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Updated: December 2, 2011
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Dutch Team to meet Major League-teams in March
ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (USA) - The Dutch Baseball Team again will meet some Major League-teams next March when it will participate for the second time in St. Petersburg International Baseball. In March of this year, the first edition was organized at Al Lang Stadium in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg International Baseball was created by Mayor Bill Foster to bring back spring baseball to the historic Al Lang Stadium.

In the second version of the event, which will be held March 6-18, the Dutch Team is one of two international squads to participate, the other being Canada. A team from St. Petersburg College will join the two squads. In the 10-game schedule, the Dutch Team plays seven games, while Canada plays five match-ups. The Dutch and Canadian squads meet each other twice.

Tuesday, March 67:05 PM (local)Canada vs. Netherlands
Wednesday, March 77:05 PM (local)Netherlands vs. St. Petersburg College
Thursday, March 81:05 PM (local)Netherlands vs. Detroit Tigers
Friday, March 97:05 PM (local)Canada vs. St. Petersburg College
Saturday, March 105:05 PM (local)Netherlands vs. Canada
Sunday, March 111:05 PM (local)Canada vs. Phildelpia Phillies
Monday, March 121:05 PM (local)Netherlands vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
Tuesday, March 131:05 PM (local)Canada vs. Toronto Blue Jays
Friday, March 161:05 PM (local)Netherlands vs. Atlanta Braves
Sunday, March 181:05 PM (local)Netherlands vs. Tampa Bay Rays

(December 2)

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