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Updated: September 16, 2010
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Houtkamp back in business; Mannessen available
SANTPOORT (Neth.) - As the season approaches its conclusion, the first reports of changes are coming in. Veteran coach Nol Houtkamp announced he is returning in active duty, while Berend Mannessen confirmed he retired as coach at DSS, but is available for next season for interested teams.

...Berend Mannessen and Nol Houtkamp...
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Nol Houtkamp announced he will handle the practices next season for the women-squad of RCH-Pingu´ns, which played in the Third Division this season and will be coached by Jeroen de Vries. Houtkamp has a long coaching career and led the Dutch National Softball Team from 1969-1983 after completing a baseball-career in the Dutch big league. He later coached in the Dutch big league softball for TYBB, DSC '74 and Amsterdam Pirates, but also coached at a lower level. Houtkamp, who also led the national team of Belgium, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Softball Federation, European Softball Federation and the Dutch Federation.

Last weekend, Berend Mannessen completed his second season with DSS, which relegated from the big league to the First Division. Last year, he led the team to the title in this league to promote to the majors. Before coming to DSS, Mannessen was the Head Coach of Hoofddorp Pioniers for 13 seasons. In 1990, he was the Assistant Coach at big leaguer DSC '74, which then was led by Nol Houtkamp, whom he succeeded a year later. Mannessen led DSC '74 for three seasons, then coached Alphians one season, before returning to Pioniers, where he went on to coach for the next 13 years. Before coming to DSC '74, Mannessen already had been the Head Coach for Pioniers four years. Mannessen has no club yet for next season. ,,But I'm available'', he said. ,,I still like to coach.''

(September 16)

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