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Updated: December 15, 2011
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Golden Globe-nominations for 'Moneyball', Brad Pitt
LOS ANGELES, California (USA) - The baseball-movie 'Moneyball' and its lead actor Brad Pitt are nominated for the annual Golden Globe Awards, as was announced this today, Thursday, December 15. The movie and Pitt got more nominations this week, as well as for Jonah Hill and its screenplay.

This week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, nominations were announced for the Critics Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards, respectively.

The movie itself got a nomination for the Critics Choice Award, as well as the Golden Globe Award. Brad Pitt was nominated for all three awards, while Jonah Hill got a nomination for both the SAG as the Golden Globe. The screenplay was nominated for the Critics Choice and Golden Globe Awards.

The Artist, The Descendants, The Help and Midnight in Paris are the four movies that were nominated for all three awards. For the Critics Choice Awards, Moneyball is one of 10 movies that was nominated. For the Golden Globe Awards, Moneyball is one of five movies being named in the drama-category with five other being nominated in the Musical or Comedy Feature Film-category. Nominated with Moneyball for the Golden Globe are The Descendants, The Help, Hugo and War Horse.

As mentioned, Brad Pitt was nominated for all three awards, as were George Clooney (The Descendants), Leonardio DiCaprio (J. Edgar and Jean Dujardin (The Artist).

Jonah Hill was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards. Veteran actors Kenneth Branagh (My Week with Marilyn) and Christopher Plummer (Beginners) were nominated for all three awards and therefore appear to be the frontrunners to win in this category. Nominated with Hill, Branagh and Plummer for the Golden Globe are also Albert Brooks (Drive) and Viggo Mortensen (A Dangerous Method).

The Screenplay of Moneyball was nominated for the Critics Choice Award and Golden Globe and is one of four to be nominated twice, as were The Artist, Midnight in Paris and The Descendants.

For the record, Meryl Streep appears to be in line again for another award, as she was named three times for her portrayal of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the movie 'The Iron Lady'. Also nominated three times were Viola Davis (The Help), Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk about Kevin) and Michelle Williams (My Week with Marilyn).

...The Dutch Softball Team attending the première of Moneyball...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
The movie Hugo is a frontrunner to win several awards, as it was nominated seven times for the Critics Choice Award, including Cinematography, Art Direction, Editing, Costume Design, Visual Effects, Sound and Music Score. With this, the movie, which is directed by Martin Scorsese (who himself was nominated twice), also becomes a favorite for the Oscar.

The winners will be announced on January 12 (Critics Choice), 15 (Golden Globe) and 29 (SAG).

As Moneyball and Brad Pitt are nominated three times, they also become leading candidates to be nominated for the Oscars, which are announced on January 24 with the winners being announced on February 26.

On November 7, delegations of the Dutch National Baseball Team and Dutch National Softball Team attended a private, for invited guests only, première of 'Moneyball' in Amsterdam. The movie then began its run in Dutch theaters on November 17. Before the start of the movie, a presentation was held to promote the Mattingly V-grip bats, which made the screening possible.

'Moneyball' is based on the book with the same name by Michael Lewis and tells the story of former player Billy Beane, who has become the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics. Beane (who is played by Brad Pitt) has to work with a low budget, but then meets Peter Brand (played by Jonah Hill), who introduces computer-generated analysis to draft players. Together, they start compiling a team of players that brings Oakland back to the top, but also results in a hard confrontation with Field Manager Art Howe (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman).

The movie includes several baseball-scenes, but primarily plays in the Front Offices and uses a lot of baseball (and stats) language, which could make it a long sit if you have no link with baseball. But the movie tells a good and interesting story and is very well played.

(December 15)

Trailer 'Moneyball'

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