Pirates in series-opener. (July 5)
Netherlands Juveniles too strong for Belgium. (July 5)

Roster Netherlands Team announced for Baseball Week Haarlem. (July 4)
Big loss Netherlands Juveniles vs. Italy in Budapest. (July 4)

Another big win for Netherlands Juveniles in Budapest. (July 3)

Storks-picher JC Sulbaran returns to professional baseball. (July 2)
Netherlands Juveniles win big op European Championship. (July 2)

Surprising results in Dutch big league. (July 1)
MeerLease new main-sponsor of Hoofddorp Pioniers. (July 1)

International Stars win Prague Baseball Week. (June 30)

Henri van Heijningen behind the plate in Prague Final. (June 29)

Quick Amersfoort ends winning streak Amsterdam Pirates. (June 28)
Oliver van der Wijst released by Houston Astros. (June 28)

Day 2 Prague Baseball Week in the books. (June 27)

Amsterdam records convincing shutout vs. Hoofddorp. (June 26)
Umpire Henri van Heijningen in action in Prague BB Week. (June 26)

Milestone for umpire Henri van Heijningen. (June 23)

Fine professional debut for Donny Breek. (June 22)

Rob Cordemans breaks All-Time StrikeOut Record. (June 14)

Quick Amersfoort adds Australian infielder. (June 6)

DSS complete sweep against Quick Amersfoort. (June 3)
HCAW shuts out Twins in series-finale. (June 3)

Former pro-pitcher JC Sulbaran joins Storks. (June 2)
DSS strikes with rally in 7th inning vs. Quick Amersfoort. (June 2)
Twins records small win against HCAW. (June 2)
Storks vs. Neptunus game cancelled in The Hague. (June 2)
Finale Pioniers vs. Pirates series also cancelled. (June 2)

Neptunus wins big vs. Storks; Markwell wins 6th game. (June 1)
2nd game Amsterdam Pirates vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers rains out. (June 1)

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Rosters Golden League 2018
Events & Tournaments 2018

Four rookies in Netherlands Team for World Championship. (June 29)

Virginie Anneveld & Chantal Versluis decorated; Olympia wins. (June 26)

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Events & Tournaments 2018

Orange stuns Denmark and wins Silver on European Championship. (June 29)

Orange in Backdoor-game European Championship. (June 29)

Orange in Play-Offs European Championship. (June 28)

Orange closes Preliminary Round EC in 2nd place. (June 25-27)

Good start EC-preparations NL Slowpitch Team. (April 20)

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