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Updated: Novemmber 15, 2011
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European Cup Tournament awarded to Rotterdam
MILAN (Italy) - The Technical Commission of the European Baseball Confederation (CEB) has awarded next years European Cup Tournaments to Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Serravalle (San Marino). More events have been awarded to organisors, but that will be announced later this week.

The two European Cup-tournaments will be played from Wednesday May 30 through Sunday June 3 and will be Qualifying Tournaments for the European Cup Final Four later in the year.

...Neptunus Family Stadium, Rotterdam...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
With the awarding of one of the tournaments to Rotterdam, this means that DOOR Neptunus will play the event at home in its Neptunus Family Stadium. This also means that Dutch champion L&D Amsterdam Pirates almost surely will have to travel to San Marino, as it is most unlikely that both Dutch representatives will play in the same group.

Rotterdam also was the site of an European Cup Tournament in 2010 and will be the main-site of next years European Championship, which will also be staged in the cities of Haarlem and Utrecht. This year, Amsterdam hosted one of the two European Cup-tournaments, while Neptunus traveled to Parma (Italy).

The two group-alignments for the two 6-team tournaments will be determined during the next meeting of the Technical Commission on December 10 at Barcelona (Spain).

The twelve teams that are eligible to participate in next years Qualifiers are:
L&D Amsterdam Pirates, DOOR Neptunus (both Netherlands), Danesi Caffè Nettuno, Unipol Bologna (both Italy), T&A San Marino (San Marino), Draci Brno, Technika Brno (both Czech Republic), Paderborn Untouchables, Regensburg Legionäre (both Germany), Hoboken Pioneers (Belgium), Rouen Huskies (France) and FC Barcelona (Spain).

The teams have until December 31 to register for participation.

The top-2 teams of each tournament will advance to the Final Four, for which the dates and site will be named as soon as possible. This year, the Final Four was held in Brno (Czech Republic) and was won by T&A San Marino.

(November 15)

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