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Updated: March 28, 2012
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Two tournaments scheduled for coming weekend
ENSCHEDE / VLEUTEN (Neth.) - Coming weekend, six of the eight big league-teams are participating in two tournaments. Next week, six teams will participate in the Jan de Wit Tournament in Haarlem, which forms the final preparation for the new season.

Gryphons, which makes its return in the big league this season, meets Robur '58 in a double-header on Saturday.

J.C.J. Mastenbroek Tournament in Enschede
Dutch champion Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem is one of five big league-teams to participate in the 30th edition of this annual event in Enschede. Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels, which last year won the event, will defend its title. Also participating are Alcmaria Victrix, Olympia Haarlem and host Tex Town Tigers, as well as three foreign teams: Carrousel (Russia), SK Joudrs Praha (Czech Republic) and Wesseling Vermins (Germany).

The tournament opens on Friday-evening.

Friday, March 30
Carrousel (Rus.) vs.SK Joudrs Praha (Cze.) 7:00 PM
Tex Town Tigers vs.Carrousel (Rus.) 9:00 PM
Saturday, March 31
Alcmaria Victrix vs.Olympia Haarlem 10:00 AM
Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem vs.Tex Town Tigers 12:00 PM
Wesseling Vermins (Ger.) vs.Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels 12:00 PM
Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels vs.Alcmaria Victrix 2:00 PM
Olympia Haarlem vs.Wesseling Vermins (Ger.) 2:00 PM
SK Joudrs Praha (Cze.) vs.Tex Town Tigers 3:45 PM
Carrousel (Rus.) vs.Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem 3:45 PM
Wesseling Vermins (Ger.) vs.Alcmaria Victrix 5:30 PM
Olympia Haarlem vs.Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels 5:30 PM
SK Joudrs Praha (Cze.) vs.Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem 7:15 PM
Sunday, April 1
No. 3 Pool A vs.No. 4 Pool B 10:00 AM (13)
No. 3 Pool B vs.No. 4 Pool A 10:00 AM (14)
No. 1 Pool A vs.No. 2 Pool B 11:45 AM (15)
No. 1 Pool B vs.No. 2 Pool A 11:45 AM (16)
Winner Game 13 vs.Winner Game 14 1:45 PM (5th/6th place)
Loser Game 13 vs.Loser Game 14 1:45 PM (7th/8th place)
Loser Game 15 vs.Loser 16 3:30 PM (3rd/4th place)
Winner Game 15 vs.Winner Game 16 3:30 PM (final)

Jersey53 Cup in Vleuten
UVV, which returns to the big league this season with its softball-team, organizes the Jersey53 Cup coming weekend on its home field in Vleuten/Utrecht. It marks the first edition of the tournament, but UVV intends to make it an annual tradition.

The event has an international status, as Royal Greys is coming over from Belgium. A combination of big league-team Twins with its sister-club Roef! is also particating, as is DVH.

Saturday, March 31
UVV vs.Twins/Roef! 11:00 AM
DVH vs.Royal Greys (Bel.) 11:00 AM
UVV vs.DVH 1:30 PM
Twins/Roef! vs.Royal Greys (Bel.) 1:30 PM
UVV vs.Royal Greys (Bel.) 4:00 PM
Twins/Roef! vs.DVH 4:00 PM
Sunday, April 1
No. 1 vs.No. 4 12:00 PM (A)
No. 2 vs.No. 3 12:00 PM (B)
Loser Game A vs.Loser Game B 2:30 PM (3rd/4th place)
Winner Game A vs.Winner Game B 2:30 PM (final)

(March 28)

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