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Updated: October 25, 2011
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Dutch Baseball Team to be honored in Haarlem
NIEUWEGEIN - The Dutch Baseball Team, that captured the World Title on October 15 in Panama, will be honored on Friday, November 11 in the city of Haarlem, the Dutch Baseball and Softball Association KNBSB announced on Tuesday, October 25. Haarlem was one of six interested cities to host the event and since the team returned home last week staged a big campaign the last days to organize the happening.

In a press release, the KNBSB stated ''that of all cities that wanted to organize the festivities, Haarlem had the best program''.

In the coming days, the schedule for the day will be discussed with the Municipality of Haarlem. Items that are clear already are that the team will be honored in the center of the city, that the players will participate in a BeeBall-Clinic with youth baseball- and softball-players, that fans can take their photo with the players and that the day will be concluded with a party for the players and invited guests.

Initially, the honoring of the team was to be combined with the annual Star Awards-event where the best players in the baseball- and softball-season will be decorated. If this is still the case and in what form this will be combined was not mentioned in the press release. Also not mentioned was whether or in what way three other teams that captured an European title this year will be involved in the festivities. The Dutch Softball Team won the European title in Italy, the Dutch Cadets Softball Team won the championship in Belgium and the Dutch Junior Baseball Team won the title in Spain.

(October 25)

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