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Updated: March 13, 2020
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International MastenbroekTournament in Enschede also cancelled

ENSCHEDE (Neth.) - The 37th edition of the annual international J.C.J. Mastenbroek Tournament for baseball and softball also has been cancelled, organizing club Tex Town Tigers announced on Friday (March 13). The event was scheduled for April 3-5 at the site of Tex Town Tigers in Enschede.

A total of 18 teams was to participate in the three-day event, including nine from abroad.

Twelve teams were scheduled to play in the women's softball tournament, being host Tex Town Tigers, Amsterdam Pirates, Olympia Haarlem, Quick Amersfoort, reigning champion Roef!, Terrasvogels (all Netherlands), Barracudas Zürich (Switzerland), Carrousel, RusStar Moscow (both Russia), Czech Stars, Joudrs Praha (both Czech Republic) and the German National Team.

To participate in the 6-team baseball tournament were host Tex Town Tigers, Alcmaria Victrix, Cromtigers (all Netherlands), Barracudas Zürich (Switzerland), RusStar Moscow (Russia) and Paderborn Untouchables (Germany).

The decision to cancel the tournament follows the announcement on Thursday (March 12) by the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) that it had cancelled all scheduled exhibition games for which KNBSB-officials were assigned, through March 31. Furthermore, the KNBSB advised its member-clubs to cancel or postpone all its other exhibition games that it had scheduled for the same period.

With that, the KNBSB followed new guidelines that were announced by the Dutch Governement regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), during a press meeting on Thursday-afternoon (March 12).
The Netherlands Olympic Committee/Netherlands Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) also advised to cancel all sports events and games through the end of this month.

Besides exhibition games, several annual (international) baseball- and softball-tournaments were scheduled for this period for which KNBSB-officials were assigned. These tournaments include Ringvaart Tournament (baseball, Heemstede, March 21-22), Wim Oosterhof Tournament (baseball, Haarlem, March 21-22), Power Tournament (baseball, Schiedam, March 21-22), Midden-Nederland Cup (softball women, Loosdrecht, March 21-22), Birds Tournament (baseball, Zoetermeer, March 22), Haarlem Series (baseball, Haarlem, March 27-29), Haarlem Series (softball women, Haarlem, March 28-29), Rob Noorlander Tournament (baseball, Dordrecht, March 28-29), Keistad Tournament (baseball, Amersfoort, March 28), Keistad Tournament (softball women, Amersfoort, March 28) and Keistad Tournament (softball men, Amersfoort, March 28-29).

All the above mentioned tournaments have been cancelled.

On Friday, Tex Town Tigers announced it also has cancelled the Mastenbroek Tournament, which was scheduled for the first weekend of April.

Like all other clubs, Tex Town Tigers said it has cancelled practice activities, as well as its annual clubmembers-meeting. The club added: ,,Unfortunately, due to the risks, we also have decided to cancel the Mastenbroek Tournament. Let's hope that these measures will contribute to get the control over the virus and that we can soon return to playing our sports.''

(March 13)

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