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Updated: July 31, 2012
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Kinheim and coaches Jansen, Milliard separate
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Corendon Kinheim and coaches Eelco Jansen and Ralph Milliard have split. The technical commission of the club had a talk with the two coaches on Monday-evening and announced the separation on Tuesday.

...Eelco Jansen...

...Ralph Milliard...
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Eelco Jansen was in his fourth season as Head Coach of the Haarlem-based club, which finished the regular season in third place with a 27-15 record. In the first round of the Play-Offs, which started last Thurday, Kinheim was swept by DOOR Neptunus, which won 4-1 (Thursday), 7-2 (Saturday) and 7-3 (Sunday). By starting the Play-Offs (a series of nine games, played as a round robin by the top-4) with three losses, Kinheim appears to miss qualifying for the Holland Series for the fourth consecutive season. In 2008, the team last played in the Holland Series, then was dethroned as Dutch champion by L&D Amsterdam Pirates, which also is the current champion and the opponent of Kinheim in the upcoming 3-game series that opens next Thursday.

Ralph Milliard was in his second season as 3B/Assistant Coach with Kinheim.

In the remainder of the season, Kinheim will be led by Hans Lemmink, who was an assistant of Jansen since 2010. Lemmink will be assisted by Stanley Engelhardt, who made his coaching debut this season with Kinheim. In his four seasons with Kinheim, Jansen led the team to 113 victories, while losing 54.

,,The opinion of the board is that the team has more potential than it shows'', Peter Jager, Chairman of the Technical Commission stated. ,,That was underscored not only in the three losses last weekend, but also during the season when we lost several times against the three main contenders. Last season, we won only one game in the Play-Offs. Therefore, it was our opinion that we had to do something and opted to change coaches. Of course, we have thought long about making this move, as Eelco Jansen has done a lot for Kinheim, he has an important meaning for the club. Our goal this season was reaching the Holland Series and it appears that we won't succeed to do that for the fourth year in a row. when you don't have a team to qualify, you can settle for that. But we have a good team with great pitching, but it doesn't show in the results. With this move, we hope that the players pick things up and also take their responsibilities. Let me state that we made the move after having a good talk with the coaches.''

(July 31)

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