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Updated: September 27, 2013
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Experienced crew officials assigned for Holland Series
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Seven experienced umpires have been assigned to officiate during the best-of-five Holland Series, which opens on Saturday, September 28 with a double-header. On that day, Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem is playing at home at the Noordersportpark in Haarlem against Hotel Ambassador Haarlem Terrasvogels.

Next week, on Saturday, October 5, Terrasvogels is the home team in the next scheduled double-header to be played at Sportpark 'De Elta' in Santpoort. When a fifth is needed, it will be played the next day at the site of Sparks Haarlem.

For Terrasvogels, this will be the 19th time it plays in a Holland Series since the season's finale was introduced in 1982. For Sparks Haarlem, it will be its 15th trip to the Series, but when counting its predecessor HHC, this will be their 17th Series. This will be the eleventh Holland Series between the two teams. Through the years, these teams have proven to be equal, as the standings after 10 Series is 5-5.

Veteran umpires Carolien Stadhouders, Albert Tolen, Rob Veldkamp and Peter Vonk, who are all officiating in 15 or more seasons in the Dutch big league, are assigned for the Series. They are joined by Bob Gieskens, Patrick Reus and Arjan de Wever, who also have several years of experience in the highest division.

All seven have international experience, having participated in several tournaments for the European Championship in different age groups, as well as European Cup-tournaments for clubteams. Of the seven, Stadhouders, Veldkamp and Vonk have the most experience. Veldkamp was one of the umpires during the Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing. Stadhouders and Vonk were active during the World Women Championship in Venezuela in 2010. Stadhouders also did the World Championship in 2002 and officiated in three Olympic Qualifying Tournaments. Stadhouders, Veldkamp and Vonk all participated in World Junior Championships.

Veteran scorers Olga Lablans and Ben Goorts will be the Official Scorers for the opening double-header. They are also assigned for the following games in the Series.

...Left to right: Bob Gieskens, Patrick Reus, Carolien Stadhouders, Albert Tolen, Rob Veldkamp, Peter Vonk & Arjan de Wever...
(© Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)

#DateGameUmpiresOfficial Scorers
1Sat., Sep. 28Sparks Haarlem vs. Terrasvogels HP-Peter Vonk
1B-Patrick Reus
3B-Arjan de Wever
Olga Lablans
Ben Goorts
2Sat., Sep. 28Sparks Haarlem vs. Terrasvogels HP-Patrick Reus
1B-Arjan de Wever
3B-Peter Vonk
Olga Lablans
Ben Goorts
3Sat., Oct. 5Terrasvogels vs. Sparks Haarlem HP-Rob veldkamp
1B-Bob Gieskens
3B-Albert Tolen
Olga Lablans
Stefan Slinger
4Sat., Oct. 5Terrasvogels vs. Sparks Haarlem HP-Albert Tolen
1B-Rob Veldkamp
3B-Bob Gieskens
Olga Lablans
Stefan Slinger
5Sun., Oct. 6Sparks Haarlem vs. Terrasvogels HP-Peter Vonk
1B-Patrick Reus
3B-Carolien Stadhouders
Ben Goorts
Fred van der Kade

Promotion/Relegation Play-Off
Also on Saturday, the best-of-five Promotion/Relegation Play-Off opens in Vleuten.

There, UVV, which finished the big league-season in seventh place, meets Amsterdam Pirates, the second-best team of the second highest league ('Overgangsklasse'). DSS, the champion of the Overgangsklasse, promoted to next years big league, taking the place of Tex Town Tigers, which relegated.

Amongst the umpires assigned for this series are veterans Arie Nokkert and Sander Bootsman, who are active in the highest division for more than 12 seasons.

Amongst the six official scorers assigned for this series are veterans Maaike Houtkamp (22nd season), Fred van der Kade (20th season) and Dieks Bannink (19th season).

#DateGameUmpiresOfficial Scorers
1Sat., Sep. 28UVV vs. Amsterdam Pirates HP-Sander Bootsman
1B-Bianca Dweelaard
Fred van der Kade
Stefan Slinger
2Sat., Sep. 28UVV vs. Amsterdam Pirates HP-Bianca Dweelaard
1B-Sander Bootsman
Fred van der Kade
Stefan Slinger
3Sat., Oct. 5Amsterdam Pirates vs. UVV HP-Arie Nokkert
1B-Jac van Riel
Jeanette van Drunen
Dieks Bannink
4Sat., Oct. 5Amsterdam Pirates vs. UVV HP-Jac van Riel
1B-Arie Nokkert
Jeanette van Drunen
Dieks Bannink
5Sun., Oct. 6UVV vs. Amsterdam Pirates HP-Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven
1B-Rick Tuk
3B-Sander Bootsman
Maaike Houtkamp
Huub Nelissen

(September 27)

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