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Updated: August 24, 2019
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photo by Robert Bos)

Second game DSS vs. Storks halted in eighth inning

HAARLEM (Neth.) - The second game of the best-of-five Play-Downs Final Series between DSS and Silicon Storks was halted in the eighth inning by the umpiring crew on Saturday-afternoon (August 24). At that moment, Storks was leading 4-2.

DSS led 1-0 after three innings, but Storks then scored twice in the fourth and sixth inning. DSS got one run back in the bottom of the seventh.

When the eighth inning went underway, the fourth pitch to Storks-batter Jurriaan Dijk went into the ground, but then hit the hand of Home Plate Umpire Yme van der Lugt. An injury delay followed. Moments later, the umpiring crew halted the game after apparently something had happened near the dug-out of DSS.

The status of the game will now be determined by the KNBSB Board, who will look into the situation, probably on Monday.

DSS opened the Series on Thursday-evening with a 3-1 victory.

Game 3 will be played on Sunday in The Hague.

(August 24)

On a sunny afternoon in Haarlem, Storks got an opportunity to open the score in the top of the first inning off of starter Alexander Valdez. He gave up singles to Kevin Nieveld and Johnny Schmook. However, a double play and a grounder ended the at bat.

DSS was retired in order in its first inning off of Jurrian Koks. The veteran righthander gave up an out-out single to Devano Pieter in the second inning, but he was forced out, then Koks closed with a strikeout.

...Jurrian Koks is the pitcher-of-record for Storks...
(© Photo: Robert Bos)
The home-team opened the score in the bottom of the third. Runai Coran led off with a walk, but he was then hit by the batted ball hit by next batter Koen Werkman. In situations as this, the batter will be credited with a basehit. Moments later, Werkman was forced out on a grounder by Mitchel Dautzenberg, who moved into scoring position when Tino van Erk walked. Dautzenberg then scored when Aldi Guzman followed with a single.

Storks not only got into scoring position again in the top of the fourth, the team also scored two runs. Lead-off hitter Giovanny Perez was hit by a pitch, then Luuk Visser singled, which led to runners at the corners. With one out, Perez scored the tying run when an error was made on a force play-grounder by Brian van der Vlist. With two outs, Joey Schmook delivered a runscoring single to put Storks ahead, 2-1.

Jurrian Koks retired the DSS-side in the fourth, fifth and sixth inning. He was supported with two more runs in the top of the sixth. Luuk Visser led of with an infield-hit, then appeared to be forced out on a grounder by Sergio Schoop, but an error was made. After the two runners had advanced on a wild pitch, Schoop scored with one out on a fielder's choice-grounder by Jurriaan Dijk. As no out was made on this grounder, Storks still had baserunners on first and third base. A runscoring single by Joey Schmook followed to increase the lead to 4-1. That led to a pitching change. Robyn Clara took over and struckout the next two batters to end the at bat.

In the top of the seventh inning, Nick Keur took over the DSS-pitching. The lefthander got two baserunners with two outs, but closed with a strikeout.

In the bottom of the seventh, DSS scored its second run off of Jurrian Koks. Devano Pieter led off with a single and scored on a following double by Donny Kuijper. With one out, DSS got runners at the corners when Runai Coran singled. The latter moved to second base on a sacrifice bunt by Koen Werkman, which kept Kuijper at third base. The two runners were left behind, as a flyout ended the inning.

And so, the eighth inning went underway. With a 2-1 count, the fourth delivery of pitcher Nick Keur to lead-off hitter Jurriaan Dijk ended up in the ground, but then hit Home Plate Umpire Yme van der Lugt on his hand. An injury delay followed, as the umpire went to the dug-out for DSS to take care of his hand. Shortly thereafter, the umpiring crew (there were only two umpires, while three were assigned) left the field as they had halted the game due to something that had happened near the dug-out. The KNBSB Board now will have to look into this case to determine the status of the game.

To be continued.

DSS - Silicon Storks (halted, top 8th)
Silicon Storks00020200-490
(Game halted by umpiring crew in top 8th inning with no outs, no runners, 3-1 count on the batter and Storks leading 4-2)
pitcher Storksinn.SOBBHRER
Jurrian Koks (pitcher-of-record)742622

pitchers DSSinn.SOBBHRER
Alexander Valdez (pitcher-of-record)5.151842

Robyn Clara0.22----

Nick Keur1 (*)111--
(*) - Keur was pitching in the top of the 8th inning when the game was halted)

Box Score
Team Rosters
Umpires: HP-Yme van der Lugt, 1B-Aad Otsen.
Official Scorer-Sten Wessel.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Feiko Drost.
Technical Commissioner-Peter Brink.
Public Address Announcer-Bert DaniŽls.
Scoreboard Operator-Bert DaniŽls.
Starting Time-2:00 PM.
Time Played-2:03 hrs.
Site-Honkbalveld DSS, Pim Mulier Sportpark, Haarlem.

Game Notes:
Game 2, best-of-five Play-Downs Final Series.
Game halted in top 8th inning by umpiring crew with an 3-1 count on the batter, no outs, no baserunners and Storks leading 4-2.
Status of this game to be determined by KNBSB Board.
Weather conditions at game time: Sunny, 28,4° C (83,1° F); wind direction east-northeast;
wind speed 19 kmh (11,8 mph); wind force 3 Bft; humidity 45%.

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