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Updated: March 26, 2013
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Roef! wins Pre-Season Tournament
MOERGESTEL (Neth.) - In the weekend, the women softball-team of Roef! has won its own annual International Pre-Season Tournament, which was organized for the third time. Because of the cold weather conditions, the complete tournament was moved inside! The weather again was very unfavorable to play outdoors in the weekend, which resulted in the cancellations of the Midden-Nederland Cup-tournament, organized by Hilversum Hurricanes. Roef! has the possibility to move to an indoor-facility, meaning the tournament could be played and that the event always has a go, whatever the weather conditions.

Particpating in this year event were Hamburg Knights and Neunkirchen Nightmares from Germany, Brasschaat Braves from Belgium and Dutch teams Hoofddorp Pioniers, Onze Gezellen, Storks and HCAW, as well as organizing club Roef!. Neunkirchen was the winner last year, the first edition in 2011 was won by Twins.

...Roef! wins its own tournament...
(© Photo: Wilco Heessels)
The eight teams were divided into two pools. The numbers one and two after the preliminary round played the semi-finals.

Roef! dominated on Saturday in the preliminary round, winning all three games in Pool A. The team began the event with a 6-0 shutout against Hoofddorp Pioniers, then won 5-0 vs. Hamburg Knights and closed with a 8-0 win vs. Onze Gezellen. The latter finished in second place by winning vs. Hamburg Knights (7-0) and Hoofddorp Pioniers (5-1).

In Pool B, HCAW remained unbeaten and won its three games with small scores. The team from Bussum won its opening game vs. Hamburg Knights with a 2-0 score, then added a 3-0 win vs. Storks and closed with a 2-0 win vs. Brasschaat Braves. The Belgian squad finished in second place with one win and a tie. Brasschaat won 8-1 vs. Storks and played an 1-1 tie against Neunkirchen.

On Sunday, Roef! continued its winning streak, but also its scoreless streak. In the semi-final against Brasschaat Braves, the team won 3-0 to advance to the final. Onze Gezellen became the second finalist by winning 2-1 vs. HCAW.

In the final, Roef! won 4-0, meaning the team didn't gave up a run in the five games played in this tournament! Wies Ligtvoet scored two of the four runs, while winning pitcher Sydney Vlyminckx gave up only two basehits.

HCAW finished in third place by winning 8-1 vs. Brasschaat Braves.

Scores SaturdayScores Sunday
Onze GezellenHamburg Knights7-0Hoofddorp PioniersNeunkirchen Nightmares6-1A3 vs. B4
Neunkirchen NightmaresHCAW0-2StorksHamburg Knights3-2B3 vs. A4
StorksBrasschaat Braves1-8Roef!Brasschaat Braves3-0A1 vs. B2
Roef!Hoofddorp Pioniers6-0HCAWOnze Gezellen1-2B1 vs. A2
HCAWStorks3-0Neunkirchen NightmaresHamburg Knights3-37th/8th place (*)
Hoofddorp PioniersOnze Gezellen1-5StorksHoofddorp Pioniers3-25th/6th place
Hamburg KnightsRoef!0-5HCAWBrasschaat Braves8-13th/4th place
Brasschaat BravesNeunkirchen Nightmares1-1Roef!Onze Gezellen4-0final
Hamburg KnightsHoofddorp Pioniers2-6
Roef!Onze Gezellen8-0(*) - Neunkirchen finishes in 7th place by reaching 3rd base more often
Brasschaat BravesHCAW0-2
Neunkirchen NightmaresStorks3-5

...The third edition of the Pre-Season Tournament was played indoors...

...Action in Moergestel...

...Wies Ligtvoet scored twice in the final...
(© All Photos: Wilco Heessels)

(March 26)

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