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Updated: January 22, 2011
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Engelhardt, Kluijskens MVP; Boyd, Meadows Best Pitcher 2010
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - On Saturday, January 22, at the Head Office in Nieuwegein, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association honored the best players of the 2010 season in baseball and softball.

Bryan Engelhardt (Corendon Kinheim) and Kim Kluijskens (Sparks Haarlem) were named Most Valuable Player in respectively the Dutch big league baseball and softball. Engelhardt also got trophies for hitting the Most Homeruns and stealing the Most Bases.

Bryan Engelhardt batted .373, which was Kinheim's second best, as teammate Dirk van 't Klooster hit .400 to win the trophy for Batting Champion. At Kinheim, Engelhardt led with 37 runs scored, 57 basehits, 11 doubles, six homeruns, 36 RBI's and 16 stolen bases. His hits and RBI's were the most in the league. Also nominated for the MVP-trophy were Sidney de Jong (L&D Amsterdam Pirates) and Raily Legito (DOOR Neptunus).

Kim Kluijskens led Sparks Haarlem with a .422 batting average, 38 hits and 33 RBI's. She also scored 23 runs. Her batting average was second best in the league behind Britt Vonk (Tex Town Tigers), who hit .446. Kim's RBI's were the most in the league. She also led in On Base Percentage. Also nominated for the MVP-trophy were Kate Gentile (Iber Lengua Terrasvogels) and Nadine Marinus (Tex Town Tigers).

Leon Boyd (DOOR Neptunus) and Lindsey Meadows (Tex Town Tigers) are the Best Pitchers of the 2010 season.

Leon Boyd led the big league with an 0.39 ERA and was second best with 83 StrikeOuts and victories (9). Also nominated were David Bergman (Corendon Kinheim) and Rob Cordemans (L&D Amsterdam Pirates).

Lindsey Meadows won her third Best Pitcher Award in the last four years. She led the league with her 0.36 ERA, Innings Pitched (129.1) and StrikeOuts (150) and finished the season with a 13-3 record. Also nominated for Best Pitcher were Dagmar Bloeming (Sparks Haarlem) and Andee Lindgen (Twins).

Tony Moyo was the MVP and Best Pitcher in the Men Softball League, but this awards were not handed out today. As the Men Softball League had no topsport-status during the 2010 season, no Official Scorers were assigned to their games. The awards in the Men Softball League were handed out after completion of the season in September.

(January 22)

The best players of 2010
Back row: Bryan Engelhardt (MVP, Most Homeruns, Most Stolen Bases, BB), Nick Urbanus
(Ron Fraser Award, BB), Brian Farley (Coach of the Year, BB), Piet Pannen (Nol Houtkamp Award, SB),
Juni Francisca (Coach of the Year, SB), Dirk van 't Klooster (Best Hitter, BB), Steven Wharwood
(Rogear Bernadina Award, BB) and Niels Harteveld (Roel de Mon Award, BB).
Center row: Eva Voortman (Riet Vermaat Trophy, SB), Kim Kluijskens (MVP, SB) and
Chantal Versluis (Most Stolen Bases, SB). Front row: Daley Paalvast (Rob Cordemans Award, BB),
Bram Grooten (Dirk van 't Klooster Award, BB), Martin de Jonker (Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy for
MariŽlle Vleugels, SB) and Gť van Berkel (Leen Volkerijk Award, BB).
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)

Overview Star Awards Baseball 2010
Most Valuable PlayerBryan EngelhardtCorendon Kinheim
Best PitcherLeon BoydDOOR Neptunus
Batting ChampionDirk van 't KloosterCorendon Kinheim
Most HomerunsBryan EngelhardtCorendon Kinheim
Most Stolen BasesBryan EngelhardtCorendon Kinheim
MVP Holland SeriesDushan RuzicDOOR Neptunus
Guus van der Heijden Memorial Trophy
(Best International Under 23)
Mariekson GregoriusCincinnati Reds
Ron Fraser Award
(Most Promising Youth Player)
Nick UrbanusL&D Amsterdam Pirates
Roel de Mon Award
(Best Youth Pitcher)
Niels HarteveldDOOR Tridents
Coach of the YearBrian FarleyDutch National Junior Team
In Memoriam Leen Volkerijk Award
(player development)
Gť van BerkelThe Herons
Rob Cordemans Award
(Elite MVP Pitcher BB Academies Cadets)
Daley PaalvastScimitars
Dirk van 't Klooster Award
(Elite MVP Fielder BB Academies Cadets)
Bram GrootenBixie Baseball
Rick van den Hurk Award
(Elite MVP Pitcher BB Academies Juniors)
Evan SimonsUnicorns
Rogear Bernadina Award
(Elite MVP Fielder BB Academies Junioren)
Steven WharwoodUnicorns
Overview Star Awards Softball Women 2010
Most Valuable PlayerKim KluijskensSparks Haarlem
Best PitcherLindsey MeadowsTex Town Tigers
Batting ChampionBritt VonkTex Town Tigers
Most HomerunsNoťmi Boekel
Karin Tuk
Chantal Versluis
Sparks Haarlem
Tex Town Tigers
Sparks Haarlem
Most Stolen BasesChantal VersluisSparks Haarlem
MVP Holland SeriesKim KluijskensSparks Haarlem
Egbert van der Sluis Memorial Award
(Best International Under 23)
Britt VonkTex Town Tigers
Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy
(Most Promising Youth Player)
MariŽlle VleugelsIber Lengua Terrasvogels
Riet Vermaat Trophy
(Best Youth Pitcher)
Eva VoortmanCentrals
Coach of the YearJuni FranciscaSparks Haarlem
Nol Houtkamp Award
(player development)
Piet Pannen
Overview Best Players Men Softball 2010
Most Valuable PlayerTony MoyoStorks
Best PitcherTony MoyoStorks
Batting ChampionMike den BravenStorks
Most HomerunsSignald PazSpikes

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