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Updated: May 31, 2012
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Starting Pitchers; Player-updates HCAW, Sparta-Feyenoord
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - The starting pitchers for the upcoming 3-game series, that starts on Thursday-evening, have been announced.

But there is also player-news from Mr. Cocker HCAW and Sparta-Feyenoord.

HCAW has added Aruban lefthanded pitcher Gerald Martijn to his roster and he will be with the team on Thursday-evening for the first game of their series against Vaessen Pioniers.

Sparta-Feyenoord confirmed that catcher Brian Raap has returned to the team. Initially, Raap announced last week he would leave when there were several problems surrounding the team. He and Siegert Flaneur announced they would leave. The latter indeed left the squad and now will play for Almere Magpies. But since the internal problems were solved, the two coaches returned, as did Raap.

Starting Pitchers coming series

(May 31)

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