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Updated: August 6, 2010
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Voogd steps down as ADO-coach
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - Leo Voogd has stepped down as Head Coach of ADO, effective immediately. Assistant Coach Michael Martha will lead the team in the remainder of the season.

...Leo Voogd...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
When the season was interrupted for the international events, ADO was in seventh place with a 9-27 record and one tie. Voogd was named Head Coach of ADO in October 2008 and finished in seventh place with the squad last year with a 10-31 record and one tie. With this, ADO faced Mr. Cocker HCAW in the first round of the Play-Downs and lost the best-of-five series 3-2. Hereafer, ADO secured its spot in this years big league by defeating MediaMonks RCH 3-2 in another best-of-five.

Voogd, who earlier coached at Schiedam (amongst other teams), states 'financial arguments' as his primary reasons to step down. Voogd is the second Head Coach to separate with his team this season. Earlier, Bernie Beckman and Konica Minolta Pioniers separated.

(August 6)

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