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Updated: April 27, 2013
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Victories for current top-4
AMSTERDAM / ROTTERDAM / HAARLEM / THE HAGUE (Neth.) - On Saturday, the current top-4 in the Dutch big league won their games. On the day that the future Dutch King, Prince Willem-Alexander celebrated his 46th birthday, Corendon Kinheim, DOOR Neptunus, UVV and L&D Amsterdam Pirates were victorious again, as they were on Thursday-evening in Game 1 of the series. The series will be concluded on Sunday. Coming Tuesday, April 30, H.R.H. Willem-Alexander will ascend to the throne when his mother Queen Beatrix abdicates.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates vs. Vaessen Pioniers
At Amsterdam, in a pitching duel, the home team trailed 1-0 since the second inning, but then came alongside in the eighth inning. Amsterdam Pirates then won 2-1 in the ninth inning on an one-out single by Kevin Weijgertse.

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L&D Amsterdam Pirates - Vaessen Pioniers 2-1
Vaessen Pioniers010000000-172
L&D Amsterdam Pirates000000011-261
(one out when the winning run was scored in the ninth inning)
pitchers Pioniersinn.SOBBHRER
Josh Rickards7.222411
Dennis Buring- (*)-1---
Bayron Cornelissen, L (0-1)0.21-21-
(*) - Buring pitched to one batter in the eighth inning
pitchers Piratesinn.SOBBHRER
Kevin Heijstek84-61-
Jurrian Koks, W (1-01--1--
Umpires: HP-Renť Ras, 1B-Olav Steijger, 3B-Jan-Willem van der Paauw.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Linda Steijger.
Play-by-Play-Harumi Ueda.
Time-2:14 hr.

DOOR Neptunus vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW
At Rotterdam, Neptunus defeated HCAW again, this time with a more convinving result than last Thursday, 9-3. Neptunus collected 13 basehits, including a homerun by RafaŽl Jozefa. Trailing 9-0, HCAW scored its three runs in the last two at bats of the game. Winning pitcher Orlando Yntema gave up only one basehit in six innings.

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DOOR Neptunus - Mr. Cocker HCAW 9-3
Mr. Cocker HCAW000000012-362
DOOR Neptunus03222000X-9130
pitchers HCAWinn.SOBBHRER
IvŠn Granados, L (0-3)434677
Tony Kreisel1--322
Roel Bellinga31-4--
pitchers Neptunusinn.SOBBHRER
Orlando Yntema, W (2-0)6351--
Josť Moreno, SV (1)311533
Homerun: Neptunus: RafaŽl Jozefa (1)(2-run,3rd,off Granados).
Umpires: HP-Winfried Berkvens, 1B-Coen van Lierop, 3B-Henri van Heijningen.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Brigitta Zaal.
Play-by-Play-Dieks Bannink.
Umpire Observer-Gerben Hardeveld.
Time-2:27 hr.

Corendon Kinheim vs. Mampaey The Hawks
At Haarlem, Kinheim trailed 2-0 in the sixth inning, then staged a 6-run rally and won 9-2 vs. The Hawks on eleven basehits, including a 2-run homerun in the eighth inning by Ramiro Balentina. Steven van Groningen threw seven solid innings, gave up six hits and won his third game of the season.

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Corendon Kinheim - Mampaey The Hawks 9-2
Mampaey The Hawks011000000-261
Corendon Kinheim00000603X-9113
pitchers The Hawksinn.SOBBHRER
Kevin Noordzij5 (*)24411
Hugo van der Kooij, BS (1), L (0-1)0.1-1555
Rick van Dijck2.211233
(*) - Noordzij pitched to one batter in the sixth inning
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Steven van Groningen, W (3-0)742621
Pim Walsma12----
Arshwin Asjes1-----
Homerun: Kinheim: Ramiro Balentina (1)(2-run,8th,off Van Dijck).
Umpires: HP-Johan Brandsma, 1B-Roy van de Wateringen, 3B-Rutger Druijve.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Jeanette van Drunen.
Play-by-Play-Eddy van Loon.
Time-2:25 hr.

ADO Lakers vs. UVV
At The Hague, UVV handed ADO Lakers its sixth loss in a row by winning 14-1 in seven innings on 15 basehits, including three by Norbert Jongerius, DenniS De Quint and Jirka Bliek. Chris Mezger, who wasn't the announced starter, threw six innings for UVV and gave up four basehits.

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ADO Lakers - UVV 1-14 (7)
ADO Lakers1000000-141
pitchers UVVinn.SOBBHRER
Chris Mezger, W (2-1)65-411
Jeroen de Haas11----
pitchers ADO Lakersinn.SOBBHRER
Timo van Ancum, L (0-3)4.144998
Rick van der Post2.214654
Umpires: HP-Fred van Groningen Schinkel, 1B-Rob Has, 3B-Martijn Bosschaart.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Feiko Drost.
Play-by-Play-Fred Haak.
Time-2:10 hr.

(April 27)

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