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Updated: April 25, 2012
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Starting Pitchers coming series
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - After Tuesday's three make-up games, it's time to direct our attention to the next upcoming 3-game series, which opens on Thursday-evening, weather permitting.

This will be an interesting series, as the current top-4 meets each others, as does the bottom-4 teams. League-leader Corendon Kinheim meets DOOR Neptunus, which is in fourth place. L&D Amsterdam Pirates, which moved into second place on Tuesday, plays against the former number 2 in the ranking Vaessen Pioniers, which is now in third place.

AamigoO ADO Lakers, which is in fifth place, meets UVV, which is in seventh place. Last placed and still winless Sparta-Feyenoord faces Mr. Cocker HCAW, which is currently in sixth place.

And so, we not only have interesting series, but therefore of course also interesting pitching match-ups, as the starting pitchers have been announced for these series. Of course, pitching assignments can always change on game days.

Corendon Kinheim (8-1) vs. DOOR Neptunus (5-3)
Corendon Kinheim leads the league with an 8-1 record, which is the team's second best record after having played nine games in 12 years. After having several 7-2 and 6-3 records since 2001, the team also was 8-1 in 2010 and then went on to stretch into an 11-1 record, before losing the next four games.

In its last series, Kinheim not only swept Mr. Cocker HCAW in three games, it also didn't gave up a run, as the Haarlem-squad won 12-0, 8-0 and 15-0.

On Tuesday-evening, Bryan Engelhardt belted two more homeruns and now leads the league with five. In the series vs. HCAW, Dirk van 't Klooster went 7-for-12 and now is the leading hitter of Kinheim with a .514 average, second-best to Ludwin Obispo (AamigoO ADO Lakers), who hits .531. Van 't Klooster leads the league with 19 basehits and 13 runs scored. The last position, he shares with teammate Mervin Gario.

DOOR Neptunus on Tuesday-evening lost to UVV after having won the first two games of that series. Neptunus is now 5-3 (not counting the opening game, which was declared void, as of now, but is reviewed by the Jury of Appeal). That's not the worst record for Neptunus to start, as last season, the Rotterdam-team was 5-4 in its first nine games. Raily Legito leads the team with a .406 batting average.

Both teams kept their starting rotation intact, but Neptunus didn't name a starter yet for Game 3 on Sunday. As Neptunus faces L&D Amsterdam Pirates next Tuesday, it has not yet been decided who will take the mound on Sunday and on Tuesday.

Starting Pitchers
RHP David Bergman (2-0)
LHP Luke Sommer (2-0)
LHP Nick Veltkamp (2-0)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
LHP Diegomar Markwell (2-0)
RHP Kevin Heijstek (2-1)
to be decided
Thursday at Haarlem (7:30 PM), Saturday at Rotterdam (2 PM), Sunday at Haarlem (2 PM)
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L&D Amsterdam Pirates (7-2) vs. Vaessen Pioniers (6-2-1)
L&D Amsterdam Pirates on Tuesday-evening completed a 3-game sweep vs. AamigoO ADO Lakers, while Vaessen Pioniers swept Sparta-Feyenoord in its last series. With the win, Amsterdam moved into second place taking over that spot from Pioniers, which moved into the top-4 the week before.

While being a solid number 2 and 3 at the moment, both teams sometimes struggle offensively, leaving several runners. Pioniers and Pirates lead the league with runners left on base, 89 and 84 respectively. With runners on base, Pirates is in fourth place hitting .274, but Pioniers is in sixth place with .253. With the bases loaded, Pioniers hits .217 (sixth place) and Pirates hits .125 (seventh place).

But in recent games, both teams climbed up the ladder with their team batting average. Pioniers is in fourth place with a .266 average and Pirates moved up from eighth to fifth place with a current .244 average. Pirates leads the league with seven homeruns.

Bas de Jong is the leading hitter of Amsterdam, hitting .333, while Michael Duursma still leads Pioniers with a .400 average as the team's lead-off hitter.

Both teams go with the same starting rotations as in previous weeks. Amsterdam has not yet decided who will start next Tuesday in its first of three Tuesday-evening games vs. DOOR Neptunus.

Starting Pitchers
RHP Rob Cordemans (3-0)
RHP Jos de Jong (2-1)
RHP Ben Grover (2-0)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
LHP Mika de Lincel (1-0)
RHP Joey Evans (2-0)
RHP Kevin Miner (2-1)
Thursday at Amsterdam (7:30 PM), Saturday at Hoofddorp (2 PM), Sunday at Amsterdam (2 PM)
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UVV (2-7) vs. AamigoO ADO Lakers (4-5)
UVV avoided a 3-game sweep by DOOR Neptunus by winning 9-6 on Tuesday-evening and ending a 5-game losing streak. AamigoO ADO Lakers on the other hand was swept by L&D Amsterdam Pirates.

ADO Lakers, which leads the league with 19 (!) batters being hit by a pitch, can use Ibrahim Redan again after he sat down a 3-game suspension, so he moves back into the starting rotation. ADO's third baseman Ludwin Obispo, who got hit five times, leads the league with a .531 batting average.

On UVV's side, the Game 1 and 3 starters return for their respective start, but for Game 2, Head Coach Frank Koene named lefthander Kyle Ward, who will make his first start of the season. Danny Rombley is now the team's best hitter with a .343 average.

Starting Pitchers
RHP Orlando Yntema (0-3)
LHP Kyle Ward (0-0)
RHP Duko Jansen (0-2)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP Ibrahim Redan (1-0)
RHP Thomas Macy (1-1)
RHP Reggie Bomberg (1-2)
Thursday at Vleuten (7:30 PM), Saturday at The Hague (2 PM), Sunday at Vleuten (2 PM)
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ADO Lakers

Mr. Cocker HCAW (2-6-1 vs. Sparta-Feyenoord (0-8)
Both Mr. Cocker HCAW and Sparta-Feyenoord were swept in their last series, HCAW failed to score a run in three games vs. Corendon Kinheim and Sparta-Feyenoord lost to Vaessen Pioniers. Sparta-Feyenoord is still winless this season, having lost its first eight games (which does not include the opening game vs. DOOR Neptunus, which was declared void).

This series might be a 'battle of the defense', as the two teams are in the cellar of the fielding department. Sparta-Feyenoord is in last place with a .912 fielding average, while HCAW is second to last with .940. What errors are concerned, Sparta-Feyenoord leads the league with 26 and HCAW follows with 20. Sparta-Feyenoord also has the highest pitching ERA with 8.22, while HCAW's ERA is 4.81 (sixth place).

Offensively, the two teams also match. HCAW is in last place with a .182 batting average, Sparta-Feyenoord is just ahead with .196.

Sparta-Feyenoord is going with the same rotation as in its last series. HCAW changed its rotation. American Kyle Putnam, who lost his start last weekend due to a rainout, will now start in Game 1. Dennis Burgersdijk, who was scratched from his two starts on Saturday and Tuesday, got the assignment now for Game 3.

Starting Pitchers
RKP Kyle Putnam (0-2)
RHP Leon Elshof (1-1)
RHP Dennis Burgersdijk (0-0)
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
RHP Reynaldo Sarmiento Claro (0-2)
LHP Gregory Gustina (0-2)
RHP Elton Koeiman (0-3)
Thursday at Bussum (7:30 PM), Saturday at Rotterdam (2 PM), Sunday at Bussum (2 PM)
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(April 25)

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