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Updated: May 7, 2012
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First victory for Sparta-Feyenoord; Umpire Van Groningen Schinkel honored
BUSSUM / ROTTERDAM / HOOFDDORP / THE HAGUE (Neth.) - On Sunday, Sparta-Feyenoord ended it's 11-game losing streak, beating Corendon Kinheim 6-1 to register their first win of the season.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates moved into a tie for first place with Kinheim by winning 6-1 vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW. Vaessen Pioniers had a narrow escape vs. UVV, winning 2-0 and DOOR Neptunus won 9-2 vs. AamigoO ADO Lakers.

Also today, veteran umpire Fred van Groningen Schinkel was honored, as he made his debut in the Dutch big league exactly 40 years ago.

Sparta-Feyenoord vs. Corendon Kinheim
At Rotterdam, Sparta-Feyenoord got a strong outing from veteran righthander Elton Koeiman and defeated league-leader Corendon Kinheim 6-1 to win its first game of the season. It was a much needed victory for the team, that ended its 11-game losing streak.

...Elton Koeiman...
...first CG win since 2006...
(© Photo:
Kinheim collected only six basehits off Koeiman, who this year returns in the big league after a 3-year absence. The last three seasons, he pitched for PSV in a lower division. The righthander, who turns 39 on Tuesday, threw his second complete game of the season. But in his first, on April 22, he threw eight innings in a loss vs. Vaessen Pioniers and today, Koeiman threw nine innings. And so, this was his first complete 9-inning game in the Dutch big league in more than five years. And how about these facts? Koeiman threw his last complete 9-inning game on the highest level on August 19, 2006 when he also pitched for Sparta-Feyenoord. That game was also played at home and the opponent back then also was Kinheim. Today's Home Plate Umpire Fred Groenewegen then was the umpire at first base. Oh, something else, today's game lasted two hours and five minutes, only two minutes longer than the 2006 game! The lone player who played in both games was Kinheim's Ren Cremer. Koeiman threw the last 9-inning complete game in which he was the winning pitcher on May 13, 2006 vs. Almere Magpies.

Sparta-Feyenoord opened the score with two runs in the first inning. The Rotterdam-squad had taken an early lead in several other games this season, but in the end, the result always was the same, it lost. But their was a big difference today, as for the first time this season, the defense committed no errors!

In the first, Kinheim's starter Nick Veltkamp gave up a lead-off single to Kevin van Nederpelt, then hit Anthony Vrolijk with a pitch with one out. An error was then made on a grounder by Michiel Ruiter that led to the first run. Brian Raap followed with a single to load the bases and then a groundout by Theodore van Heijningen made it 2-0.

Sparta-Feyenoord added a run in the fourth inning. Churandy La Cruz led off with a walk and moved on a sac-bunt by Suri Betrian. La Cruz then scored when Veltkamp threw the ball into the outfield during a pick-off attempt.

Two scoreless innings then followed, but two more runs were scored in the seventh inning. Facing Pim Walsma, who had taken over in the previous inning, Suri Betrian led off with a walk, stole second base and scored on a double by Jochem Pronk. This led to a new pitching change and Steven van Groningen took over for Walsma. Pronk then advanced on a passed ball and scored on a wild pitch, before Van Groningen had completed his first batter. In the eighth, Sparta-Feyenoord made it 6-0 when Michiel Ruiter was hit by a pitch and went on to score in a stolen base-situation.

Kinheim was unable to do something back off Elton Koeiman for eight innings. In the second at bat, Rachid Engelhardt led off with a single and stole second base, then Quintin de Cuba walked. Koeiman then struckout Niels van Weert, saw the runners execute a double-steal, but reacted by striking out Bjrn Henrichs. A foul-fly then ended this lone scoring opportunity for Kinheim. After walking De Cuba, Koeiman retired 20 of the next 23 batters he faced! Onno Jansen was the lone player to hit two basehits off Koeiman in this span, while Dirk van 't Klooster also singled, but then was forced out in a double play.

Kinheim finally scored its lone run in the ninth inning with two outs. Ren Cremer led off with a single, then moved to third base on an one-out double by Rachid Engelhardt. A force play was created by walking Quintin de Cuba intentionally. The bases remained loaded when next batter Niels van Weert flied out. And so, Koeiman needed only one more out to register a 9-inning shutout. But with a 2 balls, 1 strike count on Bjrn Henrichs, he threw the ball passed his catcher Brian Raap for a wild pitch, that led to Kinheim's lone run. Moments later, Henrichs grounded out to end the game.

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Mr. Cocker HCAW vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates
At Bussum, L&D Amsterdam Pirates won 6-1 vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW to move into a tie for first place with Corendon Kinheim. But the game wasn't decided until the last three innings, as the score was tied at 1-1 after six at bats.

Amsterdam opened the score in the first inning off Dennis Burgersdijk. With two outs, Sidney de Jong walked and Percy Isenia singled. De Jong then scored when Kenny Berkenbosch also singled, but then two runners stranded as Burgersdijk struckout Vince Rooi to end the inning.

Starting with the inning-ending strikeout, Burgersdijk retired nine batters in a row, before walking Rooi. In the fifth, the righthander gave up an one-out single to Roelie Henrique, but he stranded at third base. In the sixth, Sidney de Jong led off with a single and Vince Rooi walked with two outs, but the latter then was picked off first base and was eliminated in a rundown.

...1B Randy Reiph eliminates Roelie Henrique...
(© Photo: Alfred Cop Fotografie)
HCAW got the bases loaded in the first inning off Ben Grover, but failed to score. Glenn Romney led off with a walk and Linoy Croes singled. The latter was forced out on a grounder by Kody Hightower, but the bases were loaded when next batter Randy Reiph also walked. Grover then struckout rookie Dylan de Mello and saw another rookie, Jim Froberg, ground out to end the inning.

HCAW left a runner in the second inning, stranded two more in the fourth, but came alongside in the fifth inning. Glenn Romney led off with a walk and advanced on an one-out single by Kody Hightower, then scored when Randy Reiph followed with another single. The inning ended when Pirates turned a double play.

Amsterdam broke the 1-1 tie in the seventh at bat. Bas Nooij, who had struckout in his first two at bats, led off with a single and advanced on an error. He then scored when Burgersdijk made a throwing error on a sac-bunt by Bjrn Hato. Burgersdijk was relieved by Sander Helmendach, who saw Hato advance on a sac-bunt by Roelie Henrique and then score on a single by Wesley Connor.

Amsterdam added a run in the eighth inning off new pitcher Kyle Putnam. The American walked lead-off hitter Sidney de Jong, who then moved on a single by Percy Isenia and a force play-grounder by Kenny Berkenbosch. Moments later, he scored on a wild pitch. After Vince Rooi walked, Putnam was relieved by Caspar van Beest, who ended the at bat by striking out Bas Nooij and getting a flyout from Bjrn Hato.

Two more runs were scored in the ninth at bat off Van Beest. Henrique and Connor began with singles and then respectively scored on a grounder by Jesse Aussems and a double by Sidney de Jong.

Nick Stuifbergen took over the pitching for Amsterdam in the sixth inning and held HCAW was scoreless for three innings, only giving up a 2-out double to Linoy Croes in the seventh and a 2-out single to Jim Froberg in the eighth. In the ninth, Jurrian Koks retired the side to close the game.

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...Left: Kody Hightower is caught stealing by Vince Rooi in the 3rd inning...
...Right: Jurin Overman connects off Nick Stuifbergen, but flies out...
(© Photos: Alfred Cop Fotografie)

Vaessen Pioniers vs. UVV
At Hoofddorp, Vaessen Pioniers won only 2-0 vs. UVV.

...Umpire Fred van Groningen Schinkel is honored...
...His son Stenar stands at left...
(© Photo:
Before the game started, veteran umpire Fred van Groningen Schinkel was honored by KNBSB's boardmember Frits Mulder. Van Groningen Schinkel is active in his 41st season in the Dutch big league, but today, it was exactly 40 years ago that he made his debut in the highest division. On May 6, 1972, Van Groningen Schinkel was the 1B Umpire in the game between HCK (which is nowadays known as Kinheim) and OVVO. Today, Van Groningen Schinkel again officiated at first base. To make it even more special, Van Groningen Schinkel was joined in today's umpiring crew by his son Stenar van Groningen Schinkel, who was the 3B Umpire. Only one of the players that played in today's game, was around when Van Groningen Schinkel made his big league-debut, being Pioniers' rightfielder D Flanegin, but he was only four months and 13 days old!

The game remained scoreless for four-and-a-half inning. UVV got on base for the first time in the second inning off lefthander Mika de Lincel when Ryan Murphy singled with one out, but he stranded at first base. In the third, Brian Biezen led off with a walk, but was left on third base. In the fourth inning, Danny Rombley led off with a walk, stole second base, but then was caught stealing at third base. In the next at bat, Stijn van der Meer led off with a single and moved on a sac-bunt, but he was picked off second base by catcher Mark Duursma.

UVV's starter Duko Jansen gave up five hits in the first four at bats to Pioniers, which left six runners, including four in scoring position. In the fifth, Pioniers opened the score. Michael Duursma led off with a walk, moved on a sac-bunt by Mark Duursma and scored on a 2-out single by Jourick Blanco.

In the sixth inning, Jansen walked Zerzinho Croes with two outs and was relieved by Kyle Ward, who then ended the at bat with a groundout. But in the seventh inning, the lefthander gave up the second run to Pioniers. Michael Duursma again led off with a walk, but this time was forced out on a grounder by his brother. With two outs, the latter scored on a double by Blanco, who therefore batted in both runs, which were scored by the Duursma-brothers.

Czech lefthander Jan Řehček took over for Pioniers in the seventh inning, but was greeted with a lead-off single by Danny Rombley, who then moved on a wild pitch. In his previous outings this season, he wasn't very successful, but today, Řehček had a fine outing, as he retired the next nine batters in a row. With Rombley on second base, a grounder followed, but the Czech then struckout the next two batters. In the eighth, Řehček added two strikeouts and retired the side again in the ninth to earn his first save of the season.

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...Left: KNBSB-boardmember Frits Mulder congratulates umpire Fred van Groningen Schinkel with his milestone...
...Right: Winning pitcher Mika de Lincel...
(© Photos:

...Michael Duursma turns double play in 6th inning...
(© Photo:

...Brian Biezen was the lone UVV-player to reach third base...
(© Photo: Frans van Elst)
...Left: Despite the loss, these UVV-fans enjoyed the cold afternoon in Hoofddorp...
...Right: Hey, we're trailing 2-0!...
(© Photos: Frans van Elst)

AamigoO ADO Lakers vs. DOOR Neptunus
At The Hague, DOOR Neptunus won 9-2 vs. AamigoO ADO Lakers, but led only 4-1 after six innings. ADO Lakers had now lost eight games in a row.

Neptunus today had to do without its middle infielder Dwayne Kemp, who was at home with the flu. Besides that, Benjamin Dille also was sidelined recovering from his leg-injury he sustained last Tuesday. And so, veteran Raily Legito (and longtime regular third baseman) today was the short stop, while Urving Kemp (the younger brother of Dwayne) was the second baseman. Like yesterday, rookie Gregory Trinidad played at first base, replacing Jeffrey Arends, who sat out his second game of a 2-game suspension.

Facing Thomas Macy, Neptunus opened the score in the second inning. With one out, Rien Vernooij doubled, then moved to third base on a single by Adrian Anthony and scored when a throwing error followed. In the next inning, the second run was added. Shaldimar Daantji, who hit in the number one slot instead of Dwayne Kemp, led off with a walk, stole second base and moved on a grounder. Moments later, he scored on a wild pitch.

In the fourth inning, Neptunus made it 3-0. with two outs, Mourik Huijser tripled, then scored when Gregory Trinidad followed with a single.

Neptunus-starter Bobby Carrington, who pitched for ADO two years ago in his first season in the Dutch big league, retired the first nine batters he faced, but then gave up a run in the bottom of the fourth. He first walked lead-off hitter Gregory Hassell, who then stole second base. Hassell advanced on a grounder by Ludwin Obispo, then was unable to advance on a bunt-single by Phil Ortez, but then did score on a single by Evan Porter. Two grounders followed, so ADO stranded two runners. Starting with these two outs, Carrington retired the last eight batters he faced, before the bullpen took over.

Neptunus got the run back in the fifth inning. Raily Legito led off with a single, moved to third base on a failed pick-off, then scored on a sac-fly by Lennart Koster. The next run was added in the seventh inning when Rafal Jozefa singled and went on to score on a single by Legito.

Neptunus then took more distance by scoring four runs in the eighth at bat off new pitcher Rick van der Post. Adrian Anthony led off with a double, then Urving Kemp walked. The bases got loaded when Mourik Huijser was hit by a pitch. Next, Gregory Trinidad singled to bring in two runs. The rookie was 3-for-4 with three RBI's in only in his second big league-game. The bases were re-loaded when Shaldimar Daantji walked. Rafal Jozefa then grounded out, but brought in Huijser to make it 8-1. Trinidad was then thrown out at the plate on a grounder to third by Raily Legito. Hereafter, Kevin Loos, who turned 17 in January, entered the game as pinch-hitter and he delivered an RBI-single in his first big league at bat to make it 9-1.

ADO Lakers scored only one more run in the bottom of the eighth off Kevin van Veen, who threw the final three innings for Neptunus. He walked lead-off hitter Remco Seitzinger and then his pinch-runner Aldrich Isenia advanced on a grounder and single by Gregory Hassell. Isenia then scored on a grounder by Obispo, but the inning ended when Hassell was thrown out at the plate trying to score on a single by Phil Ortez.

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