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Updated: November 1, 2010
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Giants and Meulens win World Series!
ARLINGTON, Texas (USA) - The San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the first time since 1954 after defeating the Texas Rangers 3-1 on Monday-evening in Game Five to win the Series 4-1. And so, former Dutch National Team-player Hensley Meulens from Curaçao won a World Series-ring as the Hitting Coach of the Giants. And so on this place, a special congratulations of course is in order for OUR Hensley! And he did a great job this season, as the Giants not only were productive in the season, they also eliminated the team with the best Win-Loss record Philadelphia Phillies. In the World Series, the Giants again were strong offensively and combined that with great defense and superb pitching of their starters as well as their relievers.

For the Giants, this is not only their first title in 56 years, it is also their first title since the team plays in San Francisco. After completion of the 1957 season, the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco. At the same time, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles to keep the rivalry intact. The 56 year drought was the third longest for a team to wait between titles. In second place are the Cleveland Indians, who are now 62 years without a title since last winning the Series in 1948. But the longest period without a title belongs to the Chicago Cubs and probably never will be broken to whatever sports team in whatever sport around the world. The Cubs last won the World Series in 1908, meaning they are now 102 years without a title!

What was thought to happen in Game One of the Series happened in Game 5, a great pitching duel between Cliff Lee (Rangers) and Tim Lincecum (Giants). The two aces held each in balance for six innings in which they kept the game scoreless and allowed no runner to reach second base.

Cliff Lee gave up a 2-out single to Buster Posey in the first inning, then retired the side in the second inning. In the third, he gave up a 2-out single to Andres Torres, which was again followed by an 1-2-3 inning. Then, in the fifth, lead-off hitter Aubrey Huff reached on an error, but then a strikeout and double play followed. In the sixth, Freddy Sanchez singled and then Buster Posey hit the ball into deep rightfield, but there Nelson Cruz made the catch just in front of the wall.

The performance of Terry Lincecum was even better, but he also allowed only four baserunners. After retiring the side in the first and second inning, he started with two strikeouts in the third, then issued a walk, but ended with another strikeout. In the fourth, he gave up a lead-off single to Michael Young, who was then forced out, while Lincecum added two more strikeouts and retired the side again in the fifth. In the sixth, Mitch Moreland led off with a single, but again three outs followed.

Both teams then scored their runs in the seventh inning. In the top of the at bat, Cody Ross led off with a single, then Juan Uribe also singled to bring the first runner to second base in the game. The two advanced on a sacrifice bunt by Aubrey Huff (his very first in his big league-career). After next hitter Pat Burrell struckout, Edgar Renteria followed with a 3-run homerun to put the Giants ahead, 3-0. For the Giants, they again scored with two outs. During the regular season, the Giants were in last place with 2-out RBI's, but in the Series, they scored 17 of their 29 runs with two outs!

In the bottom of the seventh, Lincecum gave up an one-out homerun to Nelson Cruz and walked next hitter Ian Kinsler, but then again struckout the next two hitters.

In the eighth inning, Texas-closer Neftali Feliz took over for Cliff Lee and gave up a 2-out single to Buster Posey, but he stranded. Feliz then got an 1-2-3 inning in the ninth. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Lincecum again retired the side and added his tenth strikeout. In the ninth, the bearded Brian Wilson took over for long-haired Tim Lincecum. He struckout lead-off hitter Josh Hamilton, got Vladimir Guerrero to groundout and ended by striking out Nelson Cruz. The celebration could begin!

Colombian Edgar Renteria was named Most Valuable Player of the World Series. He became just the fourth player in history to deliver the Series-winning RBI in two different Series, as he also drove in the Series-winning run for the Florida Marlins in Game 7 in 1997. Renteria joins an exclusive company, as the other are the legendary Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra and Lou Gehrig.

(November 1)

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