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Updated: October 16, 2010
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Jurjen van Zijl also joins UVV
UTRECHT (Neth.) - Righthanded pitcher Jurjen van Zijl is the second newest addition of UVV, which on Thursday agreed to come back to the Dutch big league, taking the spot that was left vacant when Almere Magpies withdraw on Tuesday. On Thursday, the Utrecht-based club also announced the coming of (national team) outfielder Danny Rombley, who this season played for Dutch champion DOOR Neptunus.

...Jurjen van Zijl re-joins UVV...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Like Rombley, Jurjen van Zijl also started his career in the youth-teams of UVV and like Rombley, Van Zijl's father (Tom van Zijl) also played for the Utrecht-club. This year, Van Zijl pitched for Konica Minolta Pioniers, where he was 9-4 and started 15 games. In 97 innings, he struckout 75 batters and walked 20 (which are his career-best figures), but also gave up 93 basehits (which also is a career-high), while finishing with a 2.60 ERA. Van Zijl is the second regular pitcher to leave Pioniers, as Neptunus announced on Friday that it had acquired reliever Arshwin Asjes. Both Van Zijl and Asjes played only one season for Pioniers.

Last season, Van Zijl was a member of the championship squad of Neptunus, where he played for three seasons. While being in Rotterdam, Van Zijl was 11-5, appearing in 41 games, in which he appeared as both starter and reliever. His first season with Neptunus was his best, as he was 5-2, threw 53 innings and finished with a 2.55 ERA.

Van Zijl came to Neptunus after having thrown two seasons for Mr. Cocker HCAW in Bussum, where he made his big league-debut in 2005. In his rookie-season, he appeared in nine games and was 5-1, while striking out 28 in 39 2/3 inning and finishing with a 2.50 ERA. A year earlier, Van Zijl pitched for First Divisionist Quick Amersfoort, whom he had joined after leaving UVV after completion of the 2003 season.

Van Zijl's international career is limited to only two games, which he both played in 2006. On July 8, 2006, he made his debut in the Dutch National Team when he closed a game against Italy during the European Baseball Series. He then was cut of the roster for the following Haarlem Baseball Week, but was added again for the Intercontinental Cup in Taiwan later that year. Preceeding the event, the Dutch played two exhibition games against the national team of China. Van Zijl pitched in relief in one of those games, then wasn't used at all during the nine games played of the Intercontinental Cup.

(October 16)

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