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Updated: November 15, 2010
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Good transfer-period Iber Lengua Terrasvogels
SANTPOORT (Neth.) - Normally, softball-teams wait with the announcement of their transfers until after the deadline has expired or just a few hours before that. Iber Lengua Terrasvogels broke with that tradition this year was the first team to announce the coming of six new players on October 17 and 19. A few days before the transfer-period ended, the team added two more players, including a former player. Five players, three of whom retired, will not be back with the team next season, while two of their three foreign players are not returning.

Coming to Santpoort were Dutch National Team-infielder Meike Witteveen and Dutch Junior Team-players Rebecca Duindam and Marisèla de Wind. Pitcher Ginger de Weert, who was and is a member of the preliminary roster of the National Team also was amongst the first group of six, as were Lotte Holvast, who early this year also was a member of the preliminary roster of the Orange, and Floor Roest.

...Meike Witteveen...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Later, Terrasvogels announced that former National Team-player Anouk van den Heuvel also joined the club, while Annemiek van Riessen decided to return to full active duty.

Infielder Meike Witteveen comes to Terrasvogels from Tex Town Tigers, where she played for 15 years and with whom she won the Dutch championship-title in 2008 and 2009 and reached the Holland Series again this season. In 2005, she made her debut in the Dutch big league, playing in 34 games for the team from Enschede and hitting .237 with 18 basehits. Three years later, she increased her batting average to .340, then batted .326 last season in which she finished in third place in her team with 24 runs scored.

...Ginger de Weert...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
This season, she batted .408 (20-for-49), scored seven runs and had five RBI's in 19 games, missing some game due to a leg-injury. Last year, Meike made her debut in the Dutch National Team, with whom she won the European title in Spain and this year participated in the World Championship in Venezuela, playing in 37 international games overall.

Righthanded Pitcher Ginger de Weert also played for Tex Town Tigers the last two seasons. In 2008, she made her big league-debut, pitching in 17 games for Centrals, where she was 3-5 with one save. Last year, she appeared in 20 games for Tex Town Tigers, finished with a 7-3 record, two saves and an 1.31 ERA, while striking out 41 batters in 58 2/3 inning. This year, Ginger was used in only six games during the regular season and was 2-2 with eight strikeouts in 15 innings.

...Rebecca Duindam...

...Marisèla de Wind...
(© Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)
Rebecca Duindam and Marisèla de Wind are both coming from Olympia Haarlem and both were members of the Dutch Junior Softball Team, which had a disappointing European Championship in Vienna (Austria), finishing in fifth place.

Rebecca Duindam made her big league-debut in 2007, playing in two games for DSC '74, which was renamed Olympia Haarlem a year later after a merger. In 2008, she played in her first full season, hitting .147 in 29 games. Last year, Olympia played in the First Division and then promoted back to the big league. This season, Rebecca played in the big league for two teams. She batted .186 (11-for-59) in 28 games for Olympia, scoring eight runs and having five RBI's, while hitting .200 in 12 games for the Dutch Juniors, which also participated in the big league as a team.

...Lotte Holvast...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Just like Rebecca, Marisèla de Wind this season played in the big league for two teams. She played in all 32 regular season-games for Olympia Haarlem, hitting .261 (23-for-88) with three doubles, nine runs and eight RBI's, while hitting .188 in 20 games for the Dutch Juniors. Last year, Marisèla also was with Olympia when it played in the First Division after she had made her big league-debut the year before, playing in 27 games and hitting .122.

...Floor Roest...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Lotte Holvast, who is an utility player, made her big league-debut in 2005, playing in five games for Tex Town Tigers, scoring two runs and having one official at bat. In the next season, she played in 18 games and registered her first big league-hits. Lotte also was with the team when it won the Dutch title in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, she played in only 11 games, but then appeared in 27 games last year, hitting .205. This season, Lotte played for Centrals, setting a career-high with 29 games, 10 basehits and seven runs batted in. She hit .161 and also scored five runs.

Catcher/Outfielder Floor Roest was a big league-rookie this season, playing in all 32 games for DSS, which relegated to the 'Overgangsklasse'. She batted .213 (19-for-89), was second in her team with 12 runs scored and batted in five runs.

A week after the first six newcomers were announced, Terrasvogels confirmed the coming of two more players.

...Anouk van den Heuvel...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Infielder Anouk van den Heuvel made her big league-debut in 2004, playing in 30 games for Euro Stars, where she then played for seven big league-seasons. In her rookie-season, she hit .247, but then reached the .300 mark the next year and hit .300 of higher in five of the next six seasons, including the last three. In 2008, she led Euro Stars with a .329 batting average, then reached a career-high last season with a .360 average, which was the second best of the team, where she was also second best with 32 basehits en 18 RBI's.

...Annemiek van Riessen...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
This season, Anouk played in 32 games, hitting .325 (27-for-83), hit her first big league-homerun, scored 14 runs, also had 14 RBI's and led the team with 16 walks. In 2005, Anouk participated with the Dutch National Softball Team in the Canada Cup and this year was a member of the preliminary roster.

Infielder Annemiek van Riessen initially retired after last season, as she was expecting her first child. She came back in the last part of the season, participated with the team in the Cup Winners Cup-tournament in Haarlem, but then withdraw again. But after completion of the season, she decided to return again next year. Annemiek made her big league-debut in 2002, playing in 35 games for Onze Gezellen (including 17 as a pitcher), then played in three games for Terrasvogels the next season, before playing two seasons for DSC '74. In 2006, she returned in the Terrasvogels line-up, hitting .402 in his first of four full seasons for the team. This season, she played in only five regular season-games, hitting .400 (6-for-15) with one triple and three RBI's. Last year, Annemiek was a member of the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Softball Team.

...Femke van Dusschoten...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
Righthanded Pitcher Femke van Dusschoten left Terrasvogels after two seasons and will play next year for Alcmaria Victrix, which promoted to the big league. There, she will join her sister Malou, who is also a pitcher, and her father Frans, who is the Bench Coach of the team. After coming from Onze Gezellen, Femke made her big league-debut last year, pitching in 16 games for Terrasvogels and was 9-5 with an 1.56 ERA and striking out 81 in 85 1/3 inning. This season, she again pitched in 16 games, was 8-3, finished with a 3.09 ERA and struckout 61 batters in 70 1/3 inning, while walking 42 and giving up 64 hits.

...Shannah van der Kaaij...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Last year, Femke played for the Dutch National Softball Team that captured the European title in Spain.

1B Shannah van der Kaaij will play for Dutch champion Sparks Haarlem, which will be her fourth club in six big league-seasons. In 2006, she made her debut, playing in 29 games for Birds, then played for Amsterdam Pirates in 2007, before joining Terrasvogels a year later. Last season, Shannah had a career-high with a .281 average and this year, she had personal highs with 18 runs scored and 22 basehits. She also was a member of the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Softball Team in 2009. This year, playing in 31 games, she hit .250 (22-for-88) and also had seven RBI's. Shannah initially was a pitcher, but this season was the first in which she didn't pitch.

Three players retired after completion of the season: Femke Haage, Linda Hoenderdos and Iris Kolman.

...Linda Hoenderdos...

...Femke Haage...
(© Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)
After having played in the big league for Onze Gezellen, outfielder (and former infielder) Linda Hoenderdos played for Terrasvogels since 2004. In her first season in Santpoort, she batted .257. Last season, Linda reached career-highs with a .393 batting average, 44 basehits and 26 runs, leading the team in the last category. This season, she batted .267 (27-for-101) in 32 games with two doubles and two triples, scored 17 runs and had six RBI's. In 2005, Linda was a member of the Dutch National Softball Team.

...Iris Kolman...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Infielder/Outfielder Femke Haage joined Terrasvogels in 2006 after having made her big league-debut the year before with Tex Town Tigers. In her first Terrasvogels-season, Femke hit .356 with 12 runs and nine RBI's. Last year, she scored a career-high 15 runs. This season, Femke played in only 17 games, as she was sidelined with a broken wrist for part of the season. She batted .146 (6-for-41) with two triples, scored nine runs and had two RBI's. Femke was a member of the Dutch National Softball Team in 2005 and 2006.

Catcher/Infielder Iris Kolman made her big league-debut playing in two games for Amsterdam Pirates in 2002. She then also played for that team in parts of the following two big league-seasons, then became the regular catcher in 2005, playing in 34 games for Pirates, which then relegated. She remained with Pirates, which then won the First Division-title in 2006, so Iris returned to the big league a year later, playing in 35 more games for the team from the capital. After having played for six seasons in Amsterdam, she played in her first six games for Terrasvogels in 2008. This season, Iris played in 29 games, batted only .071 (5-for-70), scored five runs and had four RBI's.

...Aimee Murch...
(© Ph: Marco Stoovelaar)
Righthanded Pitcher Aimee Murch and 2B Christina Rolla also will not return to Santpoort next year after having played for Terrasvogels for two seasons, while both officially remain eligible to play for the team, as they didn't transfer to another team.

...Christina Rolla...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
Australian National Team-pitcher Aimee Murch last season was 16-5 with three saves and an 1.09 ERA and struckout 143 in 134 1/3 inning to be named Best Pitcher. This season, Aimee was 14-4 with a 0.62 ERA and struckout 129 in 124 2/3 inning, while walking only 19 batters. With the Australian National Team, Aimee this year participated in the World Championship in Venezuela.

Italian National Team-player Christina Rolla led the team last season with a .418 batting average and 25 RBI's. This year, Christina again was the best hitter of the team with a .360 average (32-for-89) and led in runs (19) and hits (32), while having 15 RBI's.

On October 7, Terrasvogels announced the naming of Tim Verbrugge, their new Head Coach for next season as successor of Jeroen Deken. Helen Kuyper will return as the Assistant Coach.

(November 15)

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