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Updated: April 17, 2012
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Starting Pitchers coming series
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Six games are in the books per team and so coming Thursday, April 19, the season enters its third week with its third 3-game series. An interesting series will be that between L&D Amsterdam Pirates and AamigoO ADO Lakers, who share second place at the moment. Also tied for second place is DOOR Neptunus, which meets UVV, which has only one win so far this season. League-leader Corendon Kinheim is playing against Mr. Cocker HCAW, which was swept last weekend after a good season's start. Winless Sparta-Feyenoord faces Vaessen Pioniers, which has won three of its six games.

Because of the rain and cold, most teams didn't practice on Tuesday-evening and so took the day off. Amsterdam Pirates did practice in its indoor facility.

Mr. Cocker HCAW (2-3-1) vs. Corendon Kinheim (5-1)
Corendon Kinheim swept UVV last weekend after having won two of their three games in the Opening Series vs. Vaessen Pioniers. Did the relievers earn the wins (and the loss) in the Opening Series, the three starters were the winners in the Series vs. UVV, all throwing seven innings, before the bullpen took over. With their five victories, the Haarlem-team moved into first place on Sunday.

Dirk van 't Klooster, the league's best hitter last season, currently leads the team with a .480 (12-for-25) average, which is third best in the league. With his twelve basehits, Van 't Klooster is best in the league, sharing with Raily Legito (DOOR Neptunus). Mervin Gario leads the team with eight runs and Bryan Engelhardt leads with seven runs batted in, as he also hit the team's two homeruns.

Mr. Cocker HCAW last weekend lost two its three games vs. Vaessen Pioniers after having played a 3-3 tie in the series' opener. In their Opening Series, HCAW won two of the three games vs. AamigoO ADO Lakers, turning a deficit into a victory.

HCAW's best hitter at the moment is Linoy Croes, who hits .381 (8-for-21), and also leads the team with five RBI's. Jorin van Amstel scored the most runs for the Bussum-squad, four.

Both teams are going with the same rotation as last weekend. If needed, LHP Nick Veltkamp, Kinheim's Game 3 starter, might be used in relief in the first two games.

American Kody Hightower has arrived in Bussum and while he probably will be used primarily as an infielder, he also might see duty as a relief pitcher.

Starting Pitchers
RHP Leon Elshof (1-0)
RHP Dennis Burgersdijk (0-0)
RHP Kyle Putnam (0-2)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP David Bergman (1-0)
LHP Luke Sommer (1-0)
LHP Nick Veltkamp (1-0)
Thursday at Bussum (7:30 PM), Saturday at Haarlem (2 PM), Sunday at Bussum (2 PM)
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AamigoO ADO Lakers (4-2) vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates (4-2)
AamigoO ADO Lakers last weekend swept Sparta-Feyenoord in three games, but lost two of their three games in its Opening Series vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW. ADO Lakers could easily have been unbeaten at this moment, as it led in its first two games vs. HCAW< but failed to hold onto it. After winning big vs. Sparta-Feyenoord in its opener, the next two games were decided by only a 2-run and 1-run margin respectively. ADO's current 4-2 record is its best season-start since going 10-2 in 2006.

Ludwin Obispo is ADO's best hitter at the moment with a .524 (11-for-21) average, which is second best in the league. Obispo's average is by far the best of the team, as American Evan Porter is next with .280. Obispo also scored the most runs of the team with six, as did Evan Porter and Enrique Tromp. Phil Ortez leads the team with 11 runs batted in and also hit one of the team's two homeruns. The other was hit by former pro Rudy van Heydoorn.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates finished last weekend with two victories vs. DOOR Neptunus after losing the opener of the 3-game series. Amsterdam handed Neptunus not only its first loss of the season, but also its first shutout-loss in a year. Amsterdam opened the season with two wins vs. UVV, then losing the third game.

While winning four games, Amsterdam's hit-production was not very high in its first six games. The team bats only .192, which is the lowest of the eight big league-teams. The team collected 37 basehits so far, which gives them sixth place. Wesley Connor and Kenny Berkenbosch lead the team with a .227 average, both are 5-for-22. They both also lead with three runs scored and also account for the team's two homeruns. The team gets strong pitching from its starters, as Rob Cordemans, Jos de Jong and Ben Grover struckout 28 batters combined and gave up only three runs. Amsterdam can also rely on a solid defense, which has made only four errors so far, giving them the league's best fielding average.

Both teams will used the same rotation as last weekend, which means that RHP Jos de Jong will pitch the opener again for Amsterdam, while RHP Rob Cordemans starts on Saturday. ADO Lakers might switch its starters for Game 2 and Game 3, meaning RHP Thomas Macy starts the home game on Sunday. Macy also made his previous two starts at home.

Starting Pitchers
RHP Ibrahim Redan (1-0)
RHP Thomas Macy (1-0)
RHP Reggie Bomberg (1-1)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP Jos de Jong (1-1)
RHP Rob Cordemans (2-0)
RHP Ben Grover (1-0)
ADO Lakers
Thursday at The Hague (7:30 PM), Saturday at Amsterdam (2 PM), Sunday at The Hague (2 PM)
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DOOR Neptunus (4-2) vs. UVV (1-5)
DOOR Neptunus won its first four games in a row, but were handed their first two losses last weekend by L&D Amsterdam Pirates after having won the opener of their series. Neptunus opened the season with three big wins vs. Sparta-Feyenoord, but lost its league-lead when it was beaten sunday by Amsterdam.

Shaldimar Daantji leads the team and the league with a .526 batting average (10-for-19). Newcomer RafaŽl Jozefa made a good debut for Neptunus and leads the team with 10 runs. He also hit the team's lone homerun. Jeffrey Arends is best with 11 runs batted in.

Defensively, Neptunus commited only five errors so far, giving them the league's second best fielding average.

UVV closed its Opening Series vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates with a 10-inning victory after having lost the first two games. Last weekend, UVV was swept by Corendon Kinheim, meaning the team is in seventh place with an 1-5 record.

Danny Rombley is their leading hitter with .348 (8-for-23), but the most runs scored by an UVV-player is two, shared by five players. Rombley has the most RBI's with only three, which is also the total for Giovannie Samboe and Austin Weymouth.

Defensively, UVV made 17 errors in its six games so far, which is the second highest total in the league.

Neptunus will use the same rotation for the third week in a row. UVV has named the same two starters for Game 1 and 3, but has not yet made a decision for Saturday's Game 2.

Starting Pitchers
LHP Diegomark Markwell (2-0)
RHP Kevin Heijstek (1-1)
RHP Bobby Carrington (0-1)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP Orlando Yntema (0-2)
to be decided
RHP Duko Jansen (0-1)
Thursday at Rotterdam (7:30 PM), Saturday at Vleuten (2 PM), Sunday at Rotterdam (2 PM)
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Vaessen Pioniers (3-2-1) vs. Sparta-Feyenoord (0-6)
Vaessen Pioniers won two of its three games vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW last weekend after playing a tie in their first meeting. In the Opening Series, Pioniers won one of three games vs. Corendon Kinheim and so Pioniers is in fifth place at the moment.

Zerzinho Croes leads the team with a .350 average (7-for-20), while Michael Pluijmers and Kevin Dirksen scored the most runs, four. Michael Duursma, the team's lead-off hitter (!) leads with six RBI's.

Sparta-Feyenoord is the lone winless team at the moment. The team was swept with big scores in the Opening Series by DOOR Neptunus, then lost its next 3-game series vs. AamigoO ADO Lakers. A remarkable fact is that Sparta-Feyenoord had the lead in its last four games, but failed to hold onto it or expand it. Were the leads in their third and fourth games only one run, they were bigger in the next two.

Part of the results so far must be the lack of hitting, as the team is last with 34 basehits and second-to-last with a .201 batting average. Their 21 errors lead the league.

Anthony Vrolijk is the team's best hitter with .391 (9-for-23), closely followed by rookie Theodore van Heijningen with .368, who leads with four runs. Together, they account for almost half of their team's basehits, 16. Churandy La Cruz leads the team with six RBI's and also has hit their lone homerun.

Pioniers is going with the same rotation as in the previous two weeks. Sparta-Feyenoord slightly changed its rotation, naming RHP Reynaldo Sarmiento Claro to be the starter for Game 1 instead of RHP Quinn Tramm. Last Sunday, two other pitchers were used in an infield-position and thus also offensively. Head Coach Dino Anasagasti states he is still searching for the right formula and, because of his small roster, that includes using his pitchers in other capacities, hoping to increase his run-production.

Starting Pitchers
LHP Mika de Lincel (0-0)
RHP Joey Evans (1-0)
RHP Kevin Miner (1-1)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP Reynaldo Sarmiento Claro (0-1)
LHP Gregory Gustina (0-1)
RHP Elton Koeiman (0-2)
Thursday at Hoofddorp (7:30 PM), Saturday at Rotterdam (2 PM), Sunday at Hoofddorp (2 PM)
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(April 17)

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