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Updated: October 31, 2010
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ADO announces their player transfers
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - Like Hoofddorp Pioniers and Sparta-Feyenoord, ADO underwent a lot of changes after completion of this season, but the team from The Hague has the most. On Sunday, the club was the last of the big league-team to announce their transfers, which involved a total of 27 players. 14 players are leaving the team (including five who retired), while 13 players were added to the roster for next season, including two players who were promoted from their Rookie League-team. Last Wednesday, ADO announced that Aldric Dunlop and Gershwin Hernandez will be the new coaches of the squad next season. Dunlop will be in charge and succeeds Michael Martha, who had taken over the team in August.

This season, ADO finished in seventh place, then was swept in three games in the first best-of-five Play-Down vs. Sparta-Feyenoord, but then won the next best-of-five series vs. Almere Magies 3-1 to secure their spot in next years big league.

Thirteen players were being placed on the current big league-roster, including three players who already played for the team before.

...Harvey Gumbs...
(© Ph:
37-year old Harvey Gumbs will make his comeback in the Dutch big league next season and will play in his fifth stint for the team from The Hague. Gumbs last played in the highest division in 2007 when he played in 12 games for ADO. Most recently, he played for First Divisionist Storks. After coming to the Netherlands from Curaçao, Gumbs first played two seasons for Sparta in the 'Overgangsklasse' (one division below the big league), then made his debut in the highest division in 1995, while playing for ADO. In his first season, Gumbs played in 34 games and batted .303 with 40 basehits. After hitting .384 the next season, Gumbs left baseball and played a season in the Men Softball big league for Kokolishi, but returned to ADO in 1998, this time hitting .438 with 46 hits, including nine homeruns, and 24 RBI's. In 1999, he played one season for Amsterdam Pirates, hitting .353, but then returned for the third time to ADO, where he led the team in 2000 with a .390 batting average. After two more seasons, he went on to play two years for Almere '90, but then came back the The Hague for a fourth period. In his first year back, 2005, Gumbs led ADO with a .293 average and 44 basehits. Due to an injury, he didn't play in 2006, then added 12 more games in 2007. In 2001 and 2002, he was a member of the Dutch National Baseball Team that participated in the World Port Tournament and Haarlem Baseball Week respectively, but was cut from the rosters for World Championship and Intercontinental Cup in those years.

Former professional Raynard Doran also will play next season for ADO. Doran, who started the year for Sparta-Feyenoord, already joined ADO during the season, but then was ineligible to play. After signing a contract at age 18, Doran played professionally in the organization of the Minnesota Twins from 2006-2009. In all four seasons, he played in the Rookie League, including the first three in the Dominican Republic. In 2009, when he played in the Florida-based Rookie League-team of the Twins, Doran played in only five games due to an injury. Initially, he was an outfielder and batted .222 in his first season, playing in 64 games, scoring 27 runs and finishing with 16 RBI's. After playing in 53 games the next year, he was turned around into a righthanded pitcher. As such, he appeared in 12 games in 2008 and was 2-0, while striking out 16 in 17 2/3 inning. In 2009, Doran was 1-0 and pitched only seven innings.

...Jan Baldee...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
In 2008, Doran participated with the Dutch Caribbean Team (an All Star Team of the Netherlands Antilles in the Haarlem Baseball Week. Early 2009, he was a member of the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Team for the World Baseball Classic, but didn't made the cut. This year, Doran made his debut in the Dutch big league, but played in only six games for Sparta-Feyenoord. He batted .071 (1-for-14) and scored one run. As pitcher, he threw 12 1/3 inning in five games and was 0-0. He struckout 11, walked 10, gave up 14 hits and 18 runs.

Former pro Jan Baldee also is coming from Sparta-Feyenoord. The infielder, who turns 20 in December, made his Dutch big league-debut in 2008 when he played in 10 games for Sparta-Feyenoord, hitting .161. In the same year, he signed a contract with the Houston Astros and played professionally in 2008 and 2009 when he was a member of the Rookie League-team of the Astros. In 2008, he played for the team based in the Venezuelan Summer League, playing in 13 games and hitting .070 (4-for-43), scored no runs and had one RBI. Last year, he played in the Florida-based team of the Astros, playing in 18 games and hitting .024 (1-for-41). This season, Baldee played in eight games for Sparta-Feyenoord, hitting .182 (4-for-22) with one RBI.

Outfielder Calvin Martinus (the son of current Neptunus 1B Coach Wim Martinus also comes the The Hague from Sparta-Feyenoord. In 2006, while playing for Tridents, he made his big league-debut playing in seven games for Neptunus. He then played in 12 games the next season for Sparta-Feyenoord, but returned to Neptunus a year later. In 2008 and 2009, he split time between Tridents and Neptunus, appearing in eight big league-games combined in these two seasons. This year, he played in 19 games and batted .071 (2-for-28) with three runs and five RBI's.

...Dave Steward...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Besides Harvey Gumbs, two more players are returning to ADO, Dave Steward and Dave Veerman.

Infielder Dave Steward made his big league-debut in 2007, while playing in 10 games for ADO, then played a full season for the team in 2008. In that year, he played in 42 games and batted .238 (36-for-151) with 11 doubles. He scored 11 runs and led the team with 24 RBI's, which was by far the best, as the second best in the team had only nine. Last year, he played in 32 games and batted .133, then played for Storks this season.

Righthanded Pitcher Dave Veerman came over from First Divisionist Robur '58, but made his big league-debut with ADO in 2004 when he pitched in six games and finished with an 0-2 record. In 10 innings, he struckout eight batters and gave up 16 hits.

Another player with some big league-experience is Righthanded Pitcher/Infielder Kevin Nieveld, who pitched in three games this season for ADO and was 0-2. In 6 1/3 inning, he struckout one batter, walked nine and gave up eight hits. He made his big league-debut in 2008, playing in one game for ADO. This season, Nieveld played in the Rookie League-team of ADO.

Six players will make their big league-debut next season.
Cuban Righthanded Pitcher/Outfielder Carlos Tabares Castro played in the Rookie League-team of Sparta-Feyenoord this season after having played for Tridents therefore. Also coming from the Sparta-Feyenoord Rookies are Catcher Jarreau Martina and Infielder Gino Hersilia. Added from the ADO-Rookies (along with Nieveld) was Infielder Jay Lopez and coming from Storks is Outfielder Bas Mol. Another newcomer is American Righthanded Pitcher Kolbe Olzewski, who lives in The Hague.

...Martijn Riphagen...
(© Ph:
On Saturday, when Sparta-Feyenoord announced their transfers, that included the coming of RHP Bobby Carrington, RHP Ludwin Obispo and Infielder Anthony Vrolijk. Earlier, when L&D Amsterdam Pirates announced their transfers on October 12, it was confirmed that Righthanded Pitcher Jurrian Koks will play in the capital next season.

Righthanded Pitcher Martijn Riphagen left ADO to play for UVV, which will return to the big league next season. This season, Riphagen pitched in 18 games, seven as a starter, and was 0-5 with a 4.98 ERA. In 47 innings, the righthander struckout 28 batters, walked 43 and gave up 44 hits. Riphagen, who also was used as first baseman or in the outfield, batted .300 (6-for-20). Last year, Riphagen played in 22 games, but none of them as a pitcher. He batted .115 with six hits and scored three runs, while having four RBI's. Riphagen made his big league-debut in 2008 when he played in one game (as pitcher) for the team from The Hague.

...Boudewijn van Elswijk & Koen Meershoek...
(© Photos: Henk Seppen)
Outfielder Boudewijn van Elswijk returns to Storks next season. This year, he played in his third period for ADO, which this time last two years. After coming from Storks, he made his big league-debut with ADO playing in 29 games in 2004. He then played in two seasons for Amsterdam Pirates, before returning to ADO in 2007. Next, he played another season for Storks and came back to ADO for the 2009 season in which he played in 40 games and batted .232. This season, Van Elswijk batted .252 (30-for-119) with nine doubles and one homerun, scoring nine runs and having 12 RBI's. At the end of the season, he missed the Relegation Play-Off vs. Almere Magpies due to a suspension.

Also returning to Storks is Outfielder Koen Meershoek, who played in two seasons for ADO. This season, he played in 38 games and batted .235 (31-for-132), scoring 10 runs and having eight RBI's.

...Stefan Venema...
(© Ph: Henk Seppen)
Righthanded Pitcher Tjibbe van Dijk is going back to Blue Birds, where he also played before joining ADO this season. He made his big league-debut in 2004 when he pitched in nine games for ADO and was 2-1. Van Dijk played in two more seasons for ADO, then went to Blue Birds, before returning this season in which he threw in 16 games as reliever. He was 1-0 and pitched 17 innings in which he struckout 14, walked 16 and gave up 35 hits for a 12.71 ERA.

Infielder/Catcher Stefan Venema will play on a lower level next season, as he then will be a member of Euro Stars-3. With this, he returns to the club, where he played four seasons (2006-2009) before coming to ADO. Venema made his big league-debut in 2002, playing in 26 games for Sparta-Feyenoord, where he also played the next season. He then played a full big league-season for ADO in 2005, playing in 40 games. After another year in The Hague, he moved to Euro Stars in 2006. This season, he played in 22 games and batted .210 (17-for-81) with 10 runs and one RBI.

...Berti Richardson completes a double play...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Five players retired after the season.

Veteran Infielder Berti Richardson this season was the leading hitter of ADO with a .276 average (32-for-116), scoring 10 runs and having nine RBI's. For Richardson, who came from Blue Birds, this was his first year at ADO and first year back in the big league since he played for Kinheim in 2002. Richardson made his big league-debut 19 years ago when he played in two games for Neptunus in 1991 after also having played for Blue Birds in the years therefore. After the 1992 season, he played three seasons for Sparta in the First Division, then played with that team (which then was renamed Sparta-Feyenoord) in the big league for three seasons. In 1997, he led the team with 56 hits and 43 runs and batted .378. A year later, he collected 63 basehits, 36 runs and 39 RBI's and then went on to play two seasons for Hoofddorp Pioniers. In his second season in Hoofddorp, he again led in runs scored, this time 29. In 2001, he played in his first of two seasons for Kinheim. Again, he led a team in runs, this time scoring 39 in 2001 when he batted .303. After the 2002 season, Richardson returned to his former club Blue Birds, before making a brief comeback in the big league this season.

His brother Frans Richardson also retires. He also came from Blue Birds to play one season for ADO in which he played in 27 games and batted .234 (22-for-94) with six runs and eight RBI's. As a pitcher, he appeared in 10 games and was 1-3 with one save, throwing 20 1/3 inning. He had made his league-debut playing in 25 games for Kinheim in 2002.

...Michel Korzeniewski...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Infielder Jeroen Stentler also retires after having played only one season for ADO. In 1999, he made his big league-debut, playing in four games and hitting 4-for-9 (.444) for Sparta-Feyenoord. In played his next big league-game in 2002, appearing in one game for Neptunus. After having played for Tridents the next season, Stentler played two seasons for Amsterdam Pirates, before joining Euro Stars in 2006. There, he played for four seasons and then went on to play for ADO this year.

Veteran Catcher/Third Baseman Michel Korzeniewski is the fourth player to retire. In 2002, he played in his first seven big league-games for ADO. He then played two seasons for Sparta-Feyenoord, before returning to ADO for the 2005 season. In his first season back in The Hague, he led the team with 13 RBI's with Harvey Gumbs, who will make his comeback next year. Since 2005, he played in six seasons for ADO and this year had a career-high batting average with .255 (35-for-137), scoring seven runs and having six RBI's. His 35 basehits were the most of the team and he was the second best hitter behind Berti Richardson. Korzeniewski retires after nine big league-seasons in which he played in 268 games.

Infielder Allan Milliard also announced he left, but it is not known wether he will retired or will play for another club. This season, his first with ADO, he played in 22 games, hitting .271 (13-for-48) with 10 runs and one RBI. The brother of Ralph Milliard made his big league-debut playing in one game for Mr. Cocker HCAW in 2004. He then played six games for the Bussum-club the next year and played his next five big league-games in 2008 for Corendon Kinheim.

Returning from this years roster are Lefthanded Pitcher Jurandi Girigori, Catcher/Outfielder Remco Seitzinger, First Baseman/Outfielder Patrick Wabbijn and Infielder Irving Redan.

(October 31)

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