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Updated: April 18, 2021
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photos by Robert Meijboom)

Olympia Haarlem wins exhibition double-header at Roef!

MOERGESTEL (Neth.) - Olympia Haarlem opened its exhibition-season on Saturday (April 17) with two wins against Roef!. After the second game of the double-header at the site of Roef!, the two teams jointly conducted an online-fundraiser for their participation later this year in an European Cup-tournament. As reigning champion Roef!, will participate in the European Premiere Cup and Olympia Haarlem will play in the European Cup Winners Cup. Both events are scheduled to be held in August in Italy.

In today's double-header, Olympia Haarlem had a big 9-run rally in the third inning of the first game and went on to win 10-3. In the second game, Olympia nipped Roef! with a 2-1 score. Olympia was coached today by Ingeborg Berk-Cleeren, as Head Coach Stanley Doney is not yet in the country. The New Zealander returns this season as Head Coach.

Last weekend, Roef! was scheduled to play a double-header at Hoofddorp Pioniers, but that was cancelled due to weather conditions. Olympia Haarlem was to play two games against Onze Gezellen. Due to the cold temperatures, the two teams played only one game, which ended in a 7-7 tie.

Coming Saturday, Olympia Haarlem plays a double-header at home against Amsterdam Pirates. Roef! then will travel to Amersfoort to meet Quick Amersfoort.

(April 17)

Game 1
Roef! scored the first run today when Isa Los led off the bottom of the first inning with a homerun off of starter MariŽlle Vleugels, who then retired the next three batters.

...MariŽlle Vleugels...
...winning pitcher...
...2-run double...
(© Photo: Robert Meijboom)
Olympia Haarlem came alongside in the top of the second inning off of starter Shomayra Franka after having left Jessie van Aalst (double) behind in the first at bat. Former Roef!-player Cindy van der Zanden (she transfered to Olympia after last season) led off the second with a single, but was forced out on a grounder by Rachel van Veen. Hereafter, the Haarlem-team got a chance to take the lead, but scored only once despite getting the bases loaded. After Van Veen had advanced on a passed ball, both Lisa Hop and Anna Prins walked. Van Veen then scored the tying run when Quilen Dirksz reached an error. A double play ended the at bat.

Roef! re-took the lead in the bottom of the second inning. With one out, Eva Therou-van Knegsel doubled. The bases then got loaded when Lisa de Vries walked and everyone was safe on a fielder's choice-grounder by Ilse van Kerkoerle. This time, it was Roef! that scored only once. With two outs, Therou scored when Isa Los walked.

Olympia Haarlem then decided the outcome in the top of the third inning with a 9-run rally on seven basehits. Three of the runs were unearned due to two defensive errors. Brenda Beers and Machteld Rector led off with singles. Hereafter, Marjolein Merkx took over the pitching, but got the bases loaded when she walked Jessie van Aalst. MariŽlle Vleugels followed with a 2-run double, then Cindy van der Zanden added a runscoring single. The bases got loaded when Rachel van Veen reached on an error. A run was then added on a following walk for Lisa Hop and two more runs were scored on a single by Anna Prins. With runners on second and third base, the next run was scored by Hop on a sacrifice bunt by Quilen Dirksz. With two outs, Prins scored the eighth run in the long at bat on a passed ball. In her second at bat in the inning, Brenda Beers walked, moved on a passed ball and scored on an error, which lifted the lead to 10-2.

Olympia got another scoring opportunity in the top of the fifth. The bases got loaded when Michelle van der Meer and Quilen Dirksz were both hit by a pitch and Brenda Beers walked. But Van der Meer was then forced out at the plate on a grounder by Machteld Rector and Marjolein Merkx closed with a strikeout.

Trailing 10-2, Roef! scored its third run in the fourth inning off of reliever Isis Kistemaker. With one out, Maudy Bezems reached on an error and advanced on an infield-hit by Isa Los. The two moved on a grounder by Onaisha Franka, then Bezems scored on a wild pitch. Moments later, Los also tried to score on a wild pitch, but she was eliminated at the plate.

Roef! - Olympia Haarlem 3-10 (5 inn.)
Olympia Haarlem01900 -10102
Roef!11010 -343
pitchers Olympia Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
MariŽlle Vleugels, W (1-0)321322

Isis Kistemaker22211-

pitchers Roef!inn.SOBBHRER
Shomayra Franka, L (0-1)2 (*)12432

Marjolein Merkx, BS (1)344674

(*) - Franka pitched to two batters in the third inning

Homerun: Roef!: Isa Los (1)(1st,solo,0 outs,off Vleugels).
Team Rosters
Umpires: HP-Mariana Prins-Atanasova, 1B-Louis Rohan.
Scorer-Colinda de Vries (Olympia Haarlem).
Starting Time-1:30 PM.
Time Played-0:00 hrs.
Site-Sportpark 'Stokeind', Moergestel.

Game Notes:
Exhibition game; Game 1 double-header.
Weather conditions at game time:
Partly cloudy, 13° C (55,4° F); wind direction north-northeast; wind speed 16 kmh (9,9 mph); wind force 3 Bft; humidity 39%.

Game 2
...Lisa Hop..., 9 SO...
(© Photo: Robert Meijboom)
In the second game, Roef! initially also opened the score in the first inning. Again, the run was scored by lead-off hitter Isa Los. This, she reached on an error. With one out, Los moved to third base in a situation when Wies Ligtvoet walked and ended up on second base herself. Los then scored on a single by Kim Donkers, which would be Roef!'s lone basehit in the game. With two outs, Roef! got the bases loaded when Eva Therou-van Knegsel walked. However, the runners stranded, as a grounder ended the at bat. And the run scored by Los would be the lone one scored in this game.

Olympia-pitcher Lisa Hop had a strong outing in going the distance. As mentioned, she gave up only one basehit in the four innings she pitched in which she struckout nine batters.

Roef! was struckout in order in the second inning, then left runners behind in both the third and fourth inning. In the third, Onaisha Franka reached on an error, but was forced out on a grounder by Kim Donkers, who was left behind on first base. In the fourth, Eva Therou also reached on an error and stole second base. But she also was left behind.

Olympia Haarlem, which committed four defensive errors, was kept scoreless in the first two innings by Marjolein Merkx, who gave up only two basehits in this game. Olympia scored twice in the third at bat without recording a basehit. With one out, Cindy van der Zanden walked and Jessie van Aalst was hit by a pitch. After the two had advanced on a wild pitch, Merkx followed with a strikeout, but then got the bases loaded when she also hit Rachel van Veen with a pitch. Moments later, Van der Zanden scored the tying run when Lisa Hop walked. Hereafter, Van Aalst scored the go-ahead run on a wild pitch.

Roef! - Olympia Haarlem 1-2 (4 inn.)
Olympia Haarlem0020 -224
Roef!1000 -110
pitchers Olympia Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Lisa Hop, W (1-0)491111

pitchers Roef!inn.SOBBHRER
Marjolein Merkx, L (0-1)3.264222

Shomayra Franka0.1-----

Team Rosters
Umpires: HP-Louis Rohan, 1B-Mariana Prins-Atanasova.
Scorer-Colinda de Vries (Olympia Haarlem).
Starting Time-0:00 PM.
Time Played-0:00 hrs.
Site-Sportpark 'Stokeind', Moergestel.

Game Notes:
Exhibition game; Game 2 double-header.
Weather conditions at game time:
Partly cloudy, 14° C (57,2° F); wind direction north-northeast; wind speed 16 kmh (9,9 mph); wind force 3 Bft; humidity 41%.

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