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Updated: May 10, 2010
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Former politician, baseball/softball-executive Hans Dijkstal passed away


...Hans Dijkstal...
(1943 - 2010)

WASSENAAR (Neth.) - Former politician Hans Dijkstal, who was also wellknown for several activitities in Dutch baseball and softball, passed away on Sunday, May 9 at the age of 67 year old after a period of sickness.

Henri Frans Dijkstal was born in Port Said (Egypt), where his father and grandfather worked in shipping. After coming to the Netherlands, he became an Alderman of the city of Wassenaar, an independent financial advisor and gave management training. Being active in local politics, Dijkstal became a member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands in 1982 for the VVD, becoming the vice-chairman of that party in 1990. In 1998, he succeeded Frits Bolkstein as its parliamentary chairman, a position he held until 2002.

In 1994-1998, Hans Dijkstal was a member of the Cabinet, then headed by Wim Kok and called 'Kok I'. He was the vice-prime minister as well as the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Dijkstal left politics in 2002.

From March 2003 through July 2007, Hans Dijkstal was the chairman of the Dutch Funding for the Film. He also was a member of the committee of recommendation for the Dutch Foundation for Leukemia.

Hans Dijkstal loved jazz, was a saxofonist and an avid baseball/softball-player, playing the sport for Storks in The Hague, the club where he also served as its chairman in 1969-1975. Despite his activities and long days in politics, he kept on playing softball for Storks until a short time ago. Before turning to softball, Dijkstal played many seasons as a baseball-player for Storks, being an infielder and and pitcher. For several teams he played for, he was the teamcaptain. As a club executive, Dijkstal represented Storks during council meetings of the Dutch Federation in the seventies. In 2004, he served as advisor for the KNBSB-board which was installed then and was a member of the committee of recommendation for the Baseball World Cup in 2005, which was held in the Netherlands. Besides that, he was one of the forces behind the The Hague Softball Days and a frequent visitor to the international baseball tournaments in Haarlem and Rotterdam.

(May 10)

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