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Updated: April 12, 2011
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Starting Pitchers Opening Day II announced
AMSTERDAM / BUSSUM / THE HAGUE / HAARLEM / HOOFDDORP / ROTTERDAM / UTRECHT (Neth.) - On Thursday-evening, April 14, the Dutch big league-season gets into full swing with four games, which are the openers of a 3-game series that continues on Saturday and Sunday.

For six of the teams, this will be Opening Day. Last weekend, L&D Amsterdam Pirates and DOOR Neptunus already opened the season with a 3-game series, with Amsterdam winning two of them.

As always, Grand Slam - Stats & News will present the probable starting pitchers in advance of a series. Of course, the announced starters can always change.

Listed below, are the starters for the upcoming series.

Standings & Schedule

UVV vs. Vaessen Pioniers
The upcoming series will mark the comeback on the highest level for UVV, as the Utrecht-club last played in the Dutch big league in the 1988 season, when it relegated to the First Division. New Head Coach Royce Holder named RHP Orlando Yntema as his Opening Day-starter for Thursday-evening against Vaessen Pioniers. It will be the debut in the Dutch big league for the Dominican-born Yntema, who therefore is labeled as a rookie. From 2004-2009, Yntema played professionally in the organization of the San Francisco Giants, then played in Italy last season for Caterna Warriors. After completion of the season, Yntema, who holds a Dutch passport, made his debut in the Dutch National Team during the Intercontinental Cup and also participated last month with the national squad in St. Petersburg Baseball International.

Robert Klaver, the Head Coach of UVV's opponent Vaessen Pioniers has also set his rotation for the 3-game series. In the series vs. UVV, Pioniers has to do without short stop Michael Duursma, who has to sit out a 3-game suspension, while infielder Mervin Gario is recovering from an injury and is still on the disabled list.

Probable Starting Pitchers
RHP Orlando Yntema (0-0)
RHP Jurjen van Zijl (0-0)
LHP Martijn Riphagen (0-0)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
LHP Conrad Orman (0-0)
RHP Eddie Aucoin (0-0)
RHP Lars Huijer (0-0)

Corendon Kinheim vs. ADO
The rotations for this 3-game series has been set by both Head Coaches. Kinheim's Head Coach Eelco Jansen has a fit squad, but his ADO-colleague Aldric Dunlop has to do without veteran outfielder Harvey Gumbs, who hurt his shoulder recently after a fall, but probably will be ready again for next week series. Outfielder Bas Mol will be sidelined for a few weeks with backproblems. American lefthander Nick Martin, who arrived on Tuesday, will be Game 2-starter when ADO plays its first home game.

Probable Starting Pitchers
RHP David Bergman (0-0)
RHP Duko Jansen (0-0)
LHP Nick Veltkamp (0-0)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
LHP Jurandi Girigori (0-0)
LHP Nick Martin (0-0)
RHP Raynard Doran (0-0)

Mr. Cocker HCAW vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates
Amsterdam Head Coach Charles Urbanus will go with the same rotation as he did in the opening series against DOOR Neptunus. HCAW's Head Coach Bill Froberg only named his starter for Thursday's game, being (former Pirate) Kevin Miner. Froberg and his staff are still looking who to name as starter for the weekend, but will do so later this week. Candidates to start in the weekend are RHP Dennis Burgersdijk and LHP Joey Eijpe, but Froberg might also decide to use Venezuelan lefthander Roger Luque, who arrives on Thursday. There are a few players on the HCAW-roster with some minor injuries, but Froberg expects them to be fit for this series.

Probable Starting Pitchers
RHP Rob Cordemans (0-1)
RHP Jos de Jong (0-0)
RHP Ben Grover (1-0)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP Kevin Miner (0-0)
to be announced
to be announced

Sparta-Feyenoord vs. DOOR Neptunus
Jan Collins, the Head Coach for Neptunus, slightly changed his rotation as opposed to the series vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Instead of rookie Kevin van Veen, righthander Tim Roodenburg will start Game 3. Sparta-Feyenoord's Head Coach Luty Bernadina had to make an adjustment to his rotation. Lefthander Gregory Gustina, who was supposed to start the opener on Thursday, is stricken with the flu and therefore American righthander Bobby Carrington will start instead. Gustina now might start on Saturday, but Bernadina has not made a decision on that yet. When Gustina also is unavailable for the weekend, Bernadina can choose from RHP Marc Hennep, RHP Rudy Seebus or RHP Ludwin Obispo.

Probable Starting Pitchers
RHP Bobby Carrington (0-0)
to be announced
to be announced
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
LHP Diegomar Markwell (1-0)
RHP Kevin Heijstek (0-0)
RHP Tim Roodenburg (0-0)

(April 12)

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