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2017 Events

The Gilley's Shield
Australian Softball Championship
Jan. 2-8 at Blacktown (Australia)

The Cup - Indoor Softball
Jan. 13-15 at Schiedam (Netherlands)

MLB Hall of Fame Election - BB
Jan. 18 at Cooperstown (NY, USA)

Serie Latinoamericana - BB
Jan. 26-29 at Montería (Colombia)

Serie del Caribe - BB
Feb. 1-7 at Culiacán (México)

CEB / ESF Congress
Feb. 2-5 at Belgrade (Serbia)

Challenge Cup Intern. Men SB
Feb. 8-12 at Albany (New Zealand)

Intern. Down Under Series SB
Feb. 9-12 at Blacktown (Australia)

Trainingcamp Arizona Neth. BB Team
Feb. 11-26 at Scottsdale (Az., USA)

Netherlands Hall of Fame Induction
Feb. 17 at Heerhugowaard (Neth.)

Fastpitch Cup U17 - SB
Feb. 18 at Amstelveen (Netherlands)

West Asia Baseball Cup
Feb. 25-Mar. 1 at Islamabad (Pakistan)

WBC Spring Training Neth. BB Team
Feb. 27-March 6 at Seoul (S.Korea)

World Baseball Classic
March 6-12 - First Round
Pool A - Seoul (South Korea)
Pool B - Tokyo (Japan)
Pool C - Miami (Florida, USA)
Pool D - Jalisco (México)
March 12-19 - Second Round
Pool E - Tokyo (Japan)
Pool F - San Diego (Calif., USA)
March 20-22 - Finals
Los Angeles (Calif., USA)

Roef! Pre-Season Tourn. - SB Sr.
March 18-19 at Moergestel (Neth.)

MJFP Jan vd Vegte Memorial - BB/SB
March 25-26 at Nijmegen (Neth.)

North Sea Cup - BB/SB
March 25-26 at The Hague (Neth.)

Midden Nederland Cup - SB
March 25-26 at Loosdrecht (Neth.)

Roef! Pre-Season Tourn. - SB U17/U20
March 25-26 at Moergestel (Neth.)

J.C.J. Mastenbroek Tourn. - BB/SB
March 31-Apr. 2 at Enschede (Neth.)

Keistad Tournament - BB/SB
April 1 at Amersfoort (Neth.)

Ringvaart Tournament - BB
April 1-2 at Heemstede (Netherlands)

Major League Opening Day - BB
April 2-3 in USA/Canada

Haarlem Series - BB/SB
April 7-9 at Haarlem (Neth.)

I.M. Charles Urbanus Sr. Tourn. - BB
April 8-9 at Bussum (Neth.)

Jan de Wit Tournament - SB
April 8-9 at Haarlem (Neth.)

Jackie Robinson Day - MLB
April 15 in USA/Canada

Easter Cup - Men SB
April 15-16 at Spijkenisse (Neth.)

April 21, nationwide (Netherlands)

World Masters Games - BB/SB
Apr. 21-30 at Auckland (New Zealand)

Zeister Slot Tournament - Men SB
June 3-5 at Zeist (Netherlands)

Little League Neth. Champ.
1st Round - BB/SB
June 3 at Almere (Neth.)

European Champions Cup BB
June 7-11 at Regensburg (Germany)

European CEB Cup BB
June 7-11 at Prague/Brno (Czech Rep.)

Eur. Federations Cup BB, Qualifier 3
June 12-17 at Stockholm (Sweden)

European Federations Cup BB
June 13-18 at Valencia (Spain)

Eur. Federations Cup BB, Qualifier 2
June 13-18 at Belgrade (Serbia)

Eur. Federations Cup BB, Qualifier 1
June 14-17 at Bratislava (Slovakia)

Little League Neth. Champ.
Finals - BB/SB
June 17-18 at Hoofddorp (Neth.)

European Championship Softball
June 25-July 1 at Bollate (Italy)

Windmill Classic - Men SB
June 30-July 2 at Almere (Neth.)

World Port Tournament BB
July 1-9 at Rotterdam (Netherlands)

World Cup of Softball
July 5-9 at Oklahoma City (USA)

World Championship Men SB
July 7-16 at Whitehorse (Canada)

All-Star Futures Game - BB
July 9 at Miami (Florida, USA)

Canada Cup Intern. SB Champ.
July 10-17 at Surrey (Canada)

Eur. Champ. Coed Slowpitch SB
July 10-15 at Sofia (Bulgaria)

Eur. Champ. Jun. (U18) Qual. BB
July 10-16 at Zurich (Switzerland)

European Champ. Cad. (U16) SB
July 10-15 at Ostrava (Czech Rep.)

European Champ. Juv. (U12) BB
July 10-16 at Vleuten (Neth.)

Major League All Star Game - BB
July 11 at Miami (Florida, USA)

Apeldoorn BB & SB Series
July 11-16 at Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

European Champ. Cad. (U15) BB
July 17-23 at
Wiener Neustadt/Rohrbach (Austria)

Tex Town Tigers Cup U17 SB
July 21-23 at Enschede (Netherlands)

Battle at the Castle U12/U14 - BB/SB
July 23-28 at Oosterhout (Neth.)

World Championship Jun. SB
July 24-30 at Clearwater (Flo., USA)

European Championship B-Pool 1 BB
July 24-30 at Belgrade (Serbia)

European Championship B-Pool 2 BB
July 24-30 at Miejska Górka (Poland)

Eur. Champ. U16 & U19 Men's SB
July 24-29 at Prague (Czech Rep.)

World Championship Juv. (U12) BB
July 28-Aug. 6 at Tainan (Taiwan)

MLB Hall of Fame Induction - BB
July 30 at Cooperstown (NY, USA)

World Children's Baseball Fair
July/Aug. at to be announced (Japan)

European Championship U23 BB
Aug. 7-13 at Brno (Czech Rep.)

Eur. Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy SB
Aug. 9-12 at Collecchio (Italy)

Summer Universiade - BB
Aug. 19-30 at Taipei (Taiwan)

European Premiere Cup SB
Aug. 21-26 at Haarlem (Netherlands)

European Cup SB
Aug. 21-26 at Montegranaro (Italy)

European Cup Winner's Cup SB
Aug. 21-26 at Caserta (Italy)

Joudrs Cup - Softball U17
Aug. 25-27 at Prague (Czech Rep.)

European Super Cup Men SB
Aug. 28-Sep. 2 at Amersfoort (Neth.)

World Championship Jun. (U18) BB
Sep. 1-10 at Thunder Bay (Canada)

TTT Slowpitch Fall Classic - Mixed SB
Oct. 20-22 at Enschede (Neth.)

EBCA Convention - BB
Nov. 10-12 at Belgium

Loek Loevendie Christmas Tourn. BB
December at Amsterdam (Neth.)
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to 1st game Holland Series Softball on September 23

Rosters Dutch Big League 2017

Starting pitchers coming days. (Sep. 20)

Surprising line scores in three Tuesday-games. (Sep. 19)

Small make-up win Neptunus against Hoofddorp Pioniers. (Sep. 18)
Amsterdam Pirates records small make-up win vs. HCAW. (Sep. 18)

Neptunus clinches Holland Series, qualifies for European Cup. (Sep. 17)
Amsterdam Pirates reaches Holland Series after win at HCAW. (Sep. 17)
UVV closes with big win, but relegates from big league. (Sep. 17)
Storks wins to promote and return to big league after 38 years. (Sep. 17)
Quick Amersfoort closes with two losses against Twins. (Sep. 17)

DSS crushes UVV; Promotion for Quick Amersfoort. (Sep. 16)
Four more games rain out on Saturday. (Sep. 16)

Thursday-games in Championship Pool rain out. (Sep. 14)

Neptunus 'walks' to win against HCAW. (Sep. 12)
DSS wins big in first loss Twins. (Sep. 12)
UVV shuts out Onze Gezellen to stay in race. (Sep. 12)
Storks records convincing win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (Sep. 12)

Neptunus strikes in 4th inning to win vs. HCAW. (Sep. 10)
Amsterdam Pirates closes series vs. Pioniers with win. (Sep. 10)
Onze Gezellen winst first game; Crucial loss for UVV. (Sep. 10)
Quick Amersfoort walks off with win, closes in on promotion. (Sep. 10)
Twins stays unbeaten, hands DSS first loss. (Sep. 10)

Amsterdam Pirates wins in 9th inning vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (Sep. 9)
Four games canceled due to rain and field-conditions. (Sep. 9)

Team Tom de Blok eliminated in Play-Offs. (Sep. 8)

(Updated recaps of previous games are in the making and will be added shortly)

Amsterdam Pirates wins 5th game in row in Championship Pool. (Aug. 26)
Pioniers nips Neptunus to win 1st game in Championship Pool. (Aug. 26)
Storks records 1st win in Promotion/Relegation Pool. (Aug. 26)
DSS records comfortable win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (Aug. 26)
Twins wins big against Onze Gezellen. (Aug. 26)

Amsterdam Pirates wins opener against HCAW. (Aug. 24)
Small win Neptunus against Hoofddorp Pioniers. (Aug. 24)

Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. Pioniers. (Aug. 20)
Neptunus decides game in 6th to complete sweep vs. HCAW. (Aug. 20)
Quick Amersfoort wins against UVV. (Aug. 20)
DSS records second comfortable win. (Aug. 20)
Twins avoids loss against Storks. (Aug. 20)

Amsterdam Pirates records big shutout-win vs. Pioniers. (Aug. 19)
Neptunus nips HCAW in Bussum. (Aug. 19)
DSS wins comfortable against Onze Gezellen. (Aug. 19)
Twins records small win against Storks. (Aug. 19)
UVV decides game against Quick Amersfoort late. (Aug. 19)

Amsterdam opens Championship Pool with win vs. Pioniers. (Aug. 17)
Neptunus outhit, but opens Championship Pool with win. (Aug. 17)

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Rosters Golden League 2017

Sparks Haarlem eliminates Terrasvogels with small shutout. (Sep. 19)

Olympia Haarlem leads after first day of Play-Offs. (Sep. 17)

Opening Day Play-Offs rains out on Saturday. (Sep. 16)

Olympia wins Cup Winners Cup; Terrasvogels silver at Premiere Cup. (Aug. 26)

Terrasvogels dethrones Sparks; Olympia in Final; DSS in Semi-Final. (Aug. 25)

Olga Lablans inducted into Dutch Hall of Fame. (Aug. 23)
Sparks & Terrasvogels in PO; DSS wins Pool; Surprise loss Olympia. (Aug. 23)

1st loss Terrasvogels, Sparks Haarlem; DSS & Olympia Haarlem stay unbeaten. (Aug. 22)

Successful 1st day Dutch clubs on European Cups. (Aug. 21)

Petra van Heijst new Head Coach of Tex Town Tigers. (Aug. 18)

Previous news 2017.

New Zealand wins Challenge Cup. (Feb. 18)

Previous news 2017.

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