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Updated: February 4, 2011
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Dutch participation World Cup unsure
NIEUWEGEIN (Netherlands) - In a statement released today by the KNBSB, Technical Director Robert Eenhoorn said that he can't say for the full 100 percent that the Dutch National Baseball Team will participate in the World Cup, which will be held in Panama towards the end of September.

Eenhoorn wants to start a dialogue about the situation with other countries soon, as reaction of the decision of the Executive Committee of the International BAseball Federation to set a World Cup for this year after all. A lot of federations had not counted on participating in a World Cup this year, meaning the budgets for 2011 already have been compiled.

Eenhoorn: ,,Of course, you always want to participate in a World Cup, but you want to know in advance how the situation is. So far, the reports were that no World Cup would be organized this year. And then suddenly a half year before the event you hear that you have to go to Panama in September.''

No World Cup was initially scheduled, as it was mentioned that this year a possible preliminary round might be scheduled for the World Baseball Classic.

But Eenhoorn is seeing more problems. ,,The tournament will start on September 25, which is one week after completion of the Holland Series. Besides that, on September 24-25, the Final Four is scheduled. No, the last word is not said yet.''

(February 4)

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